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Preaching of The Edista Fundamental Theology

The edista preaching is the theological and religious speech based on the content of the book Divine Illumination in the Aquarius Era (IDEA)that contains the Divine Message that originates the new knowledge of the divinity in the figure and image of Edas Dei (Edas God).

The edista preaching is of Kerugmatik character, in the sense of being a preaching of the faith by the light of the good one new of the existence of Edas Dei, god of gods and eternal father of all the gods.

The faith in the edismo is born of the preaching of the Edista Fundamental Theology, that it teaches us the truth of god and the cult that we should surrender him.

The Edista Fundamental Theologyis based on the Fundamental Principles of the Edismo that is a commandment of God to form people in the edismo, so that they live it in all the aspects of the human, family, professional and social life.

It is necessary to interpret the Fundamental Principles of the Edismo; calls also Foundations, genuinely for their preaching. They should be heard with pity, to keep them with accuracy and to expose them with fidelity.

As help for their interpretation everybody should know and study the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius and that the called Word of God should be understood in scientific sense, that it corresponds to the laws that God imposed in the nature and that if it refers to the ones produced for divine inspiration, there are so many words of God as many religions there are and in that sense the edismo, to covers all them, is the true Word of God.

The Divine Message should be interpreted as the “initiative of God” and the “human answer” to it is the edismo that should be preached in all instant and place of the world.

A communication form between God and the human being; man and woman, is by means of the human word of the edista preaching, to arrive to the Cult to Edista Pantheon Of Gods that is the true encounter with God in the Heyoan temple. 

In the edista preaching it should have a conjunction between the theological and missionary aspect in the edista preaching making mention to the importance of the scale of values.

The edista preaching should differ of the other preachings in not being an enumeration of mysterious and confused dogmas, of debatable moral precepts, accompanied by big beyond of grave promises that have lost validity and that they impose duties that make unhappy to its faithful ones, because they hinder its freedom thought and because historically it has been a helping factor in the domain and exploitation of the people generating violence and wars.

The edista preaching should stand out its theology, since the traditional religious preaching has been conceived as a vulgarization of the theological treaties.

The edista preaching contrary to the Jewish Christian preaching, it should not be abstract and unreal, neither frustrating and not very genuine, neither predominantly moralist that harms the human condition.

The preacher with his word should penetrate the human nature that listens to him, but no with a theology that traditionally has been built with complicated abstract and confused concepts, but rather on the contrary it should understand,  to defend, and to systematize the theology that presents the “edismo” without mysteries, that is a general and universal, popular and democratic theology, so that the people know who is real and truly God.

For the edista preaching the Edista Thought should arrive to everybody, as the popular cause for the religious reeducation and the spiritual liberation of the people, to gather all the spiritualities in a single integral creed, to carry out the theological revolution, so that the administration of the sacred thing is an inclusion process and not of exclusion, so that the exploitation of the hierofaniais a right of all the religious confessions and not that of a single confessional regime, that there is the religious opening that so much the humanity needs in the era of globalization.