Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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This is the Divine Message that has its origin in the same God, that for the Era of Aquarius God said:

 I am the absolute unique principle and there is not name for the essence and same activity of my spiritual being and alone it there is for my existence by my only action that created and ordered the world.

 The context of the Divine Message is the book Divine illumination in the Age of Aquarius of Emmanuel; that means God with us.

 So the origin of Geometry is the "point"; the cause of the edismo is also the Divine Message.


Edista Spirituality is the community of the faithful people called “edistas”, who believe, and have their faith in Edas Dei   and practice the Edista Cult.

Edista Cult is the Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods”, formed by Edas Dei and the gods of each and every one of the religions in the world.

Edista Spirituality is based in the Divine Message contents  in the book Divine illumination in the Age of Aquarius, which gives rise to the “edismo”, which is the doctrine that proclaims tHe equality of all religions and the faithful people accepting to Edas Dei as a common idea of God valid for all religions.

Edas Dei is the Supreme God, the god of gods, the Eternal Father of the gods of all religions.

The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is the spiritual union of all religions in a spiritual  organization , based in the Doctrine of the Edismo, whose  dogmas, ethics and cult formed the Edista Spirituality.


Before the homogenization, and generalization of the cultural identity of the diverse people at the present time toward a common culture, the Edismo is presented with the vision of being in the new social-cultural scene the developing process of the change that the humanity needs, to take advantage with success the opportunities, and to confront with value the challenges of the post-modernity.


The mission of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is to achieve the spiritual union of all religions in a spiritual organization with base in the edismo doctrine and the daily practice in the whole world of the Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods.


The human being is governed by the dharma; that is the precept to complete, for the karma; that is the law of cause and effect, and for which our acts follow us and for the desire of reaching the nirvana that is the state of happiness in this life, and in the eternal of the further on.

 The dharma of the edista ethics is based on the principle of doing good things, of personal autonomy, and of justice for the human improvement, that is related morally with the domain that the spiritual power of our conscience exercises on our active, and reactive forces, that determine our behavior through the our available energy, that is divided in useful energy and degraded energy. Goodness is all that allows the maximum use of the available energy and evilness is all that opposes to it.


The Universal Religious Congregation C.R.U.) follows a coherent behavior, so that the edismo arrives to all the places of the earth and consolidates in all the religious spaces conquered by the edista militancy in the fight for the popular cause of the Edista Thought that is the ideology of a spirituality based in the new knowledge of God namely Edas Dei , in the Theological Revolution taken place by the Divine Message, and in the Movement of Spiritual Liberation, that is a process of spiritual renovation and religious reeducation for the construction of a New World Order and a new man and woman, for a new humanity that inexorably should progress toward a new life of peace and prosperity in the New Era.


FIRST. - Respect and learn the teachings of all the religions, because all them belong spirituality to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) as spiritulity, because all their gods are one alone: Edas Dei.

 SECOND. – No make considerations about the truth or falsehood of the gods and of their religions, because all the gods belong to the Edista Pantheon of Gods and all the religions are part of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.)

 THIRD. - No make criticisms to any religious minister for the spiritual manifestation of their religious beliefs, because all their religious teachings conform the edista spiritual wisdom: edista sapiens.

FOURTH. – No participation in any theological, religious, philosophical or epistemological consideration, debate, discussion, argument, polemic or contraversy about the religious fact, because up to now nobody has solved the conflict between reason and faith.

 FIFTH. – The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) does not participate in any form of discrimination between men and women. There is equality of rights, recognition and opportunities for religious participation between men and women.  

 SIXTH. - The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is a spiritual organization non-profit, which gets its sustenance of human generosity, offerings and voluntary donations and human charity and tithes.

opus edas dei