God will gratify you in this life and in that of the further on distributing and teaching the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius” in your community without animus lucrandi. Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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"The divine existence of God is the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei (Edas God), symbolized by the Greek letter Sigma (Σ), that it is the true image of God; the Superior God, God of gods and Eternal Father of the gods of all religions in the world.  Reason why in all the religious books sacredly it is hidden the name of Edas Dei (Edas God), although we don't see it. For that reason we can make his praise in anyone of the sacred books of all and each one of the religions in the world, making allusion to Edas Dei (Edas God) where the name of each god appears. This way, in the Bible the commendation to Edas Dei (Edas God) is made replacing the name of his son Jesus or Yahweh or Jehovah God or the Lord, for that of Edas Dei (Edas God)".

1. - ¿Which is the opportunity we offer you? 

That you carry out that settled down in this Guide of the Edista Prayer and you will receive a spiritual and material benefit. 

2. - ¿What is the Guide of the Edista Prayer?

It is the methodology to continue to carry out the practice of the “edista meditation and prayer”. 

3. - ¿How is it carried out the practice of the “meditation, and edista prayer”? 

It is carried out forming, participating and managing “Groups of Edista Prayer”, to obtain a great spiritual power and to receive an economic benefit for the granting of this spiritual service that is the opportunity that offers the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), as suprareligios organization without spirit of lucre.  

4. How is the divine protection obtained?

The divine protection is obtained by the meditation with the mantras that are words , prayers, sentences, psalms, hymns and songs of invocation to carry out the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods and carrying the mark of the Sacred Sigma symbol: (Σ),  to receive spiritual power of the gods of all the religions that are the representation of one alone: Edas Dei (Edas God). 

5. - ¿What are the Groups of Edista Prayer? 

They are the groupsmoved and directedby the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity; Edas Dei (Edas God), like an intimate and secret force of spiritual renovation, for the personal sanctity of its members, through the “Edista Prayer”, as divine grace that produces fruits of new life in you and in the brethren of your community. 

The prayer group is as a car that requires a motor and a motorist. The motor makes that it moves, it takes it forward, it gives impulse and energy; it is the edista prayer, the motorist directs the car, he is Edas Dei (Edas God); that he directs, that he prints it the guessed right direction.

6. - ¿Who is Edas Dei (Edas God)? 

Edas Dei (Edas God) is and it means the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity; Edas Dei (Edas God)?, he is the Superior God and Eternal Father of the gods of all and each one of the religions and sects in the world. 

7. - How can we learn more aboutEdas Dei (Edas God)? 

Consulting the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius, that if we study it and we meditate on their content, we will acquire great wisdom; theedista sapience. Each one of their chapters one can discharge of the present web page. 

8.- ¿Which is the ethics to follow that it comes off of the edista sapience?

It is a very simple ethics, to remember that we are subjected to the dharma, to the karma and the nirvana; that we should fulfilled the dhrama, that are the precepts of the edista doctrine, just as “the compassion for the neighbour”, for the maximum supply of our energy to be successful and happiness in this life, that the karma, is the law of cause to effect, that is to say that our acts follow us, and the edista nirvana is the paradise that it waits for us in the further on in if we complete the dharma and we overcome the karma. 

9. - What is the Edista Prayer? 

It is prayer and meditation characteristic of the Suprareligión, for the adoration and praise to EDAS, jointly with the adoration and adoration and commendation to the gods of the different religions, everything like a single great prayer. 

10. - ¿Which are the three premises in that it is based the methodology for the edista prayer?

FIRST. - In the Suprareligión exists the “free, integral and only cult to God”", consistent in that each one should practice freely the cult to God like Edas Dei (Edas God), jointly with the cult to the gods of each religion, everything as a single cult to God. Reason why the cults and rites of all the religions and sects are implied one with other, to each other, through the cult to Edas Dei (Edas God), and at the same time the cult to the god of any religion is a cult to Edas Dei (Edas God).  

SECOND. - In the Suprareligión it does not made any type of considerations about the truth or falsehood of the gods of each religion. 

THIRD. - In the Suprareligión the spiritual attitude extends to the world of the further on of our ancestors, invoking them, because they that have left this world are the only ones that know for lived experience the human being last destination. ¿ If we are body and spirit and of deaths exist their spirits, why we cannot invoke them to obtain their protection? Therefore that each one invokes the ancestors that it considers worthy of being their protective spirits.  

11. - ¿What book can we consult for a bigger reflection on these premises?

The book: Edista Cult that it gives you formation, training and practice and it is in the present page web where you can discharge it. 

12. - ¿What is it the minimum thing that it should know and what material should possess any person that wants to begin the Chain of Edista Prayer?

In the first place you should acquire and to appropriate of the wisdom contained in the documents called: Edista Fundamental Theology, that you should discharge it and to take out five (5) photocopies of this document, because you will need them to begin the prayer chain. 

13. - ¿In the practice how is perform the right methodology to carry out the practice of the “edista meditation and prayer”?

The one that makes prayer of adoration and commendation and he/she prays to the god of a religion, he/she is also making to Edas Dei (Edas God), and the one that makes the prayer to Edas Dei (Edas God), he/she is making to the gods of all the religions. Therefore in the Groups of Edista Prayer rises with the whole heart four prayers of devotion and commendation to Edas Dei (Edas God), called “primary prayers”  and each one contributes the prayers that to well he/she has of each one of the religions called “secondary prayers”, that which makes that the Suprareligión is fortified, be ecumenical and universal. 

14. - What to make concretely to take advantage of this opportunity that offers us the Universal Religious Confederation to begin the prayer chain? 

Very simple, it is formed a group of edista prayer starting from a mother cell forms by an instructor and five apprentices who during a period of minimum time of one week with daily meetings of minimum two hours each one, applying the techniques of the dynamics of groups as much as possible. Later on each apprentice is constituted in a new instructor and each one forms a new cell with five new apprentices, which become new instructors that formed new cells, and the process repeats this way again successively.

For the second week, the first instructor forms a second mother cell with new apprentices and the process repeats again as the first week. Then equally he/she makes it in the third week and so forth. Equally all the instructors should repeat the same process every week in continuous form as multiplier effect. 

15. - ¿Who can the apprentices be?

They can be any person; your relatives, friends and the friends of your friends, the people of your community, study or work partners, people of the schools and universities, intellectual groups, popular groups, people in the hospitals and jails, well-known people that you can know through the communication media, by letters, warnings in the press, in magazines, telephone, radio, television, Internet, etc., with meetings face to face, at distance, virtual, type of video confers, etc.
16.- ¿What minimum material should be have each one of the apprentices? 

To all apprentices of prayer group for their minimum formation, training and practice should be advised that they consult the present web page, so that they discharge the document Edista Fundamental Theology. The instructor also can and should give copy from these documents to the apprentices.  

17. - How to consider the Groups of Edista Prayer in the mercantilist society in that we live where all is related with a purchase and sale market of goods and services? 

The Groups of Prayer constitute a work position for the spiritual service, an employment of spiritual direction and a means of subsistence for the offerings or tithes received by the spiritual exertion. 

18. - ¿Besides the spiritual exertion, which is the stimulus of economic order to participate in the groups of edista prayer?

In each cell, rigorously all apprentice should necessarily make a charitable action in each meeting, giving an offering or tithe to the instructor as a stimulus for his/her spiritual work, that which assigns a motive and a dynamics for the stability of the prayer groups.

19. - What other actions as means of subsistence can carry out the members of the Groups of Edista Prayer

Any member of the group can “make funeral edista prayer” in the funeral houses, in the solemnization of burials, in the cemeteries, receiving a tithe or voluntary offering for this service. Equally it can make the prayer service, meditation and ecstasy to invoke the spirits of the ancestors that the mourners require. It can also visit the hospitals and clinics to elevate healing prayers and help and consolation prayers in the jails. 

20. - ¿How to be able to increase the productivity of the Groups of Edista Prayer
The instructor(a) can organize two or more Groups of Edista Prayer a week, depending on his/her capacity of leadership and available time.

21. - How is the dynamics of the Groups of Edista Prayer?

The Groups of Edista Prayer set up their own organization, they are autonomous, self-sufficient, independent and their dynamics is the same as one of any prayer group; called Buddhist, Christian, charismatic, Islamic, Hinduism, Taoist, shintoist groups of prayer, etc, or like it is wanted to call, in that are presented elements of spiritual renovation, as the spontaneous adoration and commendation, with individual and community participation, using commendation songs, reasoning, meditating, practicing ecstasy shamanic, meetings with participation of a spiritualistic medium, etc., and all related with the ritual and ceremonial of the hierofania; that is to say of all that is considered sacred in the world.

22. - ¿What is it expected from all apprentice like guarantee of their fitness

It is expected the solemn promise of fidelity and loyalty to the Universal Religious Congregation, so that once finished the instruction process, the apprentice becomes “edista” that is the person that practices and it deposits its faith in the principles, beliefs, values and cult of the Suprareligión, that it teaches to the other ones with the example of its life that it is characterized by the coherence among the thought, word and action for the execution of the fundamental ethical principles; of “making the well, of personal autonomy and of justice for the human improvement”. 

23. - ¿What requirement is it demanded by the economic benefits obtained through the Groups of Edista Prayer?

The Universal Religious Congregetion(C.R.U.), does not demand any requirement for the economic benefits obtained by the Groups of Prayer. However, as collaboration we appreciate any donation that voluntarily wants to make us.

We thank you the tithe that you want to give us to have the economic resources that allow to carry out the mission of the Work of God of our suprareligious organization to build the new order; the new man and new woman, to bring the world peace y prosperity and happiness to the humanity in the New Era. Lean on sending their contribution to:

Name: Congregación Religiosa Universal (C.R.U.)
In Colombia:
From any part of the world:
WESTERN UNION – Pereira Colombia.
Inform us of your sending to the address:
E-mail: crus@edismo.com 


1.- ¿ What are the Primary Prayers? 

It is said that: “The few and brief prayers go direct to the heaven”. therefore the Primary Prayers are single four fundamental prayers that are carried out in four stages

2. - Which is the First Stage?

Of “Emancipation”. It is that of the exercise from the right to the  “free thought” that you have to know the document Foundations, to it allow you  to reasoning and meditate on the Edista Fundamental Theology, that they are a command of God, in which you should put all your interest to receive the grace and the power of the “divine enlightenment” that they give you edista wisdom and they protect you of the Demon that causes all the bad things. 

This is the prayer for the Emancipation


In the center of the world and each one of us a sacred place called Heyoan exists, that is the temple to which we resort to the encounter with the Gods that descend from the heaven to hear our supplications. There in a sacred time we extend to the origin of the world like creation act, to receive from the Gods their teachings and the divineenlightenment
Gods are only different faces from same divinity, that reveals the secret of the treatment of all our evils, when considering that a Demon exists that causes them and that it goes away when we elevated our prayer of faith to that divinity and we sacrificed ourselves dying to extend to the time of the creation, to appear again to a life already purified and heals again. 
If we gave in personal form with faith and devotion to that same divinity venerating it and our prayers satisfy the Gods of the different religious beliefs, we will receive the divine enlightenment, which it means the spiritual power  that allow to develop us the mysterious gifts of the nature and the latent forces that there is in each one of us, giving answer to our anguishes, preoccupations and necessities, satisfaction to our desire of belonging and sense of the life, accomplishment of our project of life, experience of states of conscience for the maximum advantage of our energies that determine the luck of each one, the success in the life and the eternal salvation in further on.

2. - Which is the Second Stage? 

Of “Assimilation.” It is the impact that in your life and in your mind it should produce the incorporation of the knowledge of hierofanía, numen and numina, contents in the document to carry out the “Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods” that give you the spiritual power and divine protection, as the feeling recorded in your heart so that formally you carry out the act of assertion of “your faith, adoration and personal putting into the hands of Edas Dei (Edas God)”, with this prayer: 


I believe that no human being can know the divine nature and the action emanated of his essence denominated Sigma Activity that indicates the infinite adding of the properties and omnipotence of God. I believe in the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei (Edas God by the creation and existing order in the World, like the Unique True God and only hope of salvation. I believe in the supernatural power of the spiritual power that Edas Dei (Edas God) provides to each one of us to give foundation and security to the own existence, to take the maximum advantage of our available eneedargy, that when splits itself in useful energy and degraded energy determines the luck of each one. I believe in the divinity´s spiritual power to obtain the health, the well-being and the success in this life. I believe that as ethical conscience is good everything that allows the maxima use of the available energy and bad everything what is against it. I believe that our faults will be pardoned to reach the divine grace and the glory of further on.

3. - ¿Which is the Third Stage?

Of “Rupture”. It is the “positive reincarnation” that it is to reborn again to the life and it is the confirmation of the “divine enlightenment”, that it means a  “rupture” with your last life to overcome the “Law of the Dharma and Karma and to reach the Nirvana”, to live a new life of success, prosperity and happiness and to recover that lost with this prayer:  


We elevate our commendation to the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity Sigma; Edas Dei(Edas God), Superior God and Eternal Father of the gods of all the religions in the world, for he have endowed us with the spiritual power to control the hidden forces of our nature, that like active and reactive forces they determine the profit of our energy for our human integral development, accepting our mission in this life so that it is of complete satisfaction, achieving the necessary states of conscience peace to obtain the happiness in this life and to overcome the death.    
The gods of the religions are alone the different faces from oneself divinity: Edas Dei (Edas Dei), whose teachings, we obey them so that in each instant we can solve favourably the contradiction of opposed forces of our nature, that they determine our lives, so that there is a balance in our three existential levels; spiritual, mental and emotional.   
That in all moment the divine enlightenment accompanies us, for the domain of the reactive forces of the nature in anyone that they are the circumstances.    
We promise to react quiet and serenely amid the biggest vicissitudes that are presented in the life, because in all moment we work with the power that the edista faith give us, as true emanated faith of the Divine Message

4. - ¿Which is the fourth stage? 

Of Belonging. It is the one of being “edista” because you possess the edista faith, that gives you the conviction, the certainty and the security in that you make, because you identify, you believe, and you belong for always to the Suprareligión

Now you are prepare for what comes in this life and in the further on, where your ancestors wait for you that you will invoke them with this prayer:  


Before the biological parabola of the birth, stage of the blue firmament until the zenith, declination by disease, oldness and the anguish of the disappearance, we accepted the painful mystery of the life and its biological curve and the death, dismissing us of all and leaving all the material goods as the total leave-taking and completes delivery to the supernatural world where there is no beginning nor final. We, who we were a moment in the great evolution of the universe and because of the spiritual, mental, and biological inheritance, we were conformed in certain way, when leaving the world of the physical laws we entered the prevailed one by the complete spirituality, with the conscience purified and sanctified by the repentance of our faults. From our tombs we warned all the humans, who once transferred the Porte of the Death, the great hope of salvation is in the point of convergence and encounter with the Divine Spirit of theSigma Activity: Edas Dei (Edas God), to reach the absolute peace as final goal of our destiny.


They are the prayers that you should make with full freedom of agreement cult with the religion that you have professed, but in base and beginning with the prayer: Edista Praise that is the essential prayer to meditate, to reason and to take conscience that you have passed of being a differed faithful of a religion to an integral faithful of the same religion, but inside the world of the Suprareligión.  


Let us give thank to the Edista Message contained in the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius to have given us a new knowledge of God never have before considered, that it tells and teaches us that the name of God is Edas Dei (Edas God) and that its symbol of praise is Sigma: Σ.   
We participate of the initiation of a new life for the humanity in the Era of Aquarius, in which the gods of all the religions unite in a single God: Edas Dei (Edas God, who in turn is the same god of all and each one of the religions of the world.   
We do not make considerations about the truth or falsehood of the gods of each religion and let us celebrate the unique, integral, and free cult to Edas Dei (Edas God), god of the gods, in the called temple Heyoan, jointly with the praise to the deities of all and each one of the religions like a single cult, because; Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, Buda, The Tao, The Goddess Amaterasu, Jehova, Jesus, The Sacred Spirit, The Virgin Maria, Navicocha, Inti, Hunabs Ku, Ala and other divinities of the Universal Religious Panorama are the representation of Edas Dei (Edas God), spiritual activity that it is extended to the shamanic invocation of the ancestors as protective spirits.    
Let us elevate our prayer to the mystic and sapient religions of East and the biblical and prophetic of West, since all are called to accept with conviction the idea of a common denominator of God like Edas Dei (Edas God), to form the Suprareligión through of the dialogue, reconciliation, union and cooperation among all them, so that the spiritual peace exists as condition of the world peace. 

¡That the divine illumination of the Message Edista arrives to all us and sanctifies us and the spiritual peace accompanies us in all moment!