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The integration of the spirit, the mind, and the body is manifested functionally by two entities: the conscience and the energy, that they are not created neither are destroyed, alone they transform.

 The life is a moment of the divinity and the modern science has been formed many convictions about the life; its prerequisites, the way of acting, the origin and end of the life, but about “what properly is the life?, it is known very little”. The divine thing by means of the spirit that infused in the human thing, participates of the essential properties of the life, which is totally incorporate to the natural thing, to the intermundane. The life is rhythmic for its own essence and at every moment there is a vibration frequency in the human energy field. The death executes the law of the time that the inheritance marks dated and hour in natural form in the biological clock whose digits the science is trying to move, but with the time the things disappear as soap bubbles. The reincarnation doesn't exist because it would remove him the responsibility to the individual for the acts of its life.

 The diagnosis and treatment of a disease is still an art, do not unite pure science. There are reactions many poorly understand the sick person. Among these, psychological factors are frequently of great importance. When life is endangered, the patient and his family seek refuge in some faith. It maybe found in religion, in physician and occasionally in a chatterer. From the earliest time medicine has been an allied one very near of the priesthood of the religions, as well as of the sorcery and witchcraft. In spite of the present scientific era, an aura of mystery still surrounds the illness and the methods for its cure. Very well educated people even come up frequently to superstitious and irrational beliefs, just as it can verify in the records of the traditional medicine.

 The nature offers to each individual's life a coded energy budget with due information since the moment of the conception. ¿How dispose and to conserve it at the same time to preserve the life?

 Thermodynamically the human organism lives it is defined as an unstable system, able to reduce its own entropy, that is to say to increase its order, to expense of the environment. To restrict the uncertainty the system it exercises a kinetic control of production and expense of the energy in the measure that it needs.

 The traditional medicine with the great power that confers it the current scientific and technological advance, is the one that possesses the power in the first place of curing the illnesses, fact that one cannot ignore, and only when the illness is outside of its great power one should go to other cure forms.

 The hidden constitution of the human being by the light of the traditional esoteric affair is formed by a first principle that is the material and visible part: gouph, that is the physical body of the complex organism; by a second principle: nephesch, twice as much ethereal or astral body intermission among the precedent and following of the energy field taken place by the body, by a third principle, the soul, the conscience, or rouch, that is the being's same essence and corresponds to the psychic apparatus; by a fourth principle; the neschamana that is the pure spirit.

 The principles of the gouch and nephesch are conjugated by the unfolding in the biotic system of the available energy in useful energy and degraded energy that determines in that grade the system is ordered or it disorders; states of health or illness, and it is here where the principles of the rouch; the mind and the spiritual power of the neschamana, they can act to restore the order and to obtain the cure of the illness.

 The human body is a highly auto-organized system that obeys a womb called human genome whose code is already known. The nervous system has the autonomy in the control of the human body, and in smaller hierarchy the glandular system, then the human organism to be thermodynamically an open system that exchanges matter and energy with the external means, has in the circulatory system the biggest internal flow of energy, what took to the biblical conclusion that the seat of the soul is in the blood, to be present everywhere of the body giving them the necessary vitality.

 In the interaction with the environment we run are a danger of getting sick and in accordance with the advances of the molecular biology and the genetics, in the human genome potentially there are genes that predispose us to thousands of illnesses. The illness is a dysfunction of the psycho-somatic system that has narrow relationship with the “spiritual power”.

 There are two cure forms; the internal cure, for the somatic irrigation taken place by the spiritual power and or the mental power that unblocks the area affected by the illness and it establishes the balance and the health in the person's levels and uses the energy field as instrument. The other one is the external cure that is achieved with the application of medications and even with the surgery. The most important thing in the application of anyone of the two cures is the faith that accompanies the sick person in his desire of living.

 Scientifically it has been demonstrated the “effect placebo”; to demonstrate the great effect that produces the “suggestion” in the cure of the illnesses and the power that it exercises the hypnotism, like it indicates in the Vision from the World when treating the conscience.

 The cure by the “spiritual power” is not exclusive property of any religious confession; neither is demonstration so that certain religious creed uses to be shown as the truest. It is with the power of the ethical conscience that the best results will be obtained. Again we are before the mystery of the relationship among the “spiritual power” and the “available energy”, mystery that is a challenge for the parapsychology and the esotericism.

 The psychic dysfunctions of the mental sick people can take to the most extreme cases in madness. If their causes are organic, the mental power can channel the energy on the affected area, if its causes are mental be counteracted the obsessions that they affect the sick person, if its causes are spiritual the “Edista Thought” will hurtle to the terrible obsessive spirits, learning how to sow the Good, as only means of not having to receive the crop of the Evil.

 The modern psychology and scientific physiology has trained us that in the human organism resides a kind of habitation of the emotions that it underlies in the ID (IT); the subconscious that pours a psychological force of two classes; the libido and the tannates. The first one takes to the love, to the affection, to the sexual behavior and the cooperation; the last one generates the hate, the aggression and the division. We are tempted to call positive and negative to these two forces, but they are not this way, but the same as the Yang and the Yin of the Taoism, the perfection resides in its good balance. The libido gives encouragement and the tannates extermination and they act toward outside and toward inside. If the libido goes toward inside of, it arrives to some states narcissists and hypochondriacs, if the tannates go toward inside of, it is reached the asceticism and the masochism; that contrasts with the sadism of the external address. The EGO (ME) as organizing element of the human spirit should act so that the function of all religion consists on encouraging the external address of the libido and the interior address of the tannates, always subjected to the rational domain, avoiding the non reasonable goods and the undue mortifications. The two addresses of the libido and tannates are in a related evident way the one and the other one with the propagation and conservation of the species respectively.

 The available energy that comes off of the Id (It), generated by these two forces that manages the Ego (Me), has been governed by the idealogilized traditional theologies and enthroned in the Superego (Super-Me), imposing a morals that to maintain rights and fixed duties to their own interests, they have limited the forces of the human nature, producing serious psychosomatic illnesses.

 One of the many errors of the Christian thought through the centuries has been to have established some definitive lines of separation among the “sacred” and the “profane” love, fruit of the maniqueist thought of its gospel, product of its Gnostics that they have believed things and bodies, the same as everything in the world made by the Creator is diabolical and should be given up it; but they do not give up their power and mundane goods under the prevailing premise of being supposedly sacred.

 The new motto is: healthy body and mind in healthy spirit. For that reason each person's health is related with his theological conceptualization and the communion with the Divine Message, allows to become authentic directors, to eradicate of the consciences of the a thousand ties that it retains them caught themselves in their bodies or sick minds, to achieve the energy unblocking and to make his cure.

 In the illnesses, the therapy like suggestive expression of mystic character; it is manifested by means of the original forms that adopts each religious confession.

 Let us remember that scientifically it is proved the therapy of the placebo that the neophyte would call miracle. The cure seen this way has something of aesthetic for the form in that can capture the suggestion of the pseudo-illuminated in its content, grace, rhythm and balance that it makes on the patient.

 Almost all the forms of mystic cure can decrease to the suggestion that the illuminated one makes on the believer, but not in the entire cases one can obtain the prospective results because the mind in its effect on the body has a limit.

 The mystic cure has to do with the conscience, if it is made by the mental part or for the action of the spiritual power.

 Let us do not forget the use of the enormous reservations of health that Edas God (Edas Dei), has stored in the man's spiritual dimension that allows us to stay the psico-bio-energetic balance to achieve a healthy life.