Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The Era of Aquarius demands an ablution of the traditional divine images, and the Divine Message of transcendental character printing these pages is dedicated to complete that mission. This New Era implies a new world order, a new universal religion that reconciles all the beliefs like a new cosmic harmony, a respectful attitude in the face of the nature and the life, an expansion of a new functional conscience, a new mental outline, a new ideology based on an evolutionary and dialectical metaphysics that overcomes the Jewish-Christian humanism, a bigger domain of itself through the supernatural power, of the psychological order and of the knowledge of the human energy field, a conceptual participation of the divinity in the human being and a respect of one-self, an union between science and religion, a communication through the spirit, a natural identification for the astral body, a concept of the world like an everything, an equation for the own knowledge, a master of by itself as new hero, in short, all the knowledge so that the man leaves his terrestrial incloistering and extend for the universe, inspired by a new more solid faith, becoming this way a cosmic man.

 Let us endeavour ourselves with the Message and let us already begin this adventure, as a commitment with one’s self and with the life, as saving formula, as human promotion, as the company for the hour of the death, to recover the lost things and to unite to the adventurers of the new faith; witness of the divine thing, and to all those that yearn to advance, sea inside, in the unfathomable mystery of the scatological future. [1]

[1] Eschatology.- Ensemble of doctrines and believes relating to the last period of the world and  of every person in his post-mortem existence