Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The “EDISMO” is the doctrine that rests upon the “DIVINE MESSAGE”, content in the book “DIVINE ILUMINATION IN THE ERA OF AQUARIUS”, that it looks for the equality and spiritual union of all religions in the mark of a new world.

We are interest in the religions, for their divinities, for the numen that is the image of god like absolute unique principle been worth for all the religions, by their numina that are the personal, natural, analogical, and concrete images of god of each religion, for their beliefs, for the teachings of their gods, but we do not enter to consider neither their history because there is not none that is the absolute true on a last fact, neither their theological or philosophical foundations that have weakened in the face of the modernism when in formerly they defended solemnly, neither their truth or falsehood because the religions are a mixture of reality and fantasy, neither their reaches and limitations because each one possesses a part of the truth and their faith escapes to the reason and the objectivity of the knowledge, neither their organization because there is not any perfect one, neither the life of their ministers because they are the body and not the soul of a religion, but that it matters us is the effect that produces the presence of the sacred thing, the stimulation and answer to the values and religious feelings, the way it likes the general feeling of the life, the sensation of its cults, the captured emotion that produces its rites, the ceremonies of commendation to its gods for the fact of being all them the different faces from oneself divinity called edas god that is the superior god and celestial father of all gods of all and each one of the religions in the world, that he is the universal god of the peace and the energy to the service of the whole humanity, because above all that really interested us is the "Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods”; that is the cult, rites and ceremonies to Edas Dei with jointly the cult to the deities of each religion, everything as an alone  cult to god that allows to be related and to communicate the spiritual and invisible world of god with the sensitive and visible world of the nature and  the human being in itself, to obtain the wellfare and progress of the humanity, their divine protection and eternal salvation.




opus edas dei