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The Era of Aquarius for the International Association of Astronomers begins in the year 2176 when the Earth enters to the angle 30 of Aquarius. For a group of mystics it already began and at the moment we are in full transition of the era from Pisces to that of Aquarius.

 For the equinox in the constellation of Aquarius, the appearance of the Sun means to be submerged in the New Era, that it has arrived the hour of not to continue more the emblems and accoutrement of cultures that in the era of Pisces have stayed us with their beliefs in an idolize and lethargic dream of false mysticism, that we need a real conception of the divinity and a theological revolution with a new doctrine like guide, conceived to the light of the scientific knowledge and not it builds about the tradition and the ignorance.

 We have identified ourselves with the Deism, as doctrine that recognizes the existence of God as author of the nature, but without admitting revelation and as a naturalistic concept of the religion.
 The Divine Message has generated the theology that so much we need, that faces the crisis of our time and it challenges to the religions of the world in the liberation of the spiritual power, overcoming all the frontiers to solve the problems that we live in the earth being projected to the new generations, so that they solve its difficulties in the space era that approaches, with generosity, altruism and respect to the nature.

 Let us already take conscience of the Divine Message that locates us before a new Supreme Being knowledge; “Divine Spirit of the Activity Sigma: Edas Dei.” It has arrived the hour in order to democratized the theological knowledge and all people could have access to this doctrine, so this knowledge stops to be a privilege of an ideologist elite that has sought indefinitely to impose a creed that produces a faith of mere emotional content for lack of the rational and cognitive, subduing to its faithful ones with beyond the grave false promises to conserve its privileges and mundane power, and equally they seek without achieving it to unite religion and science, but the unbeatable contradiction between the revealed religions and the science, resides in that the revelation is not any communication with the divinity and makes statements that do not allow it to be proven for the reason neither the science.

 The theological doctrine of the Divine Message represents the most radical purification in the divine image to live a pure, naked faith and without false supports. The faith and the religiosity of the theological doctrines have leaned on the revisiting  image of God of multiple robes, ignorance, impotence, fear, insecurity, interest and ambitions. The evolutionary process takes away the mythical thing and removing that robe, to show “the true face of the divinity is Edas Dei and the Edista Message his image.”

The mission of the Divine Message demands that arrives to a global theological culture that embraces the whole Religious Panorama, so that each one can choose the saving formula that more satisfies its ethical conscience.

 With the force that acquires the “Edista Thought”, the future is in our hands, let us already begin the great movement of spiritual liberation, we do not need to wait more because we know for more than sixty centuries for the prophetic Book of the Mutations of the Yi-King that:

 “The invariable permanency is impossible. The Sun arrived to its zenith should decline. The Moon, arrival to its fullness should diminish. Such is the universal law of progression and of regression. Men are noticed of it.”

 In the Pavilion of the Supreme Harmony in Beijing was impressed an astrological text: “The things have an Origin and an End. To know what happens first and what happens lastly, is to be near the Tao”

 It is not that everything will finish and the final judgement will come as the ingenious and fanatic people of the Apocalypse believe. That it is completed is the “Cycle of Siva”, emblem, symbol and representation of the nature, of eternal, simultaneous, and fatal destruction and regeneration, or generation and destruction.

 Established the context of the Divine Message, in this context, for this context and with this context, originates the "mental outline of a new faith" that glimpses the future of a new religious confession, a new man, a new life for a New Era with and for a new and transcend cause, as new hope for this life and that of the further on. Scriptum scriptum est13 .

13 That is writing, writing is