God will gratify you in this life and in that of the further on distributing and teaching the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius” in your community without animus lucrandi. Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The XIX century was that of the equality before the law, the XX century was that of the social equality, and the XXI century will be that of the religious equality proclaimed by the edismo, so religions do not separate us but join us, so that there is peace in the world and there are no more wars for religious reasons.

The edismo is the doctrine that proclaims the equality of all religions and faithful in the world, accepting a common, unique and universal idea of God.

All gods are one single: Edas Dei and the Edismo is his doctrine and Heyoan is the Temple of his cult and the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is your spiritual organization.

The concept of Edas Dei originates under the "Divine Message" that is "Word of God", written in the book "Divine Illumination in the Aquarium Era", that is of free consultation and download on the website: www.edismo.com

Emmanuel, is the person who received by divine intuition and wrote in the book "Divine Illumination in the Aquarium Era", the following "Divine Message", by which God manifests and reveals saying:

"I am the absolute only beginning and there is no name for the essence and activity itself of my spiritual being and just only there is it for my existence by my single action that created and ordered the world".

The essence and activity of God himself is called Sigma Activity and is a mystery that we cannot know because it would be equal to God, that is impossible.

The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is a spiritual institution nonprofit, whose mission is the spread and preach worldwide teachings and practices contained in the Edista Catechism, which is a concise exposition of the fundamental principles of edista doctrine and worship.

"In the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) praise God, but not worshipping only one God, but to all the deities of the Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult", that is the cult to "Edas Dei", together with the cult to the gods of each and every one of the religions in the world to receive the "divine illumination", that determines success in life and eternal salvation, as mass phenomenon and is what the communities need to believe that constitutes the Edista spirituality.


"Giving tithe is to apply to receive God's blessing. Who gives the tithe never missing money or health, because it is contributing to the Work of God".

The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) offers the following opportunities to people with spiritual leadership:


To be Minister of the spiritual service of the "Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult (CPED)", requires compliance with the following requirements:

- You should send to the following address: cultoedista@gmail.com your personal information: name, Email, address, city, country and the number of identification card of citizenship that identifies you as a citizen of the respective country.

-You must possess apostille authorization certified to legally exercise the profession of Minister officiant of the "Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult", which we will send you to the address registered in your personal information, and you must send by Wester Union Pereira Colombia, the sum of twenty dollars ($20) on behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.).


- Comply strictly with the Gold Rules of the Edismo, which is found in the Edista Catechism.

- All places for the realization of the cult should receive the name of Heyoan, can be rooms, houses, temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other ones.

- During the ceremony should read excerpts of the book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius, that can be download from the web site: www.edismo.com that contains truly known about God.

- Consult and download the existing literature on the website: www.edismo.com.

- At website: www.edismo.com you must consult and download the Edista Catechism, which is the guide you should follow to carry out the ministerial exercise of the edista cult.

- You must use the Bible in the celebration of the edista mass, and the chalice can be of any mateial. On the altar should appear the symbol of the edismo, the Edista Pantheon of Gods, the Divine Illumination Image, and the symbol C.R.U.

- You should be aware that acting on behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), the best teaching that you can give is the example of your life, avoiding visit sites that affect your image, given that, as the officiant of the cult, your spiritual performance is homologous and comparable to that of the Catholic priest, Christian pastor, guru, Rabbi, Ayatollah, or any other name worthy of having the investiture of spiritual master.

- Engage as possible to celebrate daily the ritual of the "Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult", and especially on Saturday and Sunday, as a spiritual service in your community.

- On behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), celebrate the ceremonies of marriage and funeral of the faithful. Visit hospitals and prisons to carry the message of the Edsta Catechism and devotion to the "Edista Pantheon of the Gods´s Cult".

- Visit cemeteries to pray the "Prayer before Death" contained in the Edista Catechism and y request a tithe to the bereaved people by the dealing spiritual service.


Preach the teachings of the Edista Catechism on behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), visiting cultural centers of formal and informal education; schools, universities and other educational institutions, giving teaching conferences, forums, seminars, requesting in compensation a voluntary tithe or oblation by the education service and the offered spiritual support.

As preacher you must do emphasis on Edista Thought, that involved traveling four roads: - that of the new knowledge of God: Edas Dei, - that of the Modern Theological Revolution, - that of the Movement of Spiritual Renewal, and - one of the Peace of God.

Concerning the issue of the peace of God in the world, you should have emphasis on the danger that runs mankind from falling into an abyss, due to climate change and the possibility of a nuclear war.


On behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) with the training given by the study of the book divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius and the Edista Catechism, making spiritual retreats during one or more days renting sites suitable for this purpose and charging a certain sum of money for participation in this religious event, such as the Catholic Church does. In addition to the spiritual content, there must be a content contributed by the participation of professionals in psychology on mental health, given that the current difficulties are not only in terms of anxiety and depression, but feelings of not belonging and not having clear goals in life

In retreats, you must remember to the faithful audience that they should prepare themselves for the sins committed, to make his defense before the divine courts in another life, remembering the best of life is reserved for after death.


The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) authorizes the publishing companies and individuals for the translation to any language, editing, publication, distribution, and sale of the book "Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius (IDEA), which can be downloaded from the website: www.edismo.com and it requires only the participation of 10% of the economic benefit obtained, which should be deposited in Wester Union Pereira Colombia to the name of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), informing to the email address: www.cultoedista@gmail.com about the language which is translated and the number of copies published.


To the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), belongs spiritual and implicitly all religious denominations in the world, because there is a God that is common to all of them: Edas Dei.

Therefore, the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), authorizes people to produce, offer and sell all the religious articles relating to all deities the Edista Pantheon of Gods, which are called "religious items edistas", which should bring the C.R.U. brand and should receive the edista blessing before being offered and sold.

"EdistaReligious Items" are the symbol of God: Edas Dei (Σ), the symbol of the edismo, the images of the Divine Illumination, the brand C.R.U., images of all gods and the articles in his honors; flowers, prints, candles, images in general, candles, plates of different materials, marble and bronze, necklaces, key chains with images of the gods, Brahma, Trinidad Hindu, Buddha, of the Tao, Zen Buddhism, of Lord, of Christ, wing, the Virgin, sacred vessels, candelabra, incense, edista blessed water, ultimately all articles related to the sacred items that can be produced, made distribution and sell them.

- Logistics. We must take the Word of God to the world and spread "edista faith" in all the communities using all available resources, mainly the media, especially radio and digital media, having always intended put an end to the spiritual and material problems that afflict human beings in this world.


Buddha and Jesus and the great initiates have been shamans. Shamanism is a profession to help others in their different needs and giving them a vision of the future, that it must exercise non-profit.

Shamanism has always existed and will continue to exist. The decision and become a shaman that will change your life for the better and forever. (See: shamanism www.edismo.com).

The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) expects to receive news about the successes in your spiritual job, as religious minister and shaman.

God rewards you for sending this information to five people close to your spiritual and social world.

That the divine illumination sanctifies your life and accompanies you at every moment for the success in your life and your eternal salvation in the further on.