Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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"edismo is religious sincretism plus religious eclecticism"

“edismo is syncretism for the coalition of diverse religious systems and religious practices belonging to divesas cultures and is eclectisism like method that consists on choosing of among diverse religious systems the theses that seem more acceptable to form with them a body of cybernetic doctrine on the divine thing for continuous scientific and religious feedback”.

The “edismo” is a mystic doctrine on the divine thing based on the Divine Message for the formation of the Edista Spirituality like phenomenon to consolidate in the time, by its cybernetic character that is auto-regulated by feedback with the teachings of the different religions and the knowledge contributed by the positive and human sciences.

 “Edismo” is the doctrine that proclaims the religious equality through the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

To define The key of the real phenomenon of the divinity in a more appropriate way is the search of a more satisfactory body of concepts and symbols, that they can fit in our mental organization, as a system of essentially unitary religious ideas conjugated with the dynamics of the scientific and spiritual experience.

The main result of the application of the scientific method to the explanation of the real phenomenon of the divine thing is the discovery that God is a hypothesis, that is inadequate when each religious confession manages its own one ignoring the other ones, being the edismo: “primus inter pares”, the first hypothesis among its equals because covers all them, and becomes the common denominator of all them, that makes of the theological doctrine of each religious confession a theory of God and of the edismo the general theory that covers all them and it makes them consistent, to be a system of ideas of God essentially been worth and unique for all the religions.

“In the life in the good ones and in the bad ones we need to follow the print of which goes opening road ahead”. Emmanuel that  means “God with us” has opened us that road with the Divine Message that is the edismo´ foundation, and it has its origin in same God, God is pronounced and he says:


The context of the Divine Message is consigned in the book Divine Illumination in the Aquarius Era (IDEA), to endow to the present generations with firm ideas that guided them to same and to the other future generations, serving as guide to find with security and stability the route to continuing in the enigmatic Space Era that approaches, because from all the places of the earth will arise valiant spiritual leaders, that they with their militancy and the example of their lives, they took charge of completing the mission of diffusing the Divine Message to all places to conquer big religious spaces for the whole humanity's well-being and prosperity.

The Universal Religious Congregation is the spiritual union of all the religions in a society of faithful people denominated “edistas”, that they believe and they give testimony of faith in Edas Dei and practice the Edista Cult.

Emmanuel consigned the context of the Divine Message in the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius, which he surrenders to the present generations to endow them with firm ideas that guided them to themselves and the future generations, that will serve them as guide to undertake with entireness, hardness and security in the enigmatic adventure that they will hope in the next Space Era.

From all places of the earth will arise valiant spiritual leaders, that they with their militancy and the example of their lives, they will take charge of diffusing the Divine Message to the whole humanity for the conquest of big religious spaces to the mankind welfare.

The mission of the Edismo is to achieve that the humanity lives in the faith of the Divine Message practicing the daily Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

!That the divine illumination of the Divine Message arrives and sanctifies all people and the spiritual peace accompanies they at every moment!

 The Divine Message demands an entire religious transformation, reason why the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.)is created, represented by the initials C.R.U.; that is the grouping of all the religious confessions in a polytheists-monotheist suprareligious organization of universal character and without encourage of lucre, inspired by the “Edismo”, that it is the doctrine foundes in the Divine Message contents in the book Divine Illumination in the Aquarius Era (IDEA), that proclaims the religious equality and the general union of all the religions of the world accepting a universal, common, and single idea of God that covers all the divinities of the religious fact; so that it is articulated and consolidated with the interreligious dialogue, the reconciliation, cooperation, and unit among all the religions of the world for the construction of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.); as the entity that unifies all the religious beliefs in a new mystic initiation with the character of the “interreligious opening” in the era of the globalization, and it represents the legitimate spiritual power, and divine authority to supply the humanity the spiritual service and of eternal salvation.

All the religious confessions belong spiritually and implicitly to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), and they are called and summoned so explicitly they are integrated, associate, conform it, given the presence of a Superior God that represents and is the same god of all and each one of the religions in the world.

 The Edista Thought is the popular cause of the Edismo like ideology of the Edista Spirituality is based in the New Knowledge of Edas Dei, in the Theological Revolution taken place by the Divine Message, and in the Movement of Spiritual Liberation, that is a process of “spiritual renovation and religious reeducación” for the humanity's progress.

 The "new evangelism" should be that of Aquarius, able to merge all the religions in a new mystic initiation so that the dialogue exists with the modern culture and the mission of the edismo is completed, that is to live the Divine Message carrying out the only ritual of a single and universal "Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods" represented by the initials C.E.P.D.

 The new mystic initiation is the “edismo”, that it is a polytheism-monotheistic one in the belief that the gods of all the different religious confessions are a single tautological God of the called religious fact called Edas Dei; Superior God, God of gods, Eternal Father of the gods of all the religions in the world. This way, the “edismo like Edista Spirituality is built on the central axis of the "Teocentrism", that means the faith from all over the world around a single universal concept of God and, it is the "Religious Pluralism" that is the interreligious dialogue under the concept that all the religions spiritually are an alone one, because an alone one is the general image and of abstract universality of God, but socially the religions are different because they have originated in different social contexts and each one has its own ritual and their own ceremonies according to the concrete, natural, and analogical images of God, that historically each religious confession has conditioned and they are articulated with the personal being of God like Edas Dei.

 The Edismo is identified with the investigation in science and technology and it believes in its results, in virtue that the “Dei Verbum”; The Word of God, is of all the religions and it was written ab initio of the creation in the book of the nature and its laws that is object of study of the positive and human sciences.

 The Edismo like world system is the expression of a new culture comes to the world with the watchword of the prosperity, security and peace, accepting the “pax deurum”; The peace of God, that is the doctrine of the Ecumenical Theology of the Peace; that proclaims “the peace of the gods and among the gods”, to fortify their presence and alliance, and as a pact of union with the faithful people of each religion, so that the peace exists among all them, accepting that all the gods are alone the different faces from same divinity called Edas Dei , that which allows that there is the peace among all the gods and the spiritual peace is achieved among all the faithful people, as condition of the world peace and the union of all the people in the earth, as the vision of being the crucial and mysterious figure inside the world conscience in the consensus of a only government, to impose a new order before a changing and chaotic world.

 The values of the edismo are based in the concept of the maximum use of the available human energy, that as ethical expression it considers that in the human being the spiritual power exists, that it through the conscience exercises its domain on the available energy, which is divided in useful energy and degraded energy. It is well all that allows its maximum use and is bad all that is opposed it, that which is related with the dharma`s ethical precept of: “making good things, of personal autonomy and of justice for the human improvement”.

 The Edismo like expression of the context of the Divine Message, originate the “mental outline of a new faith” that glimpses the future of a new universal religious confession, a new human being, a new life, a new world order, a new culture, for a New Era, with and for a new one and transcendental cause, as new hope for this life and that of the further on.

 “ Edista” is the person that belongs to the Suprareligión and confides her faith in its principles, beliefs, and values and practices its cult. Who carries with faith the Sigma Sacred Symbol: Σ, at every moment, he/she will take with himself/herself the divine protection, because it is the divine symbol of Edas Dei , and he represents and is the same god of all and  each one of the religions in the world. 

Hierofania is all that is shown as sacred in the world. Starting from this reality, all the religions are considered by their divinities; for the numen that is the image of God like Absolute Unique Principle been worth for all the religions, for their numina, that they are the natural, analogical images of god of each religion.  Numen is the God of the reason and numina they are the functional and human gods of the faith. Edas Dei is numen and numina; the god of the gods, that forms a single indivisible unit with all the divinities of the religious fact, being all them its representation.