God will gratify you in this life and in that of the further on distributing and teaching the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius” in your community without animus lucrandi. Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The “Divine Message” contents in the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarium” is the true “Word of God”, which tells us that the gods of all the religions are the joining, representation, and manifestation of a single divinity: “Edas Dei”, and the Edismo is his doctrine and Heyoan the temple of his cult, and his spiritual organization is the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.).”

The XIX century was that of the equality before the law, the XX century was that of the social equality, and the XXI century will be that of the religious equality proclamed by the edismo, so religions do not separate us but join us.

The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) is a spiritual institution without encourage nonprofit, created for the diffusion of the "edismo", which is the doctrine that proclaims the union of all religions in a single spiritual organization, accepting a single universal concept of God, and making a single cult to all deities of religious denominations in the world.

The fundamental mission of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), is the diffusion and preach worldwide of teachings and practices contained in the "Edista Catechism", which is a concise statement of the fundamental principles of the Edista Doctrine and Cult.

The preaching of the Edista Doctrine is made so that each one can have a real and true knowledge of God, and the Edista Cult is celebrated as a ritual of maximum spiritual power and perfect personal communication with God, and is the way to achieve true eternal salvation for being a cult to "Edas Dei" together with the cult to the gods of each and every one of the religions in the world, that as being a phenomenon of mass and being that the communities believe, constitutes the Edista Spirituality.

We invite you to live the experience of being “edista” belonging to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), that is the great spiritual adventure that can change your life for well and forever, stopping to be a “passive faithful” of your religion to become a “active faithful” of the Edista Spirituality, without for this reason you give up your religion because all they spiritually belong to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.).

This is the meaning for you to belong to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.);

In te ipso habitat veritas. - In you inhabits the truth. That you are your own teacher in the search and knowledge of God.

That many writings exist from the antiquity about which is the true image of God without ending up finding the answer. Your life cannot pass without knowing the answer that you will find it in the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius.  

That we wait your participation in the pax deurum,that is the doctrine of the Ecumenical Theology of the Peace, so that exists the peace among the gods, and among the faithful people, that means the spiritual peace as condition of the world peace.

That we invite you to share the Edista Thought whose goal is to carry out the Theological Revolution and the Movement of Spiritual Liberation caused by the New Knowledge of the Absolute Beinglike Edas Dei, that means the popular fight to undertake for the religious reeducation and the spiritual renewal, the struggle for the conquest of religious spaces for the humanity´s progress.

That if you receive the "divine illumination”", you reborn again to the life, that ethically is related with your active and reactive forces for the profit of your human energy. 

That you can be formed in the “Edista Collegium” as “Edista Pastor”that is a profession to perform in any country and that is an employment of which you may obtain an economic benefit for your subsistence, that will invest you with spiritual power, social prestige, and charisma. It is a great opportunity so that people of each community can be educated as "Pastors of Edista Cult", so they can establish sacred places of cult called Heyoan.

That you are going to live in a spiritual organization where there is not discrimination between the man and the woman. Together they are called to be minister in quality of Edista Pastors.

That the practice of the ritual of the Edista Cult is as a magic, because allows you to project your own hidden forces of divine origin, directing them to the execution of your own objectives and purposes.

That in the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods, you can invoke the ancestors that you consider worthy of being your protective spirits.  

That your life of the further on depends no longer on the traditional promises of beyond the grave, but rather you will experience the saving, healers, liberation effects here and now, that is related with your individuality and interiority to find concrete salvation that have as receiver the body, the psyche and until the popular “good luck”, as harmony with your eternal salvation. 

That you can make the spiritual healing by yourself, because you are before a new spiritual dimension that allows you to discover the hidden forces of divine origin that they interact to achieve the cure and a healthy life.

That you are part of a spiritual organization, that not worries alone of your spiritual life, but also your human promotion, as you are a person that live in a world full with necessities of different nature. 

That the success of your spiritual adventure will have been achieved by your own conviction and decision to become “edista”, - that is the person that belongs and deposits her faith in the principles, beliefs, values, and ideology of the edista spirituality and  practices its cult.  

That this is a great project in march that depends on your participation, of your help and mainly of the faith that you deposit in our spiritual organization without spirit of lucre. 

That the power of praise to God, to which attract the grace of his divine power and be liberating force of success and happiness in this life and peace in the afterlife, is obtained by praying not to one God, but to all deities of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

That we experience the divine grace of charismatic renewal prayer groups in our life, praising all gods and not one single.


The Universal Religious Congregación (C.R.U.), works in its body by means of religious franchise contracts that represent a spiritual power and an economic benefit and offers you the following employment in your country. 1. - National Director. 2. - Edista Collegium´s Director. 3. - Edista Pastor of a Heyoan temple. (see: Franchises and Statute).

The Religious Franchise Contract authorizes and allows a person to use legally in her country the name of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), with the purpose of serving spiritually to her community and guarantees him/her an economic benefit for his/her own subsistence.


 ¿The Religious Franchise Contract authorizes and allows a person to use legally in her country the name of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), with the purpose of serving spiritually to her community and guarantees him/her an economic benefit for his/her own subsistence. (see: Franchise and Statute)


In the name of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.C.) we offer you a program to become an Edista Shaman (See: Shamanism), so you may serve spiritually to your community, and the oblations that you recieved assures your own subsisting, bearing in mind this practice must perform without animus lucrandi.

Buddha and Jesus and the big initiate ones have been shamans. The shamanism is a profession to invoke the spirits to help to the other ones in their necessities of different nature.


- Make it so that you become “edista” acquiring the wisdom contained in the Edista Catechism, that is made so that everybody has an actual and true knowledge of God.

- Make it with the commitment of of celebrating the daily “Cult to the Edista Panteon of Gods”, so that your life and your actions receive the divine protection at every moment.

- Register and belong to the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) to begin a new life inside a new world order, sending us your personal information, your name, country, address and your e-mail to the addresses: cultoedista@gmail.com


- Send us to the e-mail: cultoedista@gmail.com your name and the name of your ancestors that you consider worthy to remember. We pray to the Edista Panteon of Godsfor the satisfaction of your desires and necessities, and you will receive the "divine illumination" that gives you the spiritual power to fortify your mind, and to achieve the biggest use of your human energy that means the success of your life. Equally we will invoke the spirits of your ancestors to receive their help for you, because they are the only ones that know for lived experience the human being's last destination. Then your life is valued because you will receive your Number of Identity and the Sigma Brand (Σ), that the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.) assigns and grants to you that means your communication with God, your human promotion and eternal salvation.

That the divine illumination sanctifies your life and accompanies you at every moment for the success in your life and your eternal salvation in the further on.