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The inherited beliefs of expiring Era of Pisces begin to be shown weak to maintain the order of in the past, that which becomes worse in the measure in that the doubt is prolonged, the distrust is accentuated and the search of that something new and good becomes deep and demanding. Then for the enigmatic and surprising era of spiritual illumination of Aquarius, so near to us that it means the beginning of an end that should change the world in a radical way at the beginning the new millennium, then it has been consigned in the present document the prophetic Divine Message on the divine knowledge, as service to the humanity, which represents a new paradigm in the relationships between the Absolute Being and the intelligent beings of the Universe.

 In the Puranas, sacred texts of the India, it is announced that a spiritual messenger will arrive to the world when the one that will be the last cycle, called Kali Yuga, ending up, and according to the Buddhist philosophy, one of the Buddies of the meditation was the mystic Amoghasiddha that reigns in the heavens and that it will never descend to the earth, but it will be embodied in the figure of Maitreya, one of the five human Buddies. This celestial messenger's arrival will take place in a term that will be completed when beginning the new millennium, and when this moment arrives and the evilness reigns in the world, Maitreya will appear to establish the law and the order and yhen it will happen the end of the world . ¿Does it mean that the life will extinguish in the earth and everything will be destroyed as it is said in the predictions on the end of the world of San Juan's Revelation? ¿Or rather it is meant that dramatic end refers to the modus vivendi of the human beings that will be substituted by a new religion and new customs that will coincide with the step of the Era from Pisces to the following one, that of Aquarius?

 ¿Will it be the new spirituality that is introduced to the world like a prophecy, the one that will be more in agreement with the challenge that presents the dilemma of if we are or we are not the only thinking beings in the world of millions of millions of metagalaxias spread by the immensity of the Universe?

 The new present religious confession in this document is informed as the discipline that provides the bases to locate the person beside the spiritual world, creating a new mental outline based in a faith of more rational and cognitive content, inside a more perfect intellectual order.

 Its practice is made as a commitment of using the new mental outline to reach a higher and more functional conscience that favors the spiritual liberation for the free thought in order to the personal and direct knowledge of the divineness, overcoming limits and allowing the integral development, so that each person can create his/her own reality through his/her daily life.

 The Divine Message, only being faithful to itself establishes the Supreme Being's new relationship with the human bein teaches us that the essence and divine action in itself are impossible to know, intrinsic action denominated Sigma Activity.
 According to the connotation of the Divine Message, the Absolute Being is Edas Dei: Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity (Edas Dei: Spiritus Divinus Actionis Sigma).

 Formerly the theological foundation of the Message settles down and then a Cosmovision is made that shows the genesis and evolution of the universe and the man, and equally to understand the main conceptions of the deities that historically have conditioned the different religions and to pick up of their its more valuable elements, a journey is made by the Panorama of the Big Religions, starting of the religious beliefs of the India; cradle of all the religions, traveling throw the oriental religions and the biblical ones and other enigmatic forms and of current interest; as the Satanism and Voodoo, so that each person not focuses them from the point of view of the faith, neither of the exegesis, but of the critical reflection that overcomes the ignorance, the fanaticism, the partiality, and the personal interest, that which allows a religious pluralism similar the produced one in the Japan with the Sintoism2 and its coalition with the other religious currents that arrived, being this way demonstrated the capacity of assimilation like one of the most fundamental, edifying, and admirable characteristics that this people has.
 When considering the Philosophical Anthropology that shows the mythical foundation of the traditional religious thought, it takes place a critical analysis of the divine image, that allows with base in the Message, to establish the New Paradigm to the Supreme Being. 
 Also the Edista Thought is constructed, which is of “sapience, and philosophic character”, no prophetic nor mystic, agreed with the centrism, pluralism, relativism, and globalization of the postmodernity, that it is distinguished by to be one rational, coherent, rigorous, and universal seeking of the divinity, like unifying element before the particularity and diversity of the transcendent.

As a new principle the ethical conception is related to the improvement of human energies and finally it is made the proposal of the “edismo”, as the systematic doctrine about the divinity for the formation of the Suprareligión, that is the religious syncretism plus religious eclecticism through the Teocentrism and of Religious Pluralism like hope to obtain the peace in the world, in communion with the integral, unique, and free cult of God, like a complex act of wisdom.

 The study of the present written by its own content implies a commitment by oneself, with the life, with the primordial mission of serving at every moment as guide, and as a company in the hour of the death for the necessary initiation in the life of the further on.

 To each and every one of the readers of this writing, we invite them to take communion with the Divine Message like an intimate and honest desire of beginning a new spiritual life and of free thought, to give a noble and big meaning to the existence. The free participation, collaboration, and solidarity will be of mutual utility to take the great and worthy task ahead of achieving an irreversible process of spiritual liberation, to wake up to the human being of that deep millennial dream in that he has been sunk and he can transform his life, finding a more authentic faith that allows him to carry out his human promotion and to find the true saving formula.

 To the hands of which this spiritual guide arrives is blessed, because he is call to be an elect of this fundamental project of life and of spiritual liberation that it will endow him with firm ideas that guided himself and the other ones, then his respect and charisma will sprout as spring of a source.

 Each possessor and sincere studious of this book, he is call to be apostle in power invited to the pilgrimage toward the Cades Barne3 , to find the truth, to purify the conscience, to receive the divine grace of the Message, and to find the path of the glory in the further on.

 Meditate with clear and free thought the content of this document and make it own. Then your life will have a great meaning and will change its value and power forever.
 Diffuse and teach the Divine Message to all the humans, so that the truth illuminates the mind and the hope springs up anew in all hearts.

 Then, you would have completed your Message’s mission in the Earth, even at the expense of your lives, will happen what should be happening; the enterprising struggle with requirement of the sacrifice of your lives will wake up forces that wish to stand up, to shake off the yoke that has hold them imprisoning in the millenary dream lethargy during the Pisces era. Now waits inexorably for you the infinite bonus in the Almighty’s bosom of the further on.

 Be this the chosen sidereal time of the Era of Aquarius so that the Divine Message completes its mission in all universes.

2 Sintoism.-  Original and national religion of Japan. At its moment dominated the Confucianism and after the Buddhism. The Amaterusa goddess; personification of the Sun, dominates the sintoism pantheon. 
3 Cades Barne.- Cades dessert´s oasis choosing by Yahve lord at Moses’ arriving from Egypt to give the Canaan Country to Jews