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 1ab inicio, at the beginning, the origin of the creation, in hilo tempore, at that time, when deus dei, Edas Dei; the divine dimension, by the axis mundi, the axis of the world, broke in two; exists the spiritual world and the material world; the world of the heaven and the Earth, that of faith and reason, both present and opposites, and irreducible, that no one has been able to unite them.

 The Space-time from its origin is encouraged by the spiritualization and suitable evolves is made more and more its presence until producing the hominization 11 and its tendency to the supraconscience.

 The cosmic genesis of the spiritualization is sustained and directs by virtue of the unduly nature of Edas God (Edas Dei), because on one hand gathers in its fibers the evolution of the world in personal sense and on the other hand in its synthesis is first nucleus of independent and pure conscience, is the divinity like Absolute Principle.

 From the beginning of the World, Edas God (Edas Dei)encourages the nature with the spiritualization, whose dimensions taken in analogical form as magnitude are coherent with those of the Universe. If we consider the present of the spirit, we can examine their past and to predict their future.
 The spiritualization originated in the same moment that began to exist the Universe, is inherent to the law of the construction of the world. Quality and quantity are tied structurally in the nature, under the law of the conservation and cosmic transmission in the course of the spiritualization of the Universe. In the human thing is applied the experimental laws of the evolution integrally.

 The human being is a complex unit that for birth, development and generation he is related with the other ones, forming an alive, spiritual, psychological, cultural, economic, social, religious, historical, etc., connection, forming the human interwoven, more and more complex the moreover evolved it is.

 The spirituality is a combined state that feeds the biosphere and its potential is the conscience. The lively bodies are punctual manifestations of a magnitude that includes all them, that specifically for the thinking beings is denominated noosphere.

 In the past of the spiritualization from the same instant of the Big Bang, the rudiments of the conscience appeared, that it went taking form to the step from the organization when accoount that in the molecule exists with determination something more than in the atom, in the cell, more than in the molecule; in the tissue, more than in the cell; in the organ, something more than the tissue; in the animal,  something more than in the vegetable; in the social, something more than in the individual.

 The evolutionary process of the life that has its concrete instance in the genomes expressed in the DNA, is something truly unyielding to the isolated elements that emerges in each ulterior grain of combination toward a new order, it diminishes the entropy 12 , increasing the order, with maximum thermodynamic profit of the available energy, opening the way to the life.

 In the face of the growing complexity, the conscience increases until the human level as a fold on itself, showing the spiritualization like a process that it reveals a gradual and systematic step from the unconsciousness to the consciousness thing and then to the autoconsciousness as change of cosmic state, where the spirit and matter be mingled, they are oneself thing, but they are opposed. The antinomy between the conscience and the body disappears to the be oneself phenomenon.

 When crossing the humanization surface in the step from the divergence to the convergence, the human knows that he knows, contrary to the animal that only knows. It is the "homo sapiens sapiens".

 To identify us with the spiritualization is to admit its autonomous, intern, spontaneous character, coextended to the same evolution of the Earth that is unwrapped among the poles of the thought and the energy, that is identified with the cosmic change, that acts as encouraging a metamorphosis phenomenon that makes that the World spreads toward a bigger conscience, as something irreversible that extends without limits, that grows indefinitely toward a superconscience future, that like differential conscience takes to the integrative appearance of the personality.

 Everything that has ended up being reflected on itself in an unique conscience in the exteriorization process, evolves and interiorize, that it had seemed so mightily homogeneous in its entirety, becomes in fact in a petition of fragmentary consciences, concentration in mono-centrist form. The universe bends through conscientious gradients, where among more is deepened increase its intensity until arriving to the point of maxim total convergence of conscience.

 In the incredible complexity of the mechanisms that condition the evolution of the life, the conscience does not fasten neither it is recognized in itself more than in a confused way. It is the cycle of the plants and animals.

 The last phase appears in the nature in which burns the thought like important ruble in the budget of the creation. It is the personalization that has traveled a great distance starting from the organic life, very superior to the embracing between this one and the inanimate matter. The spiritual activity has entered in its superior phase integrated in the human activity.

 The spiritualization has produced a new change of cosmic state in its reducer power of the entropy, increment of the order, it is the transformation in the course of which the “matter” is inverted, fold over and over on itself, interiorized embraces the operation of the whole history of the Earth. The supreme simplicity of the spirituality produces the prodigious complexity, in which the union among people takes, in fact, to differentiate them.

 Personal union and differentiation concerns primarily with our individual destinations; the hope in the immortality like corrective in the face of the death, to discover the autonomous and different center that irradiates the past and the last focus of the future. All our difficulties dissipate there before the whole and the individual, understanding the convergent nature of the Space-time, to contain and to engender the conscience. The mystery of the death is reveled for each one, sooner or later, when the definitive emersion arrives that confronts and grants him/her seeing the divinity face to face, just as it is.

 Althuogh in human being his body is corrupted like the animal to fade the matter and return to the nature that belongs, consciousness in people emerge as an emission to soar with its load of non-transferable. So, given that the human being is energy and awareness, he may not rid never of his consciousness, which survives death.

 All addresses point out toward a single point of synthesis power and of organization, of the being's concentration, of independent nature of the Space-Time and of its conver-gence beyond the same one, beyond our consciences, is the great spiritual center of gravity with their attributes of autonomy, present time, universality and transcendence, where the supreme demands are satisfied with which the evolution is knitted.

 Compared to a computer, human life consists of conscience that is the software, and a body that is the hardware, at death the hardware disappears and the software survives. Material life continues existence in consciousness after death, but in virtual form.

 ¿Giving the spirits are the only ones who know by living experience the destiny of human beings, and if we are body and spirit, and the spirits of the dead exist, why we can’t communicate and evoke them?

 In access to the divine, spiritual activity can follow two paths; the religious and mystical. While religion separates the divine from human, mysticism, going beyond religion, aspires to an intimate union with the divine, as most vital element which transcends all religious truths and the reason, to achieve a direct experience of God, which is an intimate union with the divine.

 The Mystic path takes the sense inside of "intuition", perceiving hidden things out of the reason, receiving "divine illumination" for "the immediate sense of the unity of the one-self with God"; the subject is known as possessor of the most full and Supreme Truth. Now, the mysticism is "spirituality", which contains in its heart all religious denominations under a unique concept of the divine.

 The mysticism is then, the phenomenon by which people manage to meet what they understood as their God in a direct and particular way. Often mysticism is given through very intimate and private connections of the person with the spiritual, therefore practices and rituals officially established by different religions and churches may not be useful in each and every one of the cases.

 The challenge of the spiritualization is in reaching the super-conscience, the perspective in the horizon of future generations, for the fantastic and unavoidable event toward the which one, every day that happens, it goes us bringing near more and more to the end of life on the Earth when the luck no longer favors us more, it will be the impact of the great asteroid, the sidereal cataclysm to the being consumed by some black hole, the agony of the planet in the face of the great sun star's thermal death, or the produced paroxysm when Andromeda fuses with the Milky Way; breaking its structure and forming a single galaxy.

 ¿The only people are we? This question has been asked Ab initio of the man's history. It seems unlikely that the spirituality that accompanies to the matter in the world of the galaxies with trillions of stars and planets, in a universe with alone trillion galaxies has alone produced a single type of intelligent life that means that our universe would be an enormous lost space.

 For the new world order, the more and more speedy artificial evolution will overcome to the very slow natural evolution. The science and the technology of the macro-cosms have already found planets in diverse constellations that are assimilated ours that affords us a future very different to the current present.

 The hour arrives to elevate the anchors and to undertake the necessary voyage through the dark matter and dark energy of the Universe, to meet with intelligent beings and to populate the galaxies, so other planetary systems open us their doors and they give us their welcome, with the security and certainty contributed by the high development of the “spiritual power” of the new faith, to achieve big conscientious states that allow a good yield of the “available energy”, deceiving the time to overcome incommensurable spaces in the face of the uncertainty of an Universe in constant evolution.

11 Hominization.- Evolutionary process that it determined the appearance of human specie.
12 Entropy.- Measurement that, in thermodynamics, allows to evaluate the degradation of the energy and disorder of a system. When its value increases the disorder and the no useful energy increase and vice versa. In the alive organisms as organized systems the entropy diminishes or remains constant and its increase produces the disease or the death