Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The Edista Tree

The “edismo”es like a tree that we call: Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.), whose seed is the Divine Message, and its roots conform the book Divine Illumination in the Aquarius Era (IDEA) , its trunk that sustains and gives power constitutes the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods like a phenomenon of masses and being that the communities believe, that constitutes the Edista Spirituality, its sap that feeds is the Edista Theology containing the Fundamental Principles of the Edismo, and the bark is the Gold Rules of the Edismo that protects it, the Edista Thought is the branches that allow it to extend, its fruits are the minister or pastors that they are formed in the Edista Collegium, and their flowers are the temples of cult called Heyoan, the land or soil in that is farming is the Statute of the Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U., and the Franchises are the nutrients that give life to the tree, and the oxygen that produces for benefit of the environment is the God´s Peace. Then, we can affirm that thanks to the existence of this tree: “The gods of the all religions are only one: Edas Dei, and his image is the Divine Message, and the temple of his cult is Heyoan.”