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The fundamentals to determine if really Jesus is God or not are basing exclusively in the following excerpts take verbatim from the book Divine illumination in the Age of Aquarius.

Back cover of the book:


Excellent books in libraries and bookshops exist about religion, theology, and philosophy and there are plenty of editors that are offering innumerable textbooks and updates attractive and coloring summaries to make comprehensible the inexhaustible literature related to the divine subject.

For many educators the conviction exits that these books satisfy their necessities perfectly, but many of them also say to us that they are looking for something different, perhaps you are one of them.

You have asked yourself also if text used in religious education covers the fundamental concept of what really is and knows about God, if by reason, not by faith, provides a logical and solid basis to understand this subject, if really teaches truly what is really God in his philosophical, theological and religious aspect at the light of the progress of the positive and human sciences.

Let us think that a different and genuine book must exist, that locks up the trust on witch really knows of God and that satisfies the divine necessities in our existence.

Surely after reading the calling book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius, you will verify that just this book of sacred character exists, because contains the Divine Message, thus each one builds his personal knowledge of the divine and be his own master in the search of God and search of God and each one finds and knows him.

>The book "Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius" is of free consultation and download of web site: www.edismo.com

Page 5:


With the knowledge of the theology enclosed in the pages of this book, everybody can end up having an actual and true knowledge of God, that is the biggest help that historically can be supply to a people for the encounter their own identity and be able to perform their own destiny.

Page 9:


Page 12:

We invite to each and every one……, like an intimate and honest desire of beginning a new spiritual life and of free thought, to give a noble and big meaning to the their existence. The free participation, collaboration, and solidarity will be of mutual utility to take the great and worthy task ahead of achieving an irreversible process of spiritual liberation, to wake up the human being of that deep millennial dream in he/she has been sunk so he/she can transform his/her life, finding a more authentic faith that allows him/her to carry out his/her human promotion and to find the true saving formula.

Page 13:

Then,…… the sacrifice of your lives will wake up forces that wish to stand up, to shake off the yoke that has hold them imprisoning in the millenary dream lethargy during the Pisces era. Now you wait inexorably the infinite bonus in the Almighty’s bosom of the further on.


4.1.3. Perfectum dicitur, cui nihil of est secudum modum suae perfectionis. 1It is absolutely perfect that gathers in itself all the conceivable excellencies and excludes all the defects.

Omni perfectione infinitos. God is infinity in whole perfection. Infinity is that does not have ending neither limit.

Page 23:

It is impossible and inadmissible that God is deprived of his infinite being to become finite being that is no longer God, to breed flesh in each planet of the Universe where intelligent beings exist to redeem them of their sins and to make them surrenders of the saving formula, or that becomes necessary his divine intervention to correct his work and the pre-establishing order in any sense, because it disgust to his nature and divine attribute of the potential or actual infinite perfection.

The word “necessity” does not exist in God. Therefore …… and the Dei Verbum; the Word of God, is that of the book of the nature that the science studies and already is written in the sapientia disponems. In this sense we identify ourselves with Confucius when he said: The heaven never speaks. The revelation that has taken as the Word of God is product of a historical process that is not made know or demonstrated for supernatural causes, but for the expression of oral and written traditions of the people of Israel.


Page 62:

Buddha like Jesus did not leave anything written, his teachings to him attributed they were transmitted vocally and alone they began to be written centuries after his death. For that reason, at most as the gospels of the New Testament, they represent what their followers of later generations believed that he had said and done.

Page 69:

Due to the "great quantity of legends and miracles" is impossible to take out of among them the historical life of Buddha, like it happens later to Jesus.

Page 65:

By means of this process he had reached the last goal; the nirvana, the state of peace and perfect illumination, free of the desires and the suffering. Buddha is the man that found the path to the illumination for himself and taught it to his followers, it is the last of a Buddha’s series that they have come to the world to preach, reviving and to teach the new truth, the dharma; being loved those some to the other ones, concept that centuries later the Christianity would take as its own.

Page 67:

The Buddhism offers a very fertile field for the design of religions, because offers a salvation doctrine and morals without committing with any personal god. Then, the designer places the natural image and builds his religion with the elements toasted by the Buddhism. This would happen later centuries to Jesus, when he took as analogical image that of his supposed eternal father: Yahweh, who in his turn took the virtues and powers of Murdock, king of the gods and of the men from Babylon, to become in Lord of the universe and the man's creator.


Page 80:

The books of the Old Testament and the teachings of the prophets are the more faithful expression in the old history of the Judaism, and their knowledge and study allowed to the esenia community of Qumran to build the Way to the Perfect Justice, of the important Alliance that supposed a formal oath of total and eternal obedience to Moses' Law, and from this community was born the Primitive Christian Church based on Jerusalem; in the Nazarenes that followed James, the brother of the Lord, and that he was victim of the transgressions of those that is accused Paul in having the Acts of the Apostles.

It was in that doctrinal dispute with Paul who never met Jesus, that Santiago perished and with him the Primitive Christian Church as an expression of the Judaism, that allowed Paul to found a new religion, in fact making of Jesus a real god, whose prefabricated biography equals, miracle for miracle, that of the rival divinities with those that he competes to obtain devotes. Fact for James's moral, as values of any Jewish devotee, is that, of course, supposed blasphemy and apostasy.

If the conflict with Paul, the evolution line had been adjusted to James's teachings, brother of Jesus, the Christianity would not have existed, but a peculiar spice of Judaism that would not or not have ended up being dominant, and of that certain posthumous horror made against James and his partners that was born a totally new religion that appropriated of the Old Testament, a religion that every time had less than to do with its supposed founder.

The Christian made that the warrior and sanguinary Yahweh shared his divine power with the Esenio Master that Paul transformed into another god, committing to the terrible god of the Jews in a trinity that represents a frank regression to the polytheism, situation this that favors Ala, because he overcomes this way to his contenders to be an unique god and do not a trinity of gods, and this monotheism is one of the reasons that gives bigger foundation and solidity to the Islamic Religion.

The renascent fundamentalism promises a bigger understanding of the common roots of these biblical religions, and like des-mythical process will make that the Christianity returns to its origin like a current of the Judaism, what was in its beginning, being completed this way the Fair Simon's will.

The rolls of the Dead Sea offer a new perspective for the three big religions born in the Half East; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that as soon as more they are examined more is not understood as soon as they differ, but as soon as they are superimposed and as soon as they have in common, until point the disputes among them, when not precipitated by simple misunderstandings, they have been consequence less than spiritual securities that of the politics, the greed, that harassed before the evolution- ary demands of the spiritual culture of the New Era, will have to refrain their prejudice, their intolerance and their fanaticism.


Page 84:

In the religious confession of Christianity, there are several hypotheses about the figure of Jesus, its founder. There is one that considers that exists the Jesus of faith or dogmatic, but no the historical Jesus.

The existence of a historical Jesus is much debated because it comes in contradiction with the current modernity of our social, political, intellectual, and religious life, and its absence translates into the figure of a mythical Jesus.

To solve this contradiction between the two figures of Jesus, it takes into consideration that the life of a historical Jesus cannot be deduced from the Gospels, but that is presented is the life of the dogmatic Jesus, of the belief, of the religious feeling, adorned throughout the ages, built on a unique personality, august, and superhuman, placed between the greatest thing in history, while its historical existence has never been tested.

It is considered that the figure of the dogmatic Jesus was built by the Apostles who wrote the Gospels in the second century of our era, using figures from the old testament, as Moses (Joshua), and Elias (Elisha), to create the figure of dogmatic Jesus of the faith.

Since the time of the Neolithic the mystery religions like those of Egypt and Greece paved the way to Christianity, and in its most radical formulation, Christianity is most successful mystery Eastern religion, the Catholic sacramental system being a derivation of the pagan practices of the mystery cults.

Christianity is thus an amalgam of elements mithraic (such as ritual feast that precedes the Eucharist), metroacos (the taurobolium as predecessor of the baptism) or isíacos (the passion and death of Osiris that is identified as the source of the passion and death of Christ). The similarity of vocabulary is used as a test irrefutable of the dependency of the Christianity of the cults mystery, and this terminology form part of all the religious contemporary environment.

The Christianity use its Pagan inheritance, since from them centuries IV and V, see representations of the Virgin with the child in arms, to similarity of Isis with the infante Harpocrates in his lap. Since the Marian cult is not based on the Gospels had to draw iconographic symbolism on other contemporary female deities who enjoyed great veneration, mainly of the cult of Isis.

In the evolution of the religious thought, the Christianity is built on Jesus' teachings, as that of the "love to the neighbor" and "you don't want to other, what you don't want to you", recaptured of that behind centuries taught Confucius and they are a legacy of the Chinese wisdom. Also, the doctrine and moral of Buddha offers curious likeness with that those centuries later Jesus exposes. The Christianity was born like a sect of the Judaism, later Paul of Tarso, call the apostle of the heathens, inverted its primitive foundations when converting Jesus who never knew, in "son of Yahweh god of the Jews".

Brahman is the being or supreme reality that saves and transcends to the Hindu trinity to make supposedly intelligible and rational. The Christianity takes in very slight form the elements of the Hindu trinity in its desire of giving to Jesus divine character, but forgot to include a Brahman in its Christian trinity that makes impossible to understand the absurdity of making believe that three are similar to one, that doesn't survive neither even applying the mathematical theorem of Kart Gödel, of that is this way and is not this way.

The Christianity originates in the time of diverse ideas of Messiah that they mark the old cultures of the century I of our era in that the Messianic heroes swarm, which have as common characteristic to be Gnostics; possessors of a corpus of beliefs native of Asia that fuses with the Hellen- ism and the Judaism, and that corresponds in our days to what is designated with the name of mysticism.

The essence of the gnosis is the search of the transcendental knowledge through the illumination to rise on the passions and earthly desires, looking for the goal of the realization in a certain belief and in the contemplation of God.

The thematic Gnostic of that time moves in the man's ascension toward God and in the descent of God to the Messiah. Its esotericism is expressed by means of parables that represent the echoes of the Greek religion. The creation of the myth is born of the wait and the belief in an active divinity that ends inexorably in the creation of an extraordinary character for general rule of semidivine origin, in this case the Messiah. To create the catharsis and to force god to intervene, it is necessary an extraordinary sacrifice that the hero takes place. All the myths are born this way, the obliged hero is a man son of a god and a human.

The hero is by definition no understanding and all their good actions will be worth him so alone the ingratitude of the men, being translated there in the fundamental topic of the gnosis, nobody understands what he says; so it finishes killing him or he dies in celestial combat and then he acquires the immortality, serving as celestial lighthouse for the humanity and closing this way the Gnostic cycle.

Jesus' historical fact is explained this way, because the gnosis impregnated all Palestine, and the esenios that were his teachers they followed the same outline, in such a way he could not avoid the Gnostic current, since all his behavior coincides with that of the Gnostics.

The Christianity is built on the teachings and Jesus' adorned image, which has been object of continuous manipulations along the centuries, based on the canonical gospels that describe its figure, presenting flagrant contradictions when being formed by a mosaic of other people's fragments, often repeated just as they figured in the original beliefs, since Jesus like Socrates and Buddha did not leave anything written.

If Jesus really died in the cross together with the two thieves and he was buried with them in the same place or in the same grave, then he was not found in the sepulcher waited by Marie Magdalena his wife, who had a daughter with him according to the gospel of Judas, and with other people that accompanied her, that made them to give the good one new of his resurrection that later became in legend.

The New Testament is the sacred book of the Christianity written in Greek language many years after the existence of Jesus, which contemplates that the tradition in old Greek transmitted of supposedly he built in his life and of which said that he said, since he did not leave anything written, and that he really made, taught, and said in his Aramaic language nobody knows it.

Before this situation the Salomon solution was the invention and creation of the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost, to make believe that from then on, with his divine gifts has lit his followers, to give them the freedom of giving loose rein to their imagination making all kinds of statements, assigning them optional sacred character, on that that supposedly Jesus said, because all that is known about him was “by hear said” first in Aramaic and then in Greek and written many years after his death.

It is considered as the largest swindle in the history of mankind what happened at the Council of Nicaea in the year 323, organized, financed and supervised by the Emperor Constantine, to strengthen his political power with the support of the Christians to unify his empire. There the priest Arrio defended the thesis that Jesus as man cannot be God by nature, denying his divinity, against the opposite thesis of Alexander of Alexandria, who as an advocate and friend of the Emperor, supported his political, military and economic power, so his thesis was imposed on the priest Arrio´s one, who was an exponent and defender of the authentic original primitive Christianity. In this Council the fantasy was imposed on reality, the Paul´s doctrine of Jesus son of God over early Christianity, for whom Jesus was not more than a creature, although very lofty and eminent, so, Catholic Church was born from this apostasy.

Then, before this conjuncture is necessary to give Jesus' real image, based on historical analysis, deductions and reconstructions to understand the religious phenomenon that he impelled. According to the Manuscripts of the Dead Sea discovered in 1949, the structure and teachings of Jesus preceded him, because he took them of the masters of the esenia community of Qumran, which means this sect was born fifty years before our era and that disappeared with the place of Massada before the century one had the responsibility of the transmission of the beliefs of the Judaism to the Christianity.

The primitive Christians read besides the four canonical gospels of the New Testament, thirty one gospels, which were retired of the circulation for a gelesiano ordinance in the century V, for decision of the religious authorities that followed the opinion of San Jerome. In the Tomas' gospel found in the High Egypt, in Nag Hamodi, in 1945, indicates that there was in Jesus' immediate environment among its successors, an exemplary Gnostic that questioned the dogma of the incarnation.

The canonical gospels have made an effort in giving Jesus the fated and naturally David’s origin of the Messiah. In the face of the inability of coming to an agreement about who was the source of his royal ancestry among the David’s sons, mention to Joseph in an almost forced way as the necessary image, but lacking of life that is used with the only object of providing Jesus a David’s origin.

Everything seems to indicate that Joseph was a priest and Mary, mother of Jesus, she also belonged to a family of priests that according to the Jewish habit, very strict to this respect; alone he could marry a priest. According to James’ proto-gospel, Mary was orphan and she determined Jesus' historical existence.

The gospels, canonical or not, they lack interest when specifying this fact, and they take refuge in the pure myth arguing that Jesus' personality is immaterial, that is to say divine.

The existence of Jesus as a person who was born without a biological father, which made resurrect the dead, that he died and resurrected and that he raise to heaven with his material body, turns out to be a whole scientific impossibility.

If he was killed and resurrected why did not say how is the another life, if he ascended to heaven he could not do so with his material body because in the spiritual world there may not be anything material, therefore his corpse should stand in any one place on Earth.

The Jesus´ case that we have historically tried to convert him in God, means God would lose the attribute of divine being and he would become a finite being. God is infinite being and cannot ever be passed to be a finite being because he would be not God. For that reason is impossible to consider Jesus being god.

To reconcile with this reality, Christianity should follow the example of the Buddhism, where the term 'Buddha does not mean God, or human beings in the ordinary sense, but the perfect human being. i.e., someone who has reached, which has fully made the State of spiritual perfection called lighting. Then Buddha is not God, but the "enlightened one". Christianity would be better and would have avoided the Inquisition considering Jesus as "enlightened one", instead of falsehood has become a man in God.

Joseph, father of Jesus, left Jerusalem and traveled with his son to the Egypt of the Pharaohs regarded as the land of secrets, where as reads in the Talmud talking about Jesus, he had made start in Egypt in the mysteries, what is sufficient to explain to his eyes the power that attributed him the Gospels with respect to heal the sick and raise the dead.

Page 91:

It is unimaginable that could feel a man that, from the cross, he had directed to his Celestial Father that awful scream ¿why hast thiu forsaken me? for dominate that had seemed him as a terrible failure. But Jesus possessed the enough strength before anyone that was the bitterness of the failure, because could not renounce of the esenic teaching based on the immense opening from the being to the divinity and his brethren the men. Now after their passion,their pilgrimage indicated him a port to go aboard outside of Palestine and to disappear forever.

Jesus was victim of a Jewish and historical misunderstanding, because everybody, his contemporaries and successors wanted to transform him into a Messiah, although neither a single time he has said that he was, but he was aware of the paper that he accepted to impose him and he supported to impose the topic Gnostic of the man's ascension in turn toward God.

The posterity would take charge exactly otherwise, the descent of God to the Messiah, to grant him Son's of God title, closing the Gnostic cycle and giving this way origin to a religion erected on the foundations of an enigmatic character whose teachings and true identity are interwoven among the threads of the exegesis, the historical analysis, the philology, the tradition, and the theses according to which Jesus was not more than a myth, because the spiritual persistence of the ancestors that they have lived a long time ago and that did not perceive them in their true terrestrial reality, that they are wrapped by a layer so thick of mythological beliefs, they finish losing their natural personality to become divinities, even happening that they have been product of an invention.

But, it is in the comparison of Paul's epistles with the materials found in Qumran and The Acts of the Apostles, that confirms that Paul with his apparent wealth, his Roman citizenship and his natural familiarity with the reining system, was imposed before James brother of Jesus, under his principle of the supremacy of the faith he relegated to God establishing the cult for the first time to Jesus, making of him an equivalent species of Adonis of Tammus, of Attis or any other of the gods that died and they revived and they populated the Half East of that time.

To be able to compete with those divine rivals, Jesus had to equal them in each point and miracle, and is in this stage where they associate to his biography the miraculous elements including his supposed birth of a virgin and his resurrection among the deaths, that are above all Pauline inventions to transform the man into god like support of the religious propaganda in his proselytizing trips.

The scientific investigation carried out on the nature and the physiology of mental disorders shows that there is in the mystic world deliriums of greatness that they are false beliefs regarding the power and the person's importance, as the conviction that the person possesses divine powers or that he/she has a special knowledge that nobody has or that he/she is related with some deity, that which can take to the untidy thought of her followers and multiplier goods of hallucinations and deliriums.

For that reason in the archaeological evolution, the tracking of the Rolls of the Dead Sea faces us with the contradiction between the Jesus of the history and the Christ of the faith, and anyway looking from this perspective we understand that the drama of the Christianity is solved, not in the mystically figure of the one that learned how to be the Messiah like one of the pupils of the Esenia Sect, but in the monastery of the Qumran that is the cradle of the fundamentalist Christianity and in the corresponding attitude of the churches like human organizations that are, so that they despoil of their mystic and Aristotelian robe and recognize and show that in the artifice of the principle of Paul's supremacy, rests the contradictory nature of their theological dogmatism and the sense and effectiveness of their faith, engage in myths that have gone already losing for the people its sense, because, the Christianity has always been made public by a church always willing to make a pact with the same Devil, with such of conserving its privileges and the acquired patrimony after centuries of inquisitorial power.

ISLAMISM. Page 93:

In the Arab desert three big religions have arisen along the centuries; first the Judaism, then the Christian and lastly the Islamism. Maybe the man's solitude in that immense territory traveling for the endless roads of the desert in camel or on foot, walking slowly, under a burning sun, with an exasperating landscape and always the same now and then took them to look for God, and converted to these Semitic people in fated to be founders of religions.

Although the religions of these three creeds keep narrow relationship to each other, their differences are enough so that along the history, they have combated among them- selves as mortal enemies. Each one has tried to conquer and to dominate the world on behalf of their god, taking the words of their prophets like the Word of God.

Page 97:

Of the New Testament Mohammed took a lot less than of the Old one and with the biggest respect for Jesus considers as alone as one more than the prophets previous to him.

The Islamism contrary to the Christianity is based in a primary source, in an original writing; The Koran, which has the advantage of security the origin since is the work of a single man.

In Mohammed with relationship to Jesus, there is a better means of judging through his work, because he takes and he will always take the advantage from that one that for not having left anything written, we cannot know but through what others have thought of him, that is to say of second- ary and tertiary sources, through historians, compilers and commentators, so as men, offer us that of what they are in charge of in favor of something many times different to the truth, in fact because of their opinions. Whilst when we have the work of a man we have same him. Otherwise everything around him is doubtful, and if we do not want to make a mistake, we are obliged to subject what is attributed to rigorous quarantine, to avoid that the fantasy can add many times what lacks in the reality.

Mohammed like rabid monotheistic that was, he did not tolerate them to associate another divinity to their Allah: truly, Allah does not forgive that associates to him another divinity. The one that makes falls in an error that goes very far. (Koran, IV, 116). That is to say, the most serious in the errors ¡very serious Statement leaves their mouths saying: God to taken of a son. Truly, they do not utter but a great lie. (Koran, XVIII, 4). The Christian say: The very Merciful one has had a son. Saying this they say a monstrous thing. Little lack so that the heavens crack, the earth is half- opened and the undone mountains collapse to attribute a son to the All Merciful one. (Koran, XIX, 91, 92) and not only despaired him to hear that Allah had had a son but speaking of the Trinity. Oh you, people of the Book! (the Christian). You do not go beyond the fair measure in your religion and you don't say concerning God but the truth. Believe, then, in God and in their apostles but you don't say Three”. ¡Abstain of affirming such a thing! This would be the best thing for you. ¡Allah is unique God! ¡Gloria to Him! ¿How could he has a son? (Koran, IV, 169).

Besides, and such which had already thought Basilides, Valentine and others in the first times of our era, Jesus had not died in the Cross, but in another place: Simon of Cirene, to which we see appear in Luke: they have said: truly, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the apostle of God. But they have not killed him, they have not crucified him; but to one that they found that he looks alike Jesus. Truly, those that differ concerning this are full with doubts, they do not have in what refers certain knowledge to him, but rather they also follow an opinion. They have not killed him, this is certain, but rather Allah was taken it next to Him. It is because Allah is powerful and sage one. (Koran, IV, 156).

The Arab prophet not alone detested such many people said that God had a son, but to those that gave him cult, as well as to Mary, and of those that spoke and they believed in the Trinity. The Jesus' putative father Joseph, in the Koran, is not mentioned any single time. With everything, Mohammed was shown evidently more monotheistic that the Christians.

Mohammed is inspired by the Yahweh of the armies, of which between admonitions and threats the prophets of the Old low Testament speak one and another time under the watchword of: The sword of Yahweh is full with blood... because to Yahweh, is a day of vengeance... (Isaiah XXVI, 6,8), taken of the most important in the Jewish prophets, Isaiah, thanks to which Yahweh ascended of simple God of the People from Israel to Universal God, Mohammed avoided to have to make miracles and he covered with success prophet's mantel with that of warrior, and under the watchword that the only God is Allah and Mohammed its prophet, beginning the sacred war. The starting point had been the Gabriel archangel's appearance in human form in the caves of the mount Hira where he told him: Mohammed, you are Allah's correspondent. Starting from that moment the preaching of the new religion that begins with the emigration that Mohammed makes with numerous followers to Medina, that took place toward September 24 of 622 of our era known as the Hegira and it constitutes the starting point of the Islamic era.

Recapturing the terrible problem of the evil, is as so alone the Koran, among all the religious books, and the Islamism, among all the religions, has been able to give the solution to so serious question. Allah contrary to Yahweh overcomes and becomes fatalistic and he responds to have created the man knowing that is exposed to the evil and can fall in it. Allah is responsible for having created so much Goodness as Evilness and for that reason no man should pay hell eternally. It is that Allah is merciful and simply the Arab prophet's hell is a purgatory where each one pay his condemnation for the evil that he made in the earth and then he goes to the paradise to have the enjoyments that he did not have in the earth, different from the hell of the Jewish prophets that they do not respond for the existence of the evil, they refuge in Adam's legend, making wrongly pay its descendants a sin that they have not made. In other words the god that the Arab prophet builds, he is a more fair, responsible and merciful god that the god that the Jewish prophets manufactured, because inclusive Iblis, the demon of the Islam, finally he will be forgiven.

The Islamism instead of being as other religions a true crossroads by force of dogmas, long creeds and frequently not easy to admit, articles of faith that quarrel with the reason, liturgies complicated and other admirable ritual customs, the Islamism is sustained on five columns; the profession of faith, the prayer, the fast, the pilgrimage to the Mecca and the charity, and some precepts like the prohibition of taking alcoholic drinks that has become the misfortune of many Christian homes as pernicious stimulant, causing the illness, the crime and the death, invoking religious ceremonies of pagan origin, with celebrators that devour Jesus' body and they drink his blood in symbolic act of sublime cannibalism, inspired by the parable of the Omofagia of the Last Dinner that reflects the echo of the Greek religion in the martyrdom of Dionysius whose body ate and whose blood drank the bacchantes.

Islamism is a religion without complexities, without sacraments, without mysteries that force to the theological reflection or the priestly consultation, religion without clergy but with an accessible creed by means of flat reasoning, in sum, but that conjugates another factor: the spiritual equality.

For that reason if the biblical text is full with insolvable non coherences, that is support of the Zionist spiritual colonization in the culture of the western world, is the book that reflects and it consigns the legendary history and the spiritual and human expectations of the Jewish people, the Koran is the book that will allow with its ascetic rules that the Islamism in spite of the existence of supposedly more perfect religions, probably survive all them.

Page 101:


As one of the products of the tradition and the supposed revelation that offers the shop of the Christianity in the vast spiritual market, besides the traditional one saving formulae, of the trinity, of the good angels, archangels, seraphs and cherubs, is an angel called Luzbel, that left the fold, because tried to be similar to his Yahweh god and was condemned by this god to live and to take care of the hell eternally.

The Yahweh god, being exactly, good and sage that all knows, why does he create this angel knowing before to create him, that his destination would be fatal?

Page 103

Does Devil exist in fact and can the Satanists trust him or are they deceived?

Or will be that there are goods with certain consistency and substantiality in the sub-consciousness, that they become against the spiritual man and do they impose him their laws, that happen the more with so much bigger easiness it weakens the unifying force of the personnel and does it take to states of pathological disintegration of which we accuse the Demon?

According to the scientific psychology in certain states of the psychic life, something like that happens as if it was introduced in the man something strange, another individual that disputes to the EGO (ME) its domain. They are the calls powers of the sub-consciousness that are not simple intellectual concepts that can be manipulated to discretion, but enemies that can originate in certain cases terrible devastation in the economy of the personality, since in the unconscious of the IL (IT), they lack ethics, moral or aesthetics. It is the inherited primitive brain of the primate that is imposed more easily on the evolved brain of the cerebral bark, making that the subconscious instinctive impulses are stronger than the rational thought. These processes of the psychic apparatus have been broadly considered and explained by the psychoanalysis, however, the Christianity has made that Satan loads with the ballast of all them, maybe with benefit of inventory.

Satan only exists in the mind of those that for good or for evil they believe and they are served of him, because, historically even as character of fiction big dividends he has taken place, being also “the scapegoat” of the serious errors and big crimes of traditional religions, as the Christianity, and it is the reason of excuse of all the evils of the western world.

The best form of counteracting the evils of the Satanism is to make see its followers that alone Satan exists for work and grace of the imagination of his creators and in reality does not exist.

VOODOO Page 115:

The topic of the zombies was treated seriously by the old colonial authorities, for which they made a special legislation. Article 246 of the Penal Code states: "Also the term intention of killing, by poisoning, is the use of substances by means of which a person is not killed, but reduced to a lethargy state, more or less lingering, and this without keeping in mind the way like the substance was used and which were its later results. If, following the aforesaid state of lethargy the person is buried, then the attempt will be termed a murder. Historically the consumption of alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs can reveal certain possibilities that cannot become realities, and they have served for although it is only for some instants the physical world can be transported to the paradise of a single jump.

Before this false positive evidence of the pleasure for the infinite, inside the man's psyche exists secret regions that have wanted to explore for psychedelic means to find the key that reveals those internal dwellings, on those which the mystics of all times and of all religions agree on their existence, in the search of the expansion of the conscience.

It is not this way strange to find in the history of Vedas, that the Rig-Veda was the writing inspired by the consump- tion of Soma, that is the golden juice that it produced one of the most beautiful compositions in the history of the religions, being one of the dishes of the gods the mushroom Psilocybe that gave the paternity of Soma.

According to the argument supported in complicated philological premises, J.M. Allegro, in his work: The Sacred Mushrooms and the Cross, and of who reference is made in the book "The scandals of the rolls of the Dead Sea" of Baigent and Leigh, trying to establish the source of all the beliefs and religious practices, he affirms that Jesus had never existed in the historical reality, that it was not more than an image evoked in the psyche under the influence of a hallucinating drug, the psilobicina, the active component of the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Indeed, it sustains, the Christianity, as all the religions, came of kind of a psychedelic experience, a ceremonial rile de passage promulgated by an orgiastic and magic cult of the mushrooms.

This way is questioned and doubts Jesus' historical existence, bearing in mind that nowadays it does not already discuss and it is given for discounted the use of psychedelic drugs and of other types, on the part of the religions, the cults, the sects and the mystic schools of the old Half East where the prophets originated, an use also common, then and now, in the rest of the world, a call "culture of the drug", it is the use of Yahweh’s sacred plant, used by the Amazon’s aborigines to clean the body, the mind, and the spirit of all evils and to reach God by themselves. In terms of an easy mysticism shows that “the sources of the Christianity are committed with an edible mushroom”.

¿Will gospels called the “god word" be, a product of the hallucinogenic drugs in their time?

That is in fact what is deduced from the statements of J.M. Allegro who participated in the investigations on the Rolls of the Dead Sea that are revelations that according to Baigent and Leigh have made tremble the Vatican.

At the moment the Christianity and Judaism are two pleased religions with the earthly power that they put more emphasis in the formalities of the cult than in the teachings of their primitive masters. They impair the meaning of the rolls because they do not even support that it reminds them those teachings.


Page 116:

As the analogical image of God is conditioned by the respective man's world, can overflow in extension and depth like happens in the Christianity, that which makes necessary to impose limits to avoid that the divinity is not more than a pure emanation and objectivity of desires or human ideas.

Page 130:


A whole occurring even in the history of the religions is summarizing in the words hierofania, numen and numina, in the homage offers to the divinities of all the religions have certain relevance.

Hierofania is everything establishes like sacred in the world. From this reality we are interesting in the beliefs and feelings of homus religiousus; the religious man, who venerates the sacredness and who gives "weight" to each one of the different religions.

Page 131:

Numen, is the true creator of all the existing things who always has existed in all the religions in explicit or implicit form, is the true God because he is the same one and one single one for all the religions, is the God of the reason and the knowledge, is the god that reveals to us its existence by the work of the creation of the world and its order reveals, but hides to us and does not let to us know his divine nature, his essence, and there is nobody in this world that can say to us how he is, really is only known at the final hour of the individual existence in this life when the mystery of the death is revealed to each one.

Page 132:

Numina, is the plurality of numen, are the natural, analogical, and concrete gods, that as personal beings each religion has historically conditional according to the image, similarity and human surroundings, are the Gods, goddess- es, demigods, children of a divine mortal and, heroes, animals and plants and still mythical objects of hierofanía.

Numina, is an attempt that the people make to understand the numen, to arrive at him, are the Gods of the faith, the belief and the feeling, are the gods adorned to our taste, that they are useful to us because they are to our worldly reach, that by tradition we kept in ourselves, who accompany to us daily to alleviate our pains, to receive their teachings, finding consolation and aid in our necessities, are the deities of the provincial processions.


Page 166:

New Era is denominated “Era of Aquarius”, because we are almost to the end of the astronomical cycle of Pisces and beginning of other; Aquarius. There was the time in that one lived under the sign of Taurus and the empires and religions of Mesopotamia appeared. Aries came later, and the Jewish religion flourished. The sign of Pisces that began two thousand years ago has been that of the Christianity that arrives at its end.

Page 184


Based on the Demon that doesn't exist, the inquisition of Saint Office was work of the Catholic Church and of the Protestantism making hurt humanity's crimes to combat the demonolatry.

The future society under the new edista canon doesn't go more by those dark times of the inquisition again, where the churches sacrificed wrongly in the blaze to accused women of witchcraft and sorcery and accused men of heresy.


Page 186:

The New Era is called "Era of Aquarium" because we are almost at the end of the astronomical cycle of Pisces and beginning of another: Aquarium. There was the time in which lived under the sign of Taurus and the Empires and religions of Mesopotamia appeared. Aries came later, and flourished the Jewish religion. The sign of Pisces which began two thousand years has been that of Christianity that arrives at its end.

Page 187:

It has arrived the hour in order to democratized the theological knowledge and all people could have access to this doctrine, so this knowledge stops to be a privilege of an ideologist elite that has sought indefinitely to impose a creed that produces a faith of mere emotional content for lack of the rational and cognitive, subduing to its faithful ones with false beyond the grave promises to conserve its privileges and mundane power, and equally they seek without achieving to unite religion and science, but the unbeatable contradiction between the revealed religions and the science, resides in that the revelation is not any communication with the divinity and makes statements that do not allow to be proven for the reason neither the science.

Page 188:

In the Pavilion of the Supreme Harmony in Beijing was impressed an astrological text: “The things have an Origin and an End. To know what happens first and what happens lastly, is to be near the Tao”.

It is not that everything will finish and the final judgment will come as the ingenious and fanatic people of the Apocalypse believe. What is completed is the “Cycle of Siva”, emblem, symbol and representation of the nature, of eternal, simultaneous, and fatal destruction and regene- ration, or generation and destruction.

Established the context of the Divine Message, in this context, for this context and with this context, originates the "mental outline of a new faith" that glimpses the future of a new religious confession, a new man, a new life for a New Era with and for a new and transcend cause, as new hope for this life and that of the further on. Scriptum scriptum est.


We ask now, if after reading the previous sections from the book "Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarium", do you think that Jesus is God or not?

Present this communication to the people of your community to they dicide if Jesus is God or not.

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