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It´s your Opportuity

The Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U., invites all people to read this page who want to overcome their poverty inspired by the story of Juan.

John was a very poor young son of a modest family, which lived in a community where employment opportunities were very limited, also he did not have the financial means to pay for their studies in schools that had been in that city.

What to do under these circumstances? thought John. It seemed that fate denied him opportunities for success in life and to find a way to educate himself, work and progress.

He went to a library and he consulted several books to achieve a positive mind and get better at almost anything, to get to be lucky and happy reaching personal and financial success, being creator of innovative ideas and practices for the company of your dreams. Unfortunately, did not find the desired book that teaches him how make money easily and possess a fortune in a short time.

Then, he had to go to the spiritual world and undertook the search for a temple where to find the divinity that evoking it help him to improve his economic situation. Walking the path he found one called Heyoan"and there in its doors exposed to sale primers entitled: Edista Catechism, which aroused his curiosity and acquired one

After studying primer in detail he met with a new spirituality that he would give to know and teach. His strategy was to acquire the primers and to form with them prayer groups consist of five people. Like compensation Juan asked each one of them a volunteer tithe, and requested that they do the same forming new groups of prayer with other new people, which, in turn, each one of them would do so forming new groups of prayer, and thus the chain would go on endless, where everyone benefits economically in the name of the new spirituality, without taxes and without accountability to anyone.

The words of John not forget, when he said: I solved my economic situation with the help you have given me, now, every one of you do the same as I did to turn out the poverty.

What is the new spirituality? John should explain it and he began saying: religion is a garden of feelings that each of you have in your heart, that defines the relationship between the human and the divine and that manifests itself as a set of beliefs, practices and rituals.

John continued his explanation saying, think that your religion is a garden which is your property, requiring the presence of a gardener who is the "God" of your religion. Then it is here and now that you are going to join your garden with all the other gardens to form the big garden of religions, called the Edista Garden, which is where you will find the truth; that is to know your God, with all the gods of the other gardens are just one: The Great Gardener, God of gods, true God called Edas Dei, symbolized by the Greek Letter Sigma (Σ).

Know said Juan, that the name great gardener's Edas Dei, has its origin in the "Divine Message" that teaches us we can know the existence of God by his work of the creation of the world and its order, but his divine essence and own activity called Sigma Activity we can not know because it would be to be equal to God, which is impossible, which is equivalent to the Holy Ghost of Christianity.

Now, let's jump in time to reach the Blue Gate, or Gate of Ishtar said Juan, is one of the great wonders of antiquity, whose name received it in honor to the goddess of the same name which was consecrated, that was the charm of the pilgrims that extricate it, for remains the main street called Way of the Gods to enter to the Edista Garden, which is represented by the whole of the so-called Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which is one of the seven wonders of antiquity, and all their deities form the "Edista Pantheon of Gods"

John explained, that worship all gods of the Edista Garden is the Cult of the Edista Pantheon of Gods, that the Edista Garden represents the Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U. , that each garden represents a religion and its gods.

Juan said, that before the visit we make each garden, we keep in mind three things; the first is to consult the book Divine illumination in the Age of Aquarius, which is located on the portal www.edismo.com, where you can learn the history of each garden; the second is to see YouTube videos of each garden, where you will find valuable information about each religion; the third is to consult the Edista Catechism, where you will find prayers dedicated to the deities of each religion.

To proceed with the visit and evocation to the gods of every garden, Juan pointed out to do the following order, so:

In the Garden of the Edismo, its God is Edas Dei (Σ), God of gods, where his praise is implied in every praise that we do to the God of each religion, where all prayer to a God is a prayer to Edas Dei, and a prayer Edas Dei is a prayer to all the gods, because he is present in all gardens, although we cannot see him.

In the Garden of Hinduism, which is the religion of the India, venerate and pay worship to Brahman and the divinities of the Hindú Trinity, consisting of Brahma, which embodies the creation; Vishnu is the preservation, the protection of the man; Siva, which is emblem, symbol and representation of the nature of destruction and regeneration, eternal, simultaneous, and fatal, and the main incarnations or avatars of Vishnu; Rama and Krishna.

In the Garden of Buddhism, venerate Buddha "enlightened", as the prototype of the natural and concrete image of the divine illumination and synthesis of the ideal human being, who preach the new truth about the "love one another", and compassion with others, that teaches us how it has call the path of illumination as we adopt the Inintermediate Via, which is the road map to be followed to avoid the extremes of life styles to achieve salvation, the state of perfect peace and enlightenment, free of the desires and suffering, escaping the circle indefinite and overwhelming of reincarnation.

In the Garden of Taoism, we pay worship to his gardener who is the Tao, evoked Taoism, which is the way to go; It is inaction, the stillness and passivity and its objective is to find the Tao, leave the world behind and enter into union with nature. There is no name that is invisible, incomprehensible and ineffable Tao, and the Tao who acquires name to produce beings. "With name, is the mother of all beings believe that Tao is the ultimate source of all things, getting through his life and shape."

We believe that all that exists is due to the reciprocal action two principles; the Yin and the Yang, which fight each other constantly and in the bottom match because its harmony is the Tao, which is a manifestation of harmony and cosmic order at the material level; in a human level the concept of Tao tells us that there is a natural and correct way of doing everything, that gives everything its place and every person their function.

In the Garden of Shinto and Zen Buddhism, that is the religiosity of the Japan, where we pay worship to their Japanese gardeners, who are: Shintoism which means the way of the gods, is the national religion of the Japan prior to the arrival of Zen Buddhism and his cult is the spirit of the given Kami, Zen Buddhism is the divine being implicit in the Buddha-nature, the cult of Sosanoo, God of the ocean, of love and of the order, Kishipoten, goddess who embodies the beauty and harmony, the deity Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun and the living world, whose name means "Great Spirit that illuminates the heavens.

"The Japanese god’s blessing ceremony is made so that there is always the union between contemplation and action in our lives. We pay worship to the religion of Japan, union of Shintoism, which means "way of the gods" and "Zen Buddhism", which means "meditation" and claim: "Look within yourself, you're the Buddha".

In the Garden of Judaism, evoked to Judaism as a monotheistic religion of the people of Israel, where there is only one God, called Yahweh or Jehovah. The name of one of the main prayers of the Jewish religion is the Shema Israel (listening, Israel), being the most sacred prayer of Judaism which is the proclamation of faith that affirms the Jewish belief in one God and the obedience of his people, Israel, to his commandments.

In the Garden of Christianity, we pay worship to their main deities that are Yahweh or Jehovah and Jesus son of Edas Dei, the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Archangels and the Saints. We celebrate the Christian ceremony with the Edista Holy Mass, which commemorates the sacrifice of the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the Garden of the Ancestors, made up of the existing consciences of those who have left this world and are in the farther on, in another life, which are the "spirits" of the ancestors, each chooses for his/her protection those those acording their dignity and preference, because they have left this world, and are the only ones who know by experience the ultimate destiny of human beings.

If we are body and spirit and there are spirits of the dead, why not we can invoke them for their protection and communication. That each invoke the spirits of the ancestors deemed worthy of being their protective spirits. The Act of invocation that have left us or leave us, is performed with the Prayer before Death occurring in the Edista Catechism.

With the evocation and prayer made in every garden, it was fulfilled with the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods to receive each one the "Divine Illumination" , which is the gift of God to start a new life full of happiness that ensures the success in life and the eternal salvation, and in turn complies effectively the sleep of both John and everyone else, to achieve a considerable fortune with edista prayer groups without paying tax, and not necesary have to give accounts to anyone.

On the final page of the Edista Catechism appears the Bibliography, which refers to the consultation of the web site: www.edismo.com containing a file entitled: Would you like to be a Shaman?, in which mentioned that Buddha and Jesus and the great initiates have been shamans, that shamanism is a profession to help others in their different needs and giving them a vision of the future, which must be exercised without profit.

John and others consulted and downloaded from this site web that mentioned file, where it said that shamanism has always existed and will continue to exist. So now the situation was different, John and others took the decision tshamanism.phpo become shamans, but already it would do with non-profit because they had already acquired a large fortune with edista prayer groups, they would now do so to help their brothers in the communities to expect the best and happiness forever in this and the other life.

They were words of expectation of Juan, when he said: by invoking the divine presence, we conjure the symbols of God Σ: Edas Dei, the image of the "edismo", the brand: C.R.U., and the Image of the Divine Illumination, for your personal protection and obtain good luck in all your actions from now on, and avoid and prevent harms and dangers that will arise in life.

Finally, John said to them: The material fortune is uncertain to achieve, if it is not accompanied by spirituality, and what spirituality better than the new one that we find in the Edismo? Therefore I baptizes you with the name of "edistas", which are all the lucky ones that form the chain in honor to Edas Dei, which is the God who made the miracle.

Moraleja. Let convert you in edista and a great fortune awaits you, and your life will change for the better and forever

The Edista Catechism can be consult and download from the portal: www.edismo.com

Requests to the address: www.cultoedista@gmail.com the Edista Catechism in pocket edition, sending by Wester Union Pereira Colombia on behalf of C.R.U.; the sum of five dollars (US$ 5), reporting your name and address where we will send it and paying the value of transport at the time of its receipt. We remind that the Universal Religious Congregation is one institution without animos lucrandy, for that reason we appreciat any generous aid you can give us sending it to the same address

God will gratify you for sending by E-mail the following notice: "opportunity.www.edismo.com" to five (5) people close to your spiritual and social world.

That the divine illumination sanctifies your life and be with you at all times for success in your life and your eternal salvation.