Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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1. ¿What is Shamanism?  
It is a mystic and metaphysician form of liberating people of the evilness that affect them, based in the belief that the humans are not alone, but rather there is a surrounded strange world of spirits that they intervene like a light to alleviate their evils. 

2.  ¿What is the edista shamanism?
It is a dramatic spectacle about the fabulous worlds to discover and to explore, nonpareil in the world of the daily experience, to exercise its influences in the belief that it is for the edista faith like we can invoke the spirits of the ancestors so that they act as protective spirits, in the fight against the “Demon”, that it inhabits the invisible world and it has always existed and that it  believes to be the causing of the evilness that they affect the humanity.

3. ¿How does the edista shamanism?
The universe is not dead, it is dynamic, it is populated of supranatural and mysterious forces, outside of the normal bed in that the man's life flows and of the group. These forces fight some against other and they can be added, to increase or to diminish and they can well or bad influence in the humans. To capture those dark forces and to conjure them, to manipulate them, to dominate them and to put them to the service or the men's ruin constitutes the edista shamanic world, and there resides its secret and power that it is different and superior to the simply human ones. The cult to the ancestors constitutes the foundation of this system of control of those mysterious forces that is expressed by roads of direct communication with the spirits of the dead bodies; therefore, it is indispensable the mediumnity or spiritual possession. 

4. ¿What is the edista faith? 
It is the faith in the Fundamental Principles of the Edismo and in the power of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods, for the handling of the hidden forces of the nature of divine origin.

5. ¿What is a edista shaman? 
He/she is the person that possesses certain innate or acquired qualities to make of “medium”, and to be able to achieve the “ecstasy” state required to invoke to the spirits of the ancestors and to transform them into protective spirits, for the benefit of people, to favour the life, the health and to cure the illnesses. 

6. ¿Which is the mechanism that performs the edista shaman'? 
First acting with edista faith invokes to the spirit to incorporate it and to make that it possesses him/her, then he/she possesses, dominates, and transforms it into protective spirit and then he/she comes undone of it.  

7. ¿Who the protective spirits are? 
They are the spirits of the ancestors that the edista shaman chooses that it can be one or more than those that were its relatives, acquaintances or historical characters of any time. 

8.  ¿What does it happen during the Shamanic Edista Ceremony?     
That in the “paradise’s nostalgia” the mystic death happens to be able to establish the relationship with the spirits of the ancestors. It is the ritual death of the edista shaman followed by their resurrection, that it means that the sick persons are healthy and the problems of the participants are solved. 

9. ¿What it is the call “paradise’s nostalgia?”
It is the entrance of the edista shaman together with the participants in the world of the spirits to reach the “internal light”

10. ¿What is the internal light? 
In the mythological conception of the people of the antiquity, the man's heart was moved to the setting of the sun and he had necessary died, that which full his life of kind of a blended withdrawal of fear, when the shades of the night came closer and in the solitude his thought went to the powers of the mighty, then one went to the spirits of their ancestors to find protection receiving from them the interior light that caused the anxiety to live again and to resuscitate amid the darkness when of the east the dawn was received that announced the arrival of the sun star, whose exit was the revelation of the nature that wakes up in the human spirit that feeling of dependence, of impotence, of hope, of happiness and faith in superior powers that is the source of all wisdom and the origin of all religion. 

11. ¿What is recommended to receive the internal light? 
To remember and to honour the primitive man's history that he lived with great intensity the magic of the spirits in his intimacy with the nature, carrying out the shamanic ceremony as much as possible the weekends and during the night, prolonging it until the dawn while waiting for the exit of the sun.  

12.  ¿What conditions should a candidate complete to be edista shaman??  
First. The candidate should deposit her faith in the Edista Theology, and that gives the power and the wisdom to act on the spirits.   
Second. The candidate should feel an interior and supernatural call for Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods that give him the certainty and conviction that he has been chosen and like a responsibility with himself, he should be made himself a previous autoexamen and self-criticism that it demonstrates him that he possesses the vocation, the psychic features and the willpower to try with the spirits like a sacrifice for the well-being of the other ones. 
Third. The candidate should promise before the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods to complete responsible and sacredly with the duties that the being edista shaman implies, so that it is allowed him to revive an inaccessible state to the rest of the humanity to disable the Demon in defence of the integrity of his community.  
Fourth. The candidate like edista shaman acquire a “spiritual teacher's” characteristics, and  investiture", therefore the biggest teaching that he can give is the example of his life.

13. ¿Which are the edista shamanic symbols? 
They are those that are in the image of the cover of the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius, that it covers: The Sigma sacred symbol: (Σ) , that it represents Edas Dei (Edas God); god of the gods and father of all them, the symbols of the sapient religions of East and biblical and prophetic of West, located to each side of the world that represents the gods of all the religions that form the Edista Panorama of the Gods, the white human figure that represents the Protective Spirit that has been invoked, the Pyramid of the induced Human Energies that they are those that produce the beneficent effect during the shamanic ceremony.   
Concretely the edista shamanic symbols are involved in the Edista Trinity, formed by Edas Dei, the Gods of the Edista Pantheon and the Protective Spirit, that it generates the edista shamanic energy, that it is the physical form for which the healer power is achieved.  

14. ¿To how many sections should a person attend to obtain the benefits of the Edista Shamanism? 
It depends on the Demon and of the capacity and strength that the Edista Shaman has  to disable it, of the faith that the person deposits in the shamanic act, of the illness kind that it is suffered and of the magnitude of the necessities of each one. 

15. ¿Is it also treated the edista shaman of his illnesses? 
Many people become shamans in fact to be treated of serious illnesses and to alleviate big necessities? 

16. ¿How is it carried out the shamanic edista states
It is carried out in four states: 

State Not. 1. - In this initial state called passive pre-ecstatic, the shaman dressed with white tunic kindles a blaze so that the fire mystically causes the coming of the spirits and he plays the drum to call to the spirits and he gets ready for the trance making movements in an odd form and speaking a “language that is considered secret”, that they are the words characteristic of the edista shaman, imitating the language of the animals, that they are as screams of the animals and song of the birds, for the which one expressed its beliefs and feelings to the attendees with its words and pantomime, waking up their interest and curiosity in the face of the esoteric ceremony and he prepares them to “open them”

State Not. 2. - It is the called active pre-ecstatic that is very dynamic for the edista shaman, that it is expressed in dramatic form with songs, dances, movements and pantomime, accompanied by prayers, commendations, poetries and other lyrical expressions, so that the gods allow that the spirits assist the call and become present and the edista shaman assumes his role of “medium”, to be possessed by the invoked spirit. For the participants on the contrary is a passive state of “not making anything”. Under this state the edista shaman acting on the participants “opens them” so that the positive reincarnation takes place.
The ritual altaico begins; the Edista Shaman receives the “Khan” name, name of  “power and symbolic head", and for the arrival of the spirit he is accompanied for the “tamborilero”, that he is the person that receives the order that his spirit leaves to receive and to accompany the visitor spirit, accompanied by the fire, shaking the hands, singing and playing the drum. Then it is the moment in that the Edista Shaman pronounces and repeats the secret and code words: “bash-tut-Khan-kiski”. 

State Not. 3. -it is the called ecstatic; the participants feel the energetic stimulus of the edista shaman that enters in trance. It is in which symbolically everything seems possible, the deads return to the life and the alive ones die to resuscitate, it is that is called the “positive reincarnation” that it is not the oriental classic reincarnation, but it is a to be born again to the life that takes to be discovered likewise, to be illuminated. Starting from this moment the edista shaman is medium and the invoked spirit takes possession of him, it penetrates him so that he enters in a trip of which returns invested with a knowledge and power that it allows him to disable the Demon and to produce the energy effect of healing and relief of the participants' afflictions and pains. 
It is the moment of more spiritual and energetic intensity, the edista shaman before the fire of the blaze he sanctifies the water and with the branches of a tree humidified in that water rosies to the assistants and with the same branches he plays their heads and for the sick participants it whips with those branches the persons´ corporal sick parts reciting and singing words considered magic to the rhythm of the drum and accompanied by mimic and ritual movements. In all the participants it should have an increase of their available energy so that the shamanic act has effect.  
Again the Edista Shaman pronounces the secret and code words: bash-tut-Khan-kiski, then the participants feel them as fire to interpret them in their meaning, saying and singing to the rhythm of the drum:“There are peace, harmony and serenity, I am magnetic, all my being is vibrant, I irradiate forces, the forces of the protective spirit saturate all my being, all the cells of my body are healthy and vigorous, my body is strong and healthy, my mind controls my body, my body it is healthy because my mind has been purified, all my body is controlled by my mind, the protective spirit by means of the fire has vivified me, from now on my mind believes my destination and only the good forces arrive to me, the bad forces are dissolved before reaching me, missed motivations and perverse forces do not affect me, my will has become   stronger, more and more, I command the forces that surround me, my mind is all power, all my being is useful energy, I am truthful before Edas Dei (Edas God): the god of the gods.”

State Not. 4. It is the state called post-ecstatic, during which the participants meditate, they relax, they enter in a state of rest, they begin a new life as a result of the positive reincarnation, their available energy has increase in power and it is their responsibility how they will spend it. Finally arrival the dawn the Edista Shaman carries out the act of detachment of the invoked spirit. With the edista faith that characterizes him, he “closes” the participants and he recommends them to keep three days of retirement, to complete the benefit and cure and as prevention to eliminate vestiges of the ceremonial that can annoy them.

17.  ¿Can it have each person's direct communication with the spirits of their ancestors?
It is work of the Edista Shaman to select who fills the conditions to make and to be of “medium”, that he/she is the person that serves as intermedium one in the communication with the spirits, to supply so special and mysterious service to people that want and need communicates with their ancestors for different ends. In this act one has entered in the characteristic world of the “spiritism”, where active and reactive hidden forces act in the medium” generate the energy in order to the spirit of the medium can unfold to make the effective communication.

18. ¿In an shamanic act what prayers or songs should be made? 
The shamanism is an universal and historical phenomenon that has been accompanied by the literary creation, of the rhythms of the lyrical poetry, of the poetic creation as act of perfect spiritual freedom, that it makes that in the shamanism all poetic language begins being a secret language, that it is to say, the creation of a personal universe and a perfectly closed world.

1.9 ¿What prayers, supplications, songs should accompany to the edista shamanic act? 
During the pre-ecstatic, ecstatic and post-ecstatic states, they should be made all the related with the edista faith, that it is the main cause of the wanted shamanic effect. 

20. ¿To what risks is exposed the edista shaman
Taking ecstatic trips during the trance unknown worlds is run and for that reason the death turns out to be something family and the world of the dead ones becomes knowable. The edista shaman is a person that is very near the death and for that reason he can arrive until the superhuman beings, he knows the death because every time that he enters in trance he dies mystically and also for the same nature of the trance itself he can die physically. 

21. ¿What value do the participants pay for each section of the Edista Shamanism
The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is an organization without spirit of lucre, for this reason we advise not to ask money to the participants for the offered spiritual service, because this demerits the shamanic work. Something different is the offerings that the participants voluntarily want to give. 

 ¡That the divine illumination arrives to all edista shamans and sanctify their lives, so that with their sacrifice they fight against the evilness of the world of the darkness that whip the humanity!