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 Impossible to know God without before to know the world that is his work, for that reason the theology cannot do without of the scientific vision of the world, because it loses its autonomy and it becomes ideology like has been traditionally.

It is recognized everywhere that the mythical world of the traditional religion, it has not still allowed us to be in contact with the cosmology of the reality that shows us the modern science, based on the mathematical vision of the world.

 In a given instant, the whole information possible about the Cosmos, as isolated physical system, is a function of the space-time to solve the central problem of the knowledge of the Universe that is to find the form of predicting its state in the future time or what it was in the past, starting from the concept of its state presently.

 The validity of the space-time function depends in the way like we build it, hence it leaves of two postulates of necessary acceptance without demonstrations. The first one is the continuity of the time, that supposes in turn a symmetry of which comes off the second postulate in the sense that the time of evolution should be similar to that of involution, giving this way continuity to the existent order in the Universe presently with that of the future and past until the consideration of its origin and cause for divine intervention for a single and only one time, when the divine will printed in the nature that order so that at every moment it reigned on the world and the men.

 Dei Verbum; The Word of God is the one that is written ab initio of the creation in the book of the nature and its laws, that it is object of study of the positive and human sciences. The hazard and the evolution like rules of the nature are Word of God.


 When trying to sweep the knowledge of the world of all the "imaginary entities" of the Aristotelian conception that served from support to the traditional theology, the classic concepts of the physics whose meanings seemed solid began to be dissolved and to open the way gradually to the mathematical abstractions.

 The physics as science studies the material world and the faith in its scientific method it is the mark of our current civilization. The test of the physics as science resides in its capacity to generate hypothesis that can be confirmed or refuted. The classic physics is the Aristotelian physics with the fact that represents the physics of the common sense. The modern physics begins with the recognition that the physical world is another extraneous domain in which we cannot trust of our intuitions neither of our anthropocentric suppositions, it is the physics of states never observed as the quantum of the wave-particle and that of the relativity of the space-time web.

 The material world is a manifestation of two entities; the matter and the energy. The matter particles are "events" and non extension that is a property of the fields of force. The energy is actual or potential physical action and positive or negative energy do not exist and not spiritual one by any means.

 The study of the nature covers three realities: that of the world of the Mesocosms of the daily life; that of the world of the Microcosms of very small particles of atomic level and that of the world of the Macrocosms of the celestial bodies of the Universe, where the distances are measured in years light.

 In the XIX century the knowledge perceived by the common sense of the Mesocosms, seems to have arrived to its culmination. In the XX century the science has passed over those limits, coming closer never reaches to a truthful knowledge of the world, beyond the limits of its own perceptions, toward the microcosms of the atom and toward the macrocosms of the universe in expansion.


 The science in objective form studies the phenomena of the nature and it builds more and more up-to-date patterns of the material world. Historically the old patterns of the universe were product of the religious beliefs, this way in a certain time it took the earth like the center of the universe and absolute reference point for any type of measuring.

 Traditionally from very old it has been admitted that the matter is formed of particles whose position and movement can be determined simultaneously. This determining conceptualization of the matter in fact has its best expression in the Newtonian mechanics that concerns to the movement of a particle under the influence of applied forces, giving for admitted that magnitudes can be measured, as position, mass, speed, acceleration, etc., of the particle. This supposition is, of course, been worth in our daily experience of the mesocosms, the Newtonian mechanics provides the explanation “correct  explanation” of the behavior of the bodies in movement.

 Equally the classic mechanics of the mesocosms, supposes that an absolute reference point exists on which starts the mensurations, and that the time, the longitude and the mass do not change with the movement, and for experience it is known that this is perfectly been worth for the very small speeds of the Newtonian mechanics comparative with the speed of the light.

 Based on this classic conception of the world, the religious beliefs admit that it exists the time in the immaterial life, building purgatories, paradises or hells for the temporary or eternal stay in that further on according to the merits of each one.

 With the coming of the theory of the relativity a new mechanics arises in which narrow relationships exist among space and time, mass and energy. Without these relationships it would be impossible to understand the microscopic world inside the atom whose clarification constitutes the central problem of the modern physics. The correct formulation of the mechanics is based on the relativity, and with the classic mechanics an approach is obtained that it is correct only under certain conditions.

 The physical observable, appraisal, and measurable world starts of three fundamental magnitudes, the time, the longitude and the mass, and contrarily to as it establishes the Newtonian mechanics, these magnitudes are altered when the speed increases; the time expands, the longitude contracts and the mass increases spreading to the infinite when coming closer to the speed of the light that is a constant of the nature, which in the free space  has the same value for all the independent observers of its movement state.

 “The world of the common sense” of the Newtonian mechanics, where the space and the time are two independent different entities, it is an approach to the real world of the relativist mechanics, where a single entity only exists: The Space-time.

 ¿How to explain the temporary existence that the souls passed in the purgatories and the eternity like an infinite time in the paradises or heavens of the other life, if it not even the time exists independent of the space like a property of the material world?

 During the Half Age prevails the Ptolemy’s Geocentric Theory of the Earth that the Christianity raises to the category of dogma. According to this theory, the Earth is the center of the Universe and the Sun rotates this way around to it. Later in the Modern Age the astronomy developed and Galilean and their colleagues, demonstrated that this theory did not correspond to the reality, that the truth was just the opposite of it settled down by Ptolemy.

For the theory of the special relativity the physical laws can be expressed by means of equations that have the same form in all the reference systems that some move to constant speed with regard to others. This postulate expresses the absence of a universal system of reference.

 Consequently the Earth is not any absolute reference system neither it is the center of the universe, it is alone a planet more in the solar system, and the Sun is a star that is in a remote place toward an end of the Milky Way, that is a galaxy that contains more than a hundred million stars, and it is one among the thousands of millions of galaxies that form a metagalaxy, that is also one among thousands of millions of metagalaxies.

 The mass and the energy are interdependent entities and they are hold at the principle of the mass-energy conservation; the mass can create or to destroy, but simultaneously in inverse form the energy is created or destroyed, being the mass and energy different aspects from the same thing. The energy of a body is similar to the mass that can become energy plus the energy that possesses in rest or slow displacement comparative with the speed of the light.

 The ambiguity on if the light is a particle or a wave that it comes from our sensorial perception, it demonstrates that there are other physical laws that show us the physical reality to the microscopic level of the atoms, molecules and nuclei. Not existing to this level neither the particles neither the waves that our common sense perceives in our daily experience.

 These physical laws of the call quantum mechanics demonstrate that all radiant energy is discontinuous formed by small energy packages called "quantum", that possessing an inertial mass that in the case of the light manifests its particle character that receive the name of photons, whose energy depends on the radiation frequency The light like integral part of the electromagnetic spectrum has a wave-particle character, and according to the wave mechanical all particle in movement produces a wave. All substance also emits electromagnetic radiation whose characteristics depend on its nature and temperature.

 At first sight the quantum mechanics seems a poor substitute of the newtonian mechanics, but a deeper investigation reveals a remarkable fact, the newtonian mechanics it is not more than an approximate version of the quantum mechanics. The evidences proclaimed by the Newtonian mechanics are illusory and their conformity with the experience is a consequence of the fact that the macroscopic bodies are composed of so many individual atoms that the deviations of the average behavior are invaluable. Instead of two groups of physical principles, one for the macroscopic universe and another for the microscopic universe, there is only, a group and the quantum mechanics represents the best effort so far the date in its formulation.

 The knowledge of the structure of the atom of which depends almost entirely the properties of the matter that structures the world that surrounds us, allows to demonstrate that the physical laws that govern the macroscopic world are not completed in the microscopic world of the atom. However the “principle of correspondence” allows to determine in what conditions the quantum physics gives the same results that the classic physics that follows our common sense, reason why difficulty is intelligible the theory of the relativity, the quantum theory of the radiation and the wave theory of the matter.

 Although the quantum mechanics as the classic mechanics is equally about the relationships among observable magnitudes, it is distinguished for the application of the principle of uncertainty that radically alters “the definition of observable magnitude” in the atomic field. In accordance with the principle of uncertainty, the position and the momentum of a particle cannot be measured simultaneously accurately; while in the Newtonian mechanics it is supposed that both have a defined and verifiable value in each instant in the quantum mechanics relationships among quantities in terms of probability.

 For the symmetry principle like fundamental law of the physics, to each elementary particle corresponds an antiparticle that constitutes the antimatter, and equally the principle of the conservation of the parity is an expression of the symmetry of inversion of the space, time and charge, that demonstrates the non dependence of the physical laws regarding the coordinate system to right or left that it is used to describe the phenomena of the nature.

 The atoms have nucleus that contains elementary particles called nucleonis, these particles possess energy levels and energy sublevels and spin, and equally it happens to the electrons in the extranuclear structure. In the atomic nucleus numerous elementary particles coexist with different structures. Exist particles that do not possess neither mass, neither it loads, neither electromagnetic properties, as the neutrino that differs only of the antineutrino for their spin, and does not exist any material that can stop the step of these particles.

 The different elementary particles that are explained in terms of another type of particle called the quark are denominated Hadrones, as the case of the protons and neutrons. Three quarks varieties have been postulated, more their antiparticles, and it is supposed that all the elementary particles are quarks combinations and antiquarks. The simplest particles are denominated Leptones, as the case of the electrons and their antiparticles the positrons.

 Among the elementary particles there are four interaction types that, in principle, they understand all the physical processes of the Universe. The weakest is the interaction gravitational, then it follows the weak interaction that happens among particles like leptons and leptons, mesons or baronies, and it is the responsible for the disintegration of particles in those that neutrinos intervenes, especially the disintegration beta. Stronger than these two interactions they are the electromagnetic interactions among all the charged particles and those that have electric or magnetic moment. The strongest of all are the nuclear forces among elementary particles.

 The matter on the whole is electrically neuter, and the strong and weak interactions are very limited in their reaches. The gravitational interaction insignificant completely to small scale, it is the dominant one to great scale.

 The reality of the material world is represented for models, that although they are not the same reality, they are an approach to it. The knowledge of the matter’s intimate structure is limited by the Principle of Uncertainty of Heisemberg, and the most up-to-date atomic pattern is an complex mathematical expression called Equation of Schrödinger that requires the quantities to be defined it in terms of probabilities to give it a physical interpretation, that in a enough mysterious way hidden in it all the measurable physically properties of a material system.

whose relationships search the quantum mechanics.

 The function of the Equation of Schrödinger represents the energy density stored in each point of a continuous pre-existent basis in the whole space, that when it varies with according to this function, it determines a distribution of the energy whose maxima and minimum, called energy centers, they constitute the material particles and they make on our senses the impression of the matter.

 For Heisemberg it is completely impossible to predetermine the quantity of energy for unit of volume or energy density that it exists in each point of the space and alone we can have the probability about it, and the call function of Schrödinger is the number that according to the classic theory calling probability calculus, we owe the probability that in each unit of volume exist the energy quantums.

 These theories imply the non existence of a true causation in the physical world and the negation of a true determinism in the laws that govern it. It seems this way that the unique and efficient cause of as much as it exists is the result of the laws of the chance that God imposed in the nature in the microcosms, that it translated to the laws of the mesocosmos, or statistical laws, they allow the possibility that few probable facts happen, without they cancel the laws, like a sudden causation in any other of the facts that they call themselves miracles or revelations.

 The obsession to find a great law of the universe; it has driven to the search of the elementary brick with which would be built the universe. In the structure of the matter we find that in the molecule it was believed to find the base unit, but the development of the instrumental technique of observation reveals that the same molecule is formed of atoms. In turn the atom in itself is a very complex system, made up of nucleus and electrons. Then, the particle became the primary unit. Then we realize that the particles are in themselves, phenomena that can be divided theoretically in quarks. It is the moment that we believe to have reached the elementary brick with the one which the universe is built. It is a diffuse, complex entity that we do not end up isolating. The scientific adventure finally takes us to discoveries impossible to conceive in simple terms, in the obsession of the complexity of two opposed principles that govern the material world.

 The energy fields in the nature like the electromagnetic ones; they are explained by the wave-particle existence that they perturb the space-time fabric, where the quantization of the energy in the physical world is a characteristic universal phenomenon of all the stable systems.

 The symmetry operations do not allow that the physical laws change under some or all the circumstances. It is a remarkable fact that all the well-known symmetries in the physical world lead directly to the laws of the conservation.

 The phenomena of the physical world suppose groups of particles that are defined in terms of probabilities. The statistical mechanics tries to relate for a group of particles the macroscopic and microscopic probabilities, and it is applied equally to the classic mechanics and the quantum mechanics, constituting one of the most powerful tools in the theoretical physics.

 The principle of the statistic conservation means that any process that takes place inside an isolated system can change its statistical behavior. The whole universe in its group is an isolated system that cannot change for itself its statistical behavior, that which means that it cannot put under an obligation to the nature to ignore this principle, like one tries to make with the supposed miracles.

 The material world is governed by four fundamental forces that it tries to decrease to a single call Superforce, and this governed by the invariable laws that come off of the basic principles and the theories like the relativity, the indeterminism, the symmetry, the statistical conservation, the equivalence between mass and energy, the quantization of the energy, the elementary particles, the waiving character of the matter, the chance and the probabilities, being the universe a web of space-time unsounds for the wave-particle fields. The more it is deepened in the nature of the Cosmos, so many more suggestions are obtained that an order exists below the complexity and confusion of the experimental knowledge that anything neither nobody can alter, because implicit it was that order in the point that originated the Universe and that it is inherent to its nature.

 ¿Will there be necessity that the Creator intervenes to modify his work showing he as an imperfect being, as it demands it the supposed miracle?, ¿Or will it be that the supposed miracle is due to laws of the nature that we ignore?, ¿Can we accept the theological impossible of taking a risk the reputation of God, in the unnecessary intent of his immersion in the mundane context with supposed miracles and revelations?


 The creation of the world of nothing; exinhilo, it is an act of free will of God. This act is contingent that is to say that the existence of the world is not something necessary.

¿The conception on the origin of our world has changed along the history. The explanation about the beginning of the universe and how will it be its end differs according to diverse cultures.

 Regarding the origin of the universe, in the western civilization the conception of the world of Hebrews has prevailed, contained in the book of the Genesis of the Old Testament that they took of the myths, traditions, and deities of Egypt and Babylon.

¿Will it is possible to believe that Yahweh created the sky and the Earth in six days like it says the Bible, or will it be better to know that tells us the science on the origin of the Universe?

 ¿Can it be conceived that the day already existed before the planetary solar system that determined it?

 According to the theory of the Big Bang theory that is respected universally, the finite but limitless universe that originated ten thousand millions or fifteen thousand million years ago, was born of a point infinitesimal content in a cell of the space phase of the statistical mechanics, governed by the laws of the quantum mechanics. It was there in that point where it was infinitesimally concentrated in potential form the space-time. In its beginning the four fundamental forces; the nuclear one strong and the weak one, the electromagnetic one and gravitational were an alone one, too soon the Universe aged in a trillionth one of trillionth of thousand millionth of second going by an indescribable bud of expansion.

 The anisotropy arisen in those instants in the space-time web maybe owed to the fluctuations seed that inflated the energy waves producing changes of temperature reflected in the variations of density and gravitation that reigned in the first moments of the creation of the Universe.

 The warmest points were less dense than the coldest and the variations in density ultimately made that quarks seas were integrated in the immense plasma in expansion of electrons, protons and neutrons that in turn they were conjugated in atoms giving origin to the galaxies that today sees when we look at the immensity of the Universe.

 The delicate gleam of the first moment of the creation left an echo that is known as the cosmic core of microwaves like irrefutable proof that the Big Bang just happened truly. A soft and cool mantel of radiation that permeate the Universe in all directions, allows that to the cosmic core can be detected in the appropriate frequency of the band of microwaves. Those waves in the energy of the Universe fill out with it.

 From their beginning the Universe is a manifestation of the ordinary matter and energy, and of the dark matter of the axions particles and of the dark energy, and its expansion or contraction is caused by two opposed forces; that of the force that causes the dark energy and the gravitational force.

 If the dark energy prevails on the gravitational energy, the expansion of the Universe progressed in vertiginous form and it will continue indefinitely, or otherwise, it will stop and it will contract until its origin like a point. If the Big Bang repeats again it will begin a cycle more evolved that the previous one; of matter, or the opposite, of antimatter. ¿Will it be that we exist in the same form again or in its contrary one, or will it be different and we will not return more to exist materially?


 Different from our own universe, it exists the multiverses that are multiple universes, which includes everything that exists physically. Universes within the multiverse are para- llel and each one is caused by an own "big bang".

 The string theory suggests that the universes coexisting nine similar spatial dimensions and only three of them are involved in the cosmic expansion, these being that we currently recognize three and the other six are not observable because all matter is confined to a three-dimensional surface. There are different types of multiverses and is passed from one level to another through a cycle of birth and death of universes by a dimension higher to the three dimensional dimension. So we are be located in one of these universes, only can see a fraction of the whole of cosmic reality.

 Going from one level to another of the four possible levels, it is to move to different worlds, because it affects the nature of time.

 The existence of the multiverses says that the considered infallible Catholic Dogma make earth the center of the universe, was deeply wrong and away from cosmological reality.


 The living world does not constitute more than a tiny and very special part of the well-known universe. The general laws of the living beings do not reveal to be applied outside of the biosphere, and the intent of the biology is to solve the problem of the human nature in terms that are not metaphysical.

 The development of the biology has contributed to the formation of the modern thought and has challenged the dogmatic religious thought and the traditional theology with the coming of the theory of the selective evolution.

 The secret of the life that historically seemed inaccessible in its same principle for the belief that the life was fruit from a later divine intervention to the creation of the universe, is Today largely puzzles out with the coming of the molecular biology and the knowledge of the genomes, that has allowed to decipher the chemical structure of the hereditary material and of the information that is carrier, as molecular mechanism of morphogenetic and physiologic expression that constitutes the theory of the genetic code, fundamental base of the modern biology.

 An living being is a system whose entropy diminishes because it behaves like a chemical machine that is built itself according to a calculated program in its genetic code, which transmits in invariable form when reproducing; so the macroscopic structure that is developed is not imposed this way by the external forces.

 The human body as that of the other living beings is a collection of chemical substances, exquisitely organized, but they are not materially more than chemical compounds. The fats, the carbohydrates, the proteins, and the nucleic acids, together with the water, form most of the human body. Countless chemical reactions take place in each instant of our life in the cells that are the basic structural units of the living matter.

 The hereditary material is in the nucleus of the cells, concentrated in tapes wound called chromosomes that they are made of nucleic acids and proteins. The nucleic acid in the chromosomes is of the DNA, and it is in the DNA where it is the primary material of the inheritance; the genes. Structurally the genes are segments of the molecule of DNA.
 When the cellular division happens, each chromosome produces an exact copy of itself. The transmission of the genetic information therefore requires the replication, that is to say the obtaining of the copy or duplication of the molecules of DNA. Each cell takes in its DNA the whole necessary information to determine still all the hereditary characteristics of the most complex organisms.

 The DNA in the nucleus of the cell takes a message that should be transmitted and performed by two sorts of RNA, the first one is the RNA-Messenger that makes the transcription, and the second is the RNA-transfer that translates and deciphers the genetic code for the synthesis of proteins starting from the amino acids in the cellular cytoplasm, starting from which it is carried out the metabolism and the enzymatic process to develop the morphological and reproduced process.

 The principle has been completed fulfilled that all alive being comes from another alive being: omne vivum former ovo, but the process of replication of the DNA, of transcription of the information from the DNA to the m-RNA, and the translation of the code for the t-RNA are not exempt of a possible error in each stage of each process. In the replication only, every time that a human cell is divided, four thousand million bases are copied to make a new tape of DNA. There are two thousand errors perhaps every time that the replication happens. Many of these errors are repaired, and others are not important, but some can have terrible consequences; genetic illnesses and still the death.

 In synthesis a whole biosystem is intense and globally conservative, closed on itself and it is unable to receive any instruction of the external world, and for its same structure it opposes himself to any change or evolution, as they prove it some species that have reproduced without appreciable modification for hundreds of millions of years. But the physics however emblem that all microscopic entity can suffer interferences of quantum order whose accumulation, in the innermost of the microscopic system, alters the structure, in a gradual form, but certain way.

 The living beings, in spite of the conservative perfection of the chemical machine that assures the fidelity of the translation, do not escape to this law. So it explains at least partly the aging and the death of the pluricells organisms.

 These accidental alterations constitute the only source possible of modifications of the genetic text, only receiver, in turn of the hereditary structures of the organism, it is necessarily deduced that only the chance, the only chance, absolute but blind freedom, is the same root of the prodigious building of the evolution; this central notion of the modern biology is not already today in day a hypothesis, among other possible or at least conceivable. It is the alone one conceivable, as only compatible with the observed facts and the experience. And anything allows to suppose or to wait that our conceptions on this point will should or they will even be able to be revised.

 This notion is, also, among all the sciences, the more destroyed of all anthropocentrism, the most unacceptable intuitively for the intensely scheduled beings that we are.

 Then the notion of the chance takes an essential and not simply operational significance, it is to say the case of that can call the absolute coincidences, those that are of the intersection of two completely independent causal chains one of another. ¿Which other term maybe use if not luck for an unforeseeable event for the same nature?

 Chance is also a law of nature and mutations taken place in the living organisms they should face the necessities of the environment in that they grow and reproduce, that determines the change takes place or not.

 A simple, punctual mutation, as the substitution of a letter of the genetic code for other, in the DNA, is reversible. The theory, foresee it, and the experience proves it. But all sensitive evolution, as the differentiation of two species, even very neighboring, it results from a great independent number of mutations, successively cumulative in the original species, and later, always at random, recombined thanks to the genetic flow promoted by the sexuality. A phenomenon this way, in reason of the number of the independent events of the one turns out, is statistically irreversible.
 The evolution of the biosphere is a necessarily irreversible process that defines a direction in the time, and according to the growth of the entropy.

 The evolution of the species through millions of years is not something miraculous or paradoxical, but rather it is the upward general tendency of the perfectionism and enrichment of the information, explainable by the Darwinian-molecular modern theory of the evolution.

 Now with the coming of the genetic engineering it will be able to identify and to predict the occurrence of genetic illnesses, through the technology of recombination of the DNA will take place organisms with special characteristic and new types of human creatures, and the challenge is presented between the natural and artificial evolution. The new secret of the life gives a power to the human being that alone it possessed the big figures of the mythology and that it is increased at the present time when having already been determined the sequence of the bases in the human genome.

 The biosphere is a minimum fringe of the terrestrial bark that it is insignificant and not necessary for the existence of the universe, whose destination is written as it is completed and not before whose explanation of its origin is not another that of an unique event of tiny probability that made that the life has appeared a single time on the earth like product of the chance, idea that collides with the human tendency of believing that all real thing in the current universe is necessary and for always, and against we should prevent is about all anthropocentrism. The origin of the living beings that began the immense road traveled by the evolution of more than three thousand million years, that it created the prodigious structures that go from the bacteria to the man, it could not be another that that of the chance and the necessity.

 ¿Will be it possible to continue believing in Adam and Eva's biblical story, before what tells us at the moment the science about the human life?

 As soon as more discoveries of human fossils multiply, as soon as more their anatomical characters and their geologic succession are clarified, more it becomes evident that, for work of an incessant convergence of all the clues indications and of all the proofs, the human "species", for unique that it be, in accordance with the entitical stadium to the one the Reflection took it, anything smashes in the Nature in the moment of its appearance. Either, indeed, that we contemplate it in its environment, that we consider as for the morphology of its stem, that we inspect in the global structure of its group, it has fileticaly emerged before our eyes, exactly as another species anyone.

 The man's physical and mental evolution during a lot of time made that he was able to communicate his ideas to his congeners, the language took place, and a new evolution began, that of the culture, that day the Australántropous7 gave origin to the Homo Sapiens that he is in essence: energy and conscience.


 In the current technological era, a silent revolution extends, to deviate the attention of the external world of the material achievements, to examine the world of the interior experience, that of the conscience.

 We can observe this tendency everywhere; there is a growing interest for the hidden thing, the witchcraft, mainly, for different meditation forms and experimentation with the altered conscientious states. In the religious sphere intents are appreciated to abandon the formulism of the old traditions, a tendency that is translated by the quick extension of new religions and philosophies, as well as for necessary experiments with new creeds, churches and rituals, a yearned spiritual relationship, period of intense intellectual effort of our time comparable with the intellectual boil in the Oriental Mediterranean, in the ruins of Great Alejandro's empire that it gave beginning to our era.


 The "soul" disappeared with the step from the philosophical psychology to scientific psychology, for to be an unnecessary concept to explain the mental activities and its place was occupied by the “conscience”, analyzed experimentally by the neurophysiology and with the help of the subject's introspection. The man like part of the nature is powder of the earth and accepting that the science tells us, the man was born entirely of the world, not only his bones and his flesh, but his incredible thought power.

 During thousands of years it has been tried to understand the relationships between the thinking being and the rest of the universe, being the biggest problem the common sense representation of ourselves like human beings in connection with our general scientific conception of the physical world.

 ¿How can we conjugate the thought of ourselves as conscious, free, rational agents, in a world in that the science tells us that it consists entirely of physical particles lacking of mind and meaning?
 ¿How does it solve the case of the world, that it does not contain another thing that unconscious physical particles and that, with everything, do also contain conscience?

 ¿How can it contain meanings in a world that essentially lacks of meaning?

 How does it interpret the work in computer science and artificial intelligence, with the work that aspires to create intelligent machines?

 Concretely, ¿does it give us the digital computer the concrete representation of the brain like the hardware and the human mind as the software?

 The solution of the mind-body problem is rather simple, it is coherent with that we know about the neurophysiology with our conception of the common sense on the nature of the mental states; beliefs, love, pain, desires, etc.

 The dispute among the mechanismness that gives bill of the life according to the purely biological foundations, and the vitalisms that it thought that besides the biological processes it had to be necessary some, another element, some elan to give life to what was otherwise dead and inert matter, it is already question of the past that no longer takes seriously. Why?

 The mental phenomena present four features that seem impossible to fit inside our scientific conception of the world like made up of material things. And they are these four features that have made really difficult the mind-body problem.

 The most important in these features is the conscience, as central fact of the specifically human existence, since without it all the other essentially human aspects of our existence; beliefs, language, love, humor and so forth would be impossible. The other features are the premeditation, the subjectivity of the mental states and the problem of the causal effect of the mind on the physical world.

 Any theory to solve the mind-body dilemma cannot deny none of these four features, neither the fact that all the mental phenomena, be already conscious or unconscious, they are exactly caused for processes that happen in the brain, and they are features of the brain and of the rest of the nervous system.

 Then, ¿how is it possible that the brains cause the minds, and at all, that the minds are single features of the brain?

 The physics gives us the response when one makes the distinction between the micro and macro properties of the systems to small and to great scale. It is the relation of the cause to effect, in which the features at superior level of the system are due to the behavior in the microlevel that causes those features in the same system.

 Concretely the estates at level macro of the system do not make sense at micro level. Of the hand humidified by the water, I cannot take out a molecule and to say that this molecule is wet one. The mental phenomena are a property of the brain, but no peculiar neuron of the brain enjoys those features, it does not feel pain, love, or sadness.

 Every time we understand better the features that are characteristic of the alive beings that we no longer find mysterious about the matter is alive because there is a biological explanation. A similar consideration is applied to the conscience. The mystery vanishes when understanding the process; the gray and white substance of matter that forms the brain contains a collection of molecules of nucleoproteins contained in a frame of calcium, they make certain specific electrochemical activities that are developed among the neurons, the modules and other features of the brain, and those processes cause the conscience.

 When an mental event cause a physical event, responds to a thought that neither it lacks weight neither it is ethereal, but rather it is the development of a cerebral activity. Now then, since the mental states of the psychic or animism life are features of the brain, they have two description levels: a superior level in mental terms and an inferior level in physiologic terms. The same causal powers of the system can be described to anyone of the two levels.

 The existence in the brain of two real causal levels of  description; one a macrolevel of mental processes and the other one a microlevel of neuronal processes, shows the mind and the body interaction, but they are not different things since the mental phenomena are only features of the brain.

 The conscience is a real property of the brain that causes that the things happen, and the vitalisms and mechanism are not solely coherent, but rather both are true. The explanation of the conscience is not completely possible for the exact sciences, neither its global understanding is it through the metaphysics. In its generation, the brain is a necessary condition but not enough.


 The personality of each human being includes the entirety of the feelings, thoughts, and actions that they are structured as a dynamic process of development during the childhood and it acquires a steady state in the mature age.

 In the outline of the psychic apparatus, the human mind appears formed by the growing sphere of rational acting denominated the EGO (ME), as first power of the personality that supports the weight of the subconscious one of the instinctive, and irrational performance call the ID (IT) that is a second power of the personality and it is inaccessible to the voluntary evocation, it is repressed and it remains oddly at the principle of the reality.

 Also the EGO (ME) is beneath the  repressor pressure of the SUPER-EGO (SUPER-ME) that is the third power of the personality and it exercises domain on the three layers of the conscience; the conscious one, pre-conscious, and unconscious that is accessible to the voluntary evocation and it is the load primed by the culture of its epoch, where the dominant religious dogmas are a decisive factor to develop certain features of the personality that print obligatory the way of thinking, feeling, and acting through the social culture process so much conscious as unconsciously.

 Also as it is well known, the human being like product of a behavior is not more than an organism not very active and not very constructive of its processes that means it is subjected to the stimuli, pressures, and laws of the environment. It is only a function of very concrete conditions determined by the biunivocal influences of the Ecosystem of the Civilization in that the EGO (ME) is immersed, that obligates it social and culturally to the practice and cult of a certain religion, from the birth until the death, although the flame of the faith has faded.

 If holistically everything is interconnecting and all the things are interdependent, the EGO (ME) do not escape to this situation, because to it also adds the vectorial contribution of the Collective Unconscious enunciated by the psychologist Carl Yung that reveals the existence of a basic level of the human psyche common to the whole humanity.

 The investigations on the hypnosis have revealed that the appropriate suggestions that are applied to this conscientious state can drive effects of long reach in the organism. They can originate complete psychological changes; changes in the motivation and in the states of encourage they can influence in the character and in the future rules of individual behavior. Plus still, the hypnotic suggestion can also cause functional changes in the body to change the heart pulsations, to influence in the blood vessels, the composition of the blood, the secretion of corporal fluids, etc.; it can influence in the functions of the internal organs of the body, the kidneys, the stomach, the bowels and the glands, and it can even produce permanent changes in the living tissues, for example, to stimulate and to accelerate the educational processes. The holistic medicine in fact bases its healing methods on the interrelation among body, mind and spirit, by means of the appropriate mental discipline that not only cures, solves conflicts, but rather it gives artistic inspiration, intuition, creative talent and it increases the intellectual achievements.

 But, beyond the hypnosis, there are the religious beliefs that they are the key of these gifts that affect in decisive form the complex structure of the human mind, that they give power of not to the EGO (ME), to be able to support the loads that affect it. In a word, the professed religious confession seems to have the key of a life with more successes and happier for all people, because it provides or not the secret road to the discovery of the big inherent powers of the conscience and human energies, that are starting from all the effects of a correct discipline to learn how to think in a more appropriate way.

 If one keeps in mind the determinants of the human behavior, like they are the unconscious conditionings, the genetic patrimony, the specific environmental circumstances; physical and social, the culture, its more convenient form of to control it and to manipulate it is through the prevailing religious system that makes it with benefit of inventory, to increase its patrimony and to maintain its power as company of the faith and the religious belief.

 Historically the behavior of the people has been determined by two outlines: the mythical one based on the animism, the magic belief and the religious spirit, and the rational one based in the idea, concept, reason, common sense or the science.

 For the world of the Third Millennium that begins, the articulation in the handling of these outlines search a religion that enters free and affective of the heart of the subjective conscience, to overcome the alienating dogmatism, so that each human creature exercises his/her right to take communion and to practice the religious creed that more completes the demands of her reflexive thought and that more suits to her EGO (ME), fill better the achievement of all his/her aspirations and so forge this way his/her own destination.

7 Australantropous.- It is said of a primitive form of Australopithecus, corresponding to the hominid fossil one whose rest were found in Africa, author of the first carved equipment, he lived during the inferior Paleolithic and represents one of the last stages of first turgid, previous to the “homo sapiens”.