Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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To feel alone is to feel the interiority and it is to be identified with the Divine Message, as the own one me.

To be perceived alone is to take conscience that, as yourself, there is not neither there will be another in the world, only yourself and only once. It is your own mystery. It is something without exception, ineffable, singular.

To take full possession of the Divine Message for work of your freedom, and to make the firm decision personal, and alone, like it takes the big decisions, like it is suffered alone, like it dies alone, of making of the Divine Message integral part of your life, it is to have the sensation that your being's dissociation will stop, that in any moment of your life you will be a finished being, but a being to be made, because your existence will have found unit and great meaning.

For the Edista Cult you will arrive to have the vision of the world that he/she believes in the existence of hidden and latent forces that they come from the divine thing and that they exercise their influence in your life. The performance of the hidden forces of the nature is obtained imitating to the gods, following their teachings, being looked like them, remembering that we are not alone, but rather we are accompanied by beings of the invisible world that if we are spirit and body and of the dead bodies their spirits exist; ¿why we cannot invoke them to obtain their protection and to obtain the balance of the active and reactive forces  that it manifests as the energy that governs our life, since they are the only ones that know for lived experience the human  being's last destination?  

Then with the great power of the Edista Cult, your cone of perception will have increased and you will arrive beyond the illusion, you will perceive the reality in all its nakedness. You will be a healthy man that will maintain the natural balance of the energy of your ethereal body, and you will advance peacefully and imperturbable toward the encounter with the further on.

In your decisive moments, like in the agony; in that voyage you will perceive the transcendence of the Divine Message vividly, and in that unfortunate hour in that the affections and the words will not pass of your skin and of your eardrum, in this last resort, there where you are yourself and different to all in that you leave totally solitary although the comforts, the words or presence do not arrive until there and everything is in your person's periphery, in your last and definitive depth, you will take the hope, serenity and satisfaction originated by the Divine Message, you will take the hope and serenity of being received satisfactorily by the beings that wait for you further on in your last habitation of further on.

Then it is as if says: you don't worry because I leave and although none of you can come with me, because it is the decisive hour of solitude and silence in which I arrive to the deep convergence of the solemn encounter with the true divine being: Edas Dei, I take with me the protection of the mark Sigma (Σ) and of the being “edista”, with that which I enter glorious in the mysterious region of the divine thing.