Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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This is the Nuntius Divinus; Divine Message, which has its origin in same God, that for the Era of Aquarius, God is pronounced and he says to us:

I am the absolute unique principle and there is not name for the essence and activity in itself of my spiritual being and alone there is it for my existence by my only action that created and ordered the world.

The Divine Message is the revelation of the most intimate secret in the supernatural world, of which comes off the theological principle that settles down that:

“We know that God exists, but we do not know really how God is”

The relationships God man and woman taken place by this Divine Message, they generate a group of beliefs and practices worthy of adoration and respect; that is to say sacred, on the part of the individual, family, group, community, society or nation.

As message of illumination and of deep spiritual inspiration it promises an answer to questions that the human beings cannot solve for themselves and that they affect their identity, the sense of their life, to the goal of the history and the foundation that it sustains the being's entirety.

 The Divine Message represents a complex and deep necessity of the human spirit and does not have anything to do with theoretical affairs or problems, neither is matter of the historical past, that transmits just as we understand is life to live, a feeling that inserts in the hearts of the men produces a faith that feeds the life and fills us with hope for the encounter with the further on as saving formula.

The Divine Message originates the “edismo” that is the mystic and cybernetic doctrine on the divine thing for the formation of the Edista Spirituality like phenomenon to consolidate in the time, auto regulated by feedback starting from the teachings of the different religions and the knowledge supplied by the positive and human sciences.

The great historical movement that produces by the Divine Message should be great orator's work but not big writers, because the spoken word conquest many in favor than the written word. However, the unit and defense of a doctrine demand that their fundamental principles are formulated in writing.

As precursor of a emancipating movement, the Divine Message makes a call to the world to wake up of the millennial dream and begin a spiritual and cultural renovation, to overcome the myths and legends that for a long time has enslaved the man, so it is as the light that allows us to perceive the reality and the existence from a different perspective; that in a new way of knowledge of God, that of a theological revolution, and a movement of spiritual liberation, that so much the humanity yearns.

Complete the mission contains in the Divine Message on behalf of God for the integral ablution of the religious thought, let us preach and spread it in all time and place, thus, the hour in that the sun of the equinox makes its entrance in the Aquarius has already arrived.