Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The gods of all and each one of the religions in the world are the ““significants”” of an alone one ““signification””: Edas Dei

The ““largest cult”” is the ““Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods””, and the ““lesser cult”” is the cult to the god of each religion. The ““largest cult”” is a superior cult of higher divine power, because is a whole gods cult and the ““minor cult”” is a bottom cult of lower power because is a cult to only one God.

We experience the divine grace of charismatic renewal prayer groups in our life, praising all gods and not one single.


Before you begin the edista cult ceremony is convenient to take into account the following statements:

1. Converge in the Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U.., all religions, because when a believer worships the natural, analog, concrete, and personal images of the God of a religion, also is doing equally worships Edas Dei, which is the real name and the general, and absolute God's conception, and is at the same time the particular idea of God of every religion.

2. The name of Edas Dei is implicit, inscribed and written in all holy books of every religion, although we cannot see it, given that all gods are the representation of only one God: Edas Dei, we do his praise when we praise the God of each religion, with the sacred books of each and every one of the religions in the world invoking and naming Edas Dei instead of the name of each God. Thus, we make praise to Edas Dei replacing the name of Brahma in the Vedas, the name Yahweh or Jehovah or the Lord, or the name of Jesus his son, or Allah in the Quran, by the Edas Dei name, and so on with other sacred and religious books.

3. Also cults which are made to the gods in temples of Mormons, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc., are all equivalent cults each and every one of them to a single cult: Edas Dei.

4. All religions while retaining their identity, spiritual, and implicitly belong the Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U.

5. We give notice the slogan: "all in one and one in all" for gods and cults, and "all in one and one in all" for religions.

6. The Edista Pantheon of Gods is the set formed by Edas Dei and the gods of all and each of the religions of the world.

7. The Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult is the most perfect, direct, and personal communication with God", by being the cult to Edas Dei together with the cult to the gods of all religions that is the true cult of God.

8.In the celebration of the ritual of worship to the gods of different religions, each one of the gods of different religions are identified as numen as gods of intelligence and reason, and numina as gods of faith and belief.

9. The essential elements of the Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult are:

I. The Edista Doctrine.

II. El Ritual Edista, que entraña las creencias, sentimientos de la fe edista, que establece la forma en que las personas de una comunidad han de relacionarse con Edas Dei y con los dioses de las principales religiones orientales y occidentales y con los espíritus de nuestros antepasados, señalándose los actos y los objetos rituales y la forma de llevarse a cabo el culto.

II. The Edista Ritual, involving beliefs,and feelings of edista faith, which establishes the way in which people in a community have to interact with Edas Dei and the gods of the major Eastern and Western religions and the spirits of our ancestors, indicating the acts, ritual objects, and the way to carry out the cult.

III. The priestly people or ministers which celebrate the cult; they are the "Edista Pastors".

IV. The temple, Hall, synagogue or site where worship, which, as sacred space is called Heyoan, which contains the physical infrastructure.

10. The Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U., welcomes the ministers and faithful of different religious denominations in order to explicitly integrate and form part of her and participate in the experience of the Cult to Edista Pantheon of the Gods.


For the celebration of the ceremony of the Edista Pantheon of Gods´ Cult is required:

- The book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius, which contains the Divine Massage.

- The procedure to be followed for the development of the Ceremony of Edista Ritual.

- The Minister responsible for celebrating the Edista Ritual.

- The place of celebration of the Edista Ritual, which is the temple called Heyoan, with its physical infrastructure: seats, benches, tables, etc.

In the Heyoan Temple must have:

- The Tabernacle, which is the altar with the Divine Illumination Image.

- The writing image of the Divine Message.

- The images of the Greek Letter Sigma: Σ; that represents Edas Dei.

- The symbol of Edismo that is a circle with the symbol: Σ, in the center surrounded by the symbols of the religions.

- The Brand: C.R.U. with the name of the Universal Religious Congregation.

- The image of the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

- Images of each divinity of the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

Events prior to the beginning of the Ritual Edista Ceremony:

1. It is made the ritual of the presentation of the Divine Message as God's Word, as a starting point that originates the existence of Edas Dei, and the Edismo which is its doctrine, and Heyoan the temple for his worship, and the creation and existence of the Universal Religious Congregation whose sacred book is the book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius for read, explained, and discussed some of its excerpts.

2. It is made the ritual of the presentation of the Image of the Divine Illumination.

3. It is made the ritual of the Edista Garden, explaining each religion and their gods.

4. It is made in solemn presentation of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of the Gods.


1. How we begin the Ritual of Edista Cult?

We begin it pronouncing the Word of God, which is the Divine Message contained in the book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius, whereby God manifested and said:

I am the absolute unique principle and there is not name for the essence and same actiivity of my spiritual beeing and alone it there is for my existence by the only action that created and ordered the world.

2. What can we know from the Divine Message?

According to the Divine Message, “we know that God exists, but we don't know how God is really”. That means that “the nature and characteristic form of acting of God” call “Sigma Activity”, nobody can know it, because it would be to be equal to God, which is impossible. But, for the work of the creation and order in the world we can know the divine existence of God, that he is the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei, symbolized by the Greek letter Sigma (Σ), that he is the truthful God, the Superior God, God of gods and Eternal Father of the gods of all the religions in the world.

3. What does represent the Ritual of the Edista Cult?

The Ritual of the Edista Cult represents an opportunity and a gratifying experience in your life of living the edista faith, to become “edista” and to obtain the divine power taking the mark of the Sacred Symbol Sigma: (Σ), that allows us to be carried out our personal communication with God and to obtain its divine protection alone if we have obeyed the dharma that is the norm, and overcoming the karma, by means of which our acts follow us, to reach the Nirvana that is the state of happiness in this life and in the eternal life of the further on, which is achieved praying y meditating with the mantras that are the words, prayers, sentences, psalms and invocation songs and commendation to Edas Dei jointly with the commendation to the gods of all the religions, everything as a single cult to God.

4. How is performed the "Ritual of the Edista Cult"?

It is performed meditating, praying and singing mantras in praise to Edas Dei and each of the gods of every religion, starting to pray the following prayer:


I believe the true Word of God is the Divine Message contained in the book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius. I believe the Sigma Activity: AS is the essence and action of God, that we do not know, but just his existence, which is the Divine Spirit of Sigma Activity: Edas Dei, symbolized by the Greek Letter Sigma (Σ), that is the true God creator of heaven and Earth. I believe that all gods are the representation of only one God: Edas Dei, who is present in all religions although he is not named, and in all prayers to God although not be mentioned, and exists implicit, inscribed, and written in all the holy books although we don't see him. I believe in the direct and personal communication with God by the "Cult to the Edista Pantheon of the Gods", which is the cult to Edas Dei, together with cult to the gods of each and every one of the religions in the world. I believe in the existence of a common God in all religions making them converge in the "Universal Religious Congregation: C.R.U.", to which they belong implied and spiritually. I believe in the power of the divine illumination, forgiveness of sins, and eternal salvation. Amen.


5. Edas Dei Evocation.

We pay worship to Edas Dei when we pay worship to any divinity; therefore they are valid for his cult all praise to God in any of the sacred and religious books of each and every one of the religions in the world.

With the claim of "faith”, veneration and personal commitment, paying cult to Edas Dei, when we celebrate worship any deity, they are therefore valid for his cult all the praises that we do to God each and every one of the religions in the world.


6. Hinduism Evocation.

How is characterized the Hinduism?

We understand that the Hinduism is characterized by the great quantity of gods they worship, but all those divinities are not more than faces of a single fundamental reality called Brahman (universal soul), absolute God without limits, eternal, of where all the things are born. The different gods are not more than images of this invisible reality.

We worship Brahman that means the unalterable and supreme reality that exists beyond the changing world of the appearances.


7. How we evoke Hinduism that is the religion of the India; cradle of all religions?

We evoke the Hinduism that is the religion of the India; cradle of all the religions; worshipping Brahman that is numen and to the divinities of the Hindu Trinity formed by Brahma that is numina and it embodies the creation; Vishnu that is numina, and is the conservation, the man's protection; Siva, is numina; that is emblem, symbol and representation of the nature, of destruction and regeneration, eternal, simultaneous and fatal, and the main reincarnations or changes of Visnú; Branch and Krisna, that they are numina, being all these divinities an alone one: Edas Dei.

Hinduism Prayer.

We evoke the call maya that is the divine creative power of Brahma, that it is continuous transformation, for it the nature constantly changes, that we are governed by the Principle of the Dharma, that they are the precepts that we should complete so it goes us well in the life, that the life is like a flow uninterrupted called sansara that conceives the individual existence as a stage in a series of inmemorables reincarnations subjected to the Law of Karma; that is the law of cause to effect and for which our acts follow us and we cannot avoid our responsibility before them, that the important thing in the life is to know what it is necessary to do to liberate the atman: that is the Me trapped, so that it can escape from the sansara and to reach the spiritual well-being spiritual called Nirvana that is the state of perfection and eternal happiness in the further on when the Karma ceases.

We elevate our prayer to all the divinities of the Hinduism, that they are manifestations of oneself divine reality: Edas Dei, so that every day is made us different with new possibilities by the bhakti or gush of the love.


7. Buddhism Evocation.

What is the four noble truths of Buddhism on which we meditate?

We meditate about the four noble truths of the Buddhism:

1. All existence is suffering;

2. The suffering arises from desire or yearning;

3. The cessation of desires means the end of the suffering;

4. The cessation of desires is obtained following the truth of the eight paths:

a) Right understanding,

b) Right aspirations.

c) The right word.

d) The right conduct.

e) The right way to live.

f) The true efforts.

g) The true discipline of itself.

h) the acquisition of the true happiness.

Buddhist Prayer.

We worship the figure of Buddha that he preached the new truth of “to love one another” that is the dharma of the compassion with the neighbour and that he/she teaches us like he/she is the path of the illumination yes we adopt the Intermediate Road that is the course to continue to avoid the ends of the lifestyles to reach the last goal; the Nirvana that is the salvation, the state of peace and perfect illumination, free of the desires and the suffering escaping from the indefinite and squeezing circle of the reincarnations. That the budic nature called Ku is the one that facilitates the change and settles down that in the universe and in the human nature anything is fixed and everything changes.

Let us remember what teaches us the Buddhism that for itself you arrives to the knowledge and not for revelation, that we should practice the charity and the universal love and that for the spiritual liberation you arrives to the suppression of the suffering, that to achieve the state of perfection is to reach the buda state that our ideal is to end up being bodhisatvas; beings that we pursue for ourselves the illumination.


8. Taoist Evocation.

Taoist Prayer.

We evoke the Taoism, that it the route to follow; that is the inaction, the quietness, and the passivity and its objective is to look for the Tao, to leave the world behind and to enter in union with the nature. There is the Tao without name that is imperceptible, incomprehensible and ineffable, and there is the Tao that acquires name when producing the beings. “With name, he is all the beings' Mother.” We believe that the Tao is the last source of all the things that they receive for his means the life and the form. We believe in that all the existent one is due to the action reciprocates of two principles; the Yin and Yang, which fight to each other constantly and in the heart they coincide because its harmony is the Tao, that is a manifestation of the harmony and cosmic order at material level; at human level it indicates us that there is a natural and correct way to make everything, that gives to each thing its place and to all person its function. We believe that the mystery and harmony of the life resides in the Tao's knowledge to obtain the peace and the illumination. We believe in the concord between the heaven and the earth when the Tao follows its natural course, when in the course of the nature we perturb the Tao's rhythm, it sows the confusion in the order of the universe of where they flow all the evils that afflict the humanity, that will only be able to be overcome them if we undergo the Tao's will and we become instruments of its eternal law.


9. Buddhism Zen Evocation.

Why do we carry out the ceremony of blessing of the Japanese gods?

We make ceremony of blessing of the Japanese gods, so that the union always exists between the meditation and the action in our life. We surrender cult to the religion of the Japan, union of the Shintoism that means “on the way to the gods”, and of the “Buddhism Zen” that means “meditation” and statement of: “you looks inside yourself, you are the Buddha”.

What Japanese gods we praise?

We praise Sosanoo, god of the ocean, of the love and of the disorder, to Kishipoten, goddess that embodies the beauty and the harmony, to the Amaterasu deity, goddess of the sun and of the living world whose name means “Great Spirit that illuminates the Skies.”

What is the importance of Buddhism Zen?

Buddhism Zen offers us the "way of the divine illumination", to arrive at the stellar moment of the ritual edista by meditation, which prepares us to offer the sacrifice of “positive reincarnation", which is the time of the presence of God before us, which is to achieve a great inner emptiness, forgetting everything, into the ecstasy bliss of dying and being born again to life that leads us to discover themselves already purified, in the hope of having broken fears and have detected our hidden and real image to emerge successful in the new life.

What do we get to walk the path of divine enlightenment that offers Zen Buddhism?

We obtain the dhyana, that is clarity and purification of mind; and the prajna, which is having examined our thoughts and wishes to avoid the pain and suffering and achieve nirvana, which is welfare in our life and peace in further on.

Buddhism Zen Prayer (Japanese, Nipon Prayer)

Let us learn that our beliefs and religious practices are not an obstacle to practice other religions, and in the daily life we are pure of heart and let us accept the changing nature of all the things. Let us keep the norm of Confucius of the loyalty toward the family, of which the father is the patriarchal head and let us follow the “Great Road” that is the teaching of the Buddha; “the truth and the way to the salvation is for all, the love and the compassion of Buddha are so big that he won't deny to anybody the salvation, that for our buddhist nature we all can end up being a Buddha, a bodhisatva, an illuminated one, that we adopt the Zen as meditation method for the direct contemplation of the world and of the own mind to solve any situation that is presented us for adverse that it is, because we are in “union with the Truth”, like spiritual benefit to see us “inside the nature of oneself”, emptying our mind to fill it without contamination of a new substance, liberating the thought to direct it to the human improvement. Each one gets the illumination for oneself making the interior hole and in any moment we will discover the biggest mysteries, marvels and we will reach the truth with the Zen experience and the buddhist illumination that is the “compassion” or “love to the neighbour”, the harmony with the love to the nature to acquire the sensation of peace and freedom characteristic of the Nirvana.


10. Judaism Evocation.

"None proffers in vain the Name of Yahweh, your God, because Yahweh does not judge innocent to who proffers its name in vain" (Exodus, 7XX).

What is the way to evoke the Judaism?

Let us evoke to the Judaism like monotheist religion of the people of Israel without numina, where there is a single God, called Jehovah or Yahweh, a representation of Edas Dei.

Yewish Prayer.

We believe that Yahweh reins the whole universe that he has created entirely of nothing for an exclusive act of his will, demanding us fidelity to the commandments that he has given us. We confirm the existence of the numen without numina in the Judaism, that tells its dearer statement: Sema Israel “Listens, Israel: Yahweh, our God, is only one”. From Judaism we learn the virtue of the fidelity to the law. Let us praise Yahweh, and let us implore him to protect us and he helps us at every moment.


11.Christian Evocation.

"The one that will confess in front of the men, I also will recognize him in front of my Celestial Father Edas Dei" (Mt, 10.32)

We carry out praise to Christianity making the sign of the Holy Cross and saying: On behalf of the Father God: Edas Dei, of his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit; Sigma Activity. Amen.

On which teachings of Jesus we evoke the deities of the Christian religion?

We evoked the deities of the Christian religion, constructed on the teachings of Jesus son of Edas Dei, as the one of the "love to the fellow" and "you do not want for another one, which you do not want for you", retaken of which centuries back Confucius taught and which is a legacy of the Chinese wisdom. Also, that has been said by Jesus is similar to the doctrine and moral of Buddha.

Whom do we worship in the Cristian Ceremony?

We worship the God Eternal Father who is numen, his son Jesus, the Virgin Maria, the saints, Angels, Archangels, and the Holy Spirit that are numina, and all they are the representation of Edas Dei.

How we perform the Christian ceremony?

With a edista mass we celebrate the Christian Ceremony, reading the Old and New Testaments. We do the reading and explanation of parts of the four Gospels and the teachings of Jesus. reading, and making commentaries on the Psalms remembering the sacrifice of the passion, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Christian Prayer

Our father, who is in the heaven, sanctified is your name. Come us to your Kingdom. Make your will in the earth, as well as is made in the heaven. Gives us the everyday bread. Forgive us the damages that we have made, as well as we have forgiven to those that have done badly to us. Do not expose us to the temptation, but you liberate us of the wicked one. (Mt 6.9-13)


12.Islamic Evocation.

¡In name of God, the Clement one, the Merciful one! Let us praise to God, Lord of the universe. The Clement, Merciful, Sovereign the day of the Judgment. To you we worship and to you we implore aid. Behave us by the straight way. The way of that you have heaped with your favors, and not the one of which they have angered to you, nor of the frenzy ones!

How do we invoke the Islam?

Let us invoke the Islam that is a religion universal monotheist based in the book The Koran, and in the Mohammed prophet's proclamation, that he proclaims the faith in a single god; Allah that means “God” in Arabic.

Islamic Prayer.

Let us understand that the Arab word “Islam” means “submission” to God, that teaches us the attitude that is requested to us as sincere believers in Allah, an attitude illustrated by Abraham's example who in the Mecca, where he found the Ka´ba, non figured tone symbol of the creative God, he formulated this statement: ¡Lord, do of us submissive believers, (Muslims), and of our descendants a community submit to you! (Coram II, 122)! We believe in Allah God and Mahomet his prophet, that at cosmic level Allah is the creator of all that it exists and anything does not exist outside of him, like a creation renovated to each instant and everything is dependent of the single order of God. Allah sees everything and there is not salvation outside of him, his mystery is impenetrable. The fight in the way to God is the Jihad, that is the effort that we make to defend God, to die for him and to consent so to the eternal happiness. Let us invoke the Islam, let us keep their precepts; the profession of faith, the prayer, the charity and the prohibition of taking alcoholic drinks. Oh God Allah, clement and merciful, we return our sight towards the Mecca and to be purified we prostrate with the forehead to the ground, like adoration, reserved single for God, we make profession of faith. "I confess that there is no more God than Allah and that that Mahomet is the envoy of God".


13. How raising the Pre-Columbian prayer?


14. Who is the God Viracocha Pachayachachi?

We elevate our prayer to the memory of Illa Viracocha Pachayachachi (Native Splendor, Lord, Master of the world), that he is a clearly celestial divinity and with sun characteristics, that was the first divinity of the old Tiahuanacos, coming from Titicaca, the same as his homonymous Quetzalcoatl, that he arose of the water, that he must order the world ab initio, that he created the Sun and the Moon and the first generation of giants that alive in the darkness. That he distributed the men, the animals and the plants on the earth, teaching to hunt and to cultivate. Viracocha divided the world in four parts: Chinchaysuyu (to the west), Collasuyu (to the east), Antisuyu (to the north) and Cuntisuyu (to the south). Afterward, he ordered to the men to leave caves, the sources, and the underground in the regions of the Chinchaysuyu and Collasuyu. Once finished the creation Virachocha sent under earth to all the Ancestors and from there they arose, from grottos, mountains, lakes or trunks, sacred places. Viracocha like nomadic god had a winged partner, the bird Inti, great knowing even of the future events. We say of Viracocha that he followed sun way, getting lost in the ocean and he was later in the sky.


15. What does Inti mean?

Let us praise the memory of Inti like the popular divinity of the Inca Empire, that it means" The Sun", call "Servant of Viracocha". He must have been the most important god since he gave life and heat to all the living beings and he made grow to the plants. He has been worshiped in multiple sanctuaries, surrendering him offerings of gold, silver, and livestock, as well as the calling virgins of the Sun. Let us remember to Cusco, headquarters of the main temple of the Sun god. We represent him for a great disk of solid gold, surrounded of rays and flames for its worshiping in complex sanctuaries.


16. Who is HunabKu?

We surrender cult to the memory of a first-born divinity and giving of life, in fact is not only the great Creative God of the world, but also of practically all things. Let us think that the Mayan didn't have a representation for him since they considered that was the vital and primordial energy of all the things and that he didn't have a defined form. We know to Hunan Ku as the man's main god creator, the Master and Lord of the skies, of the day and of the night, therefore its linking with the cosmogony of the Mayan world is vital. Let us see that from a symbolic point of view, the transcendence of the god Hunab Ku is that he appears manifested as unique and absolute entity of all the things. In fact it is as if he was born of himself, that which would be at the beginning a clear symbolic allusion archetypal of the infinite. As they count us the Mayan stories, alone when he disintegrates of his main entity, he obtains the capacity to create the universe. Before all those was only him.


17. Which kind of deity is Itzamna?

Let us surrender cult to this Master's memory and lord of the skies, of the day and of the night, that deal with the most outstanding divinity in the Mayan belief, not in vain is denominated as the Master and Lord of the skies, of the day and of the night. The divinity possesses other two curious names: “The Lizard´s House” and “The Iguana´s House”. Let us remember that is about two reptiles that specify of the Sun to stay hot, with the result that they should remain static long time, therefore, and from a symbolic point of view, both creatures seem to represent the indolence and the passivity on one hand, but also the eternal thing and the immovability, that is to say, that is always present.


18. Who is Ometeotl?

Let us surrender cult to the memory of Ometeotl, that is the name Nahuatl (Mexica or Aztec) for God, is the duality of the universe: Time and Space, are the creator, creator of all the dualities of the nature: Masculine and Feminine; Order and Chaos; Day and Night; Matter and Spirit. Ometeotl is manifested in the basic elements of the universe: fire, air, water and earth. The name of Ometeotl when one manifests through the water is Tlaloc that is red and it is to the east. The name of Ometeotl when one manifests through the earth is Tezcatlipoca that is black and it is to the North. The name of Ometeotl when one manifests through the air is Quetzalcoatl that is white and is to the west. The name of Ometeotl when one manifests through the fire is Huitzilopochtli that is blue and it is to the South.


19. Who is Queetzalcoat?

Let us join to the Queetzalcoat´s cult that was surrendered more than 2000 years ago in the Toltec area and he would be adored in all Mesoamerica. Quetzalcoatl is the unique, dual, and multiple god, its double was Xolotl, the bad one and then was bound to Venus, start of the afternoon, and to the world of the dead bodies. He was sometimes identified with Tlaloc, god of the rain and with Ehecatl, god of the wind. Quetzalcoatl is the creator of the five cosmic ages, of the men, giver of life to coast of its blood, of the corn, the one that together with Tlaloc flare to the ants so that the men fed. According to the legend he fell in the trap of the magicians and he sin, he left Tollan, and he was toward" the place of burning", he predicted his return and he incinerated himself.


20 Why do we worship the memory of Xipe Totec "Our Lord skinning"?

We pay worship to the memory of Xipe Totec "Our Lord flaying".

He is considered a God of fertility, the spring and the renewal of the flora. As one of the oldest and most respected in the former Mexico gods, he joins the myths as one of the creative gods. In the Maya Pantheon is represented wearing the skin of a freshly skinned man. It was believed that he could cure diseases of the eyes.


If we are body and spirit and of deaths exist their spirits, why we cannot invoke them to obtain their protection?

We extend the spiritual attitude of the Edista Sacred Ceremony to the world of further on, invoking to which they have gone away of this world, because they are the unique ones who know by lived experience the last destiny on the human being.

That everyone one invokes the ancestors which consider worthy to be his protective spirits.

Let us make the Act of Invocation to which they have left us or they leave us, with the following prayer:


Before the biological parabola of the birth, stage of the blue firmament until the zenith, declination by disease, oldness and the anguish of the disappearance, we accepted the painful mystery of the life and its biological curve and the death, dismissing us of all and leaving all the material goods as the total leave-taking and completes delivery to the supernatural world where there is no beginning nor final. We, who we were a moment in the great evolution of the universe and because of the spiritual, mental, and biological inheritance, we were conformed in certain way, when leaving the world of the physical laws we entered the prevailed one by the complete spirituality, with the conscience purified and sanctified by the repentance of our faults. From our tombs we warned all the humans, who once transferred the Porte of the Death, the great hope of salvation is in the point of convergence and encounter with the Divine Spirit of the Activity Sigma: Edas Dei, to reach the absolute peace as final goal of our destiny.

That Divine illumination reaches everyone and sanctifies personally your life and give you the spiritual peace and be with you at all times and being "edistas" enjoy the magic of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods (C.P.E.D.!


FIRST. Respect and learn from the teachings of all religions because all of them are implied and spiritually to Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U), because all their gods are only one: Edas Dei.

SECOND. Not make any type of consideration about the truth or falsity of the gods and their religions, because all gods and religions are part of Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U).

THIRD. Any religious Minister by the manifestation of their religious beliefs, do not critical because their religious teachings form the wisdom of Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U).

FOURTH. Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U) does not participate in any debate, discussion or consideration of theological, philosophical, and epistemological consideration about religious issue, because until now no one has solved the conflict between reason and faith.

FIFTH. The Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U) does not participate in any form of discrimination between men and women. There is equality of rights, recognition and opportunity of religious prominence between man and woman.

SIXTH. Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U) is a non-profit spiritual organization that gets its sustenance of human generosity; voluntary offerings, human charity and tithes.


SIGMA ACTIVITY, It is the essence and nature of Act of God, we cannot know, because it would be equal to God, it is impossible.

EDAS DEI (EDAS GOD): "Divine Spirit of Sigma Activity"; Absolute Being, creator of the world and their order and human destinies, to whom we pays cult.

SACRED SYMBOL SIGMA: Σ. It is the symbol that represents God by which deserves full respect.

DIVINE MESSAGE, It is the message of God, which is printed in the book Divine Illumination in the Age of Aquarius, which is the true "Word of God".

EDISMO, It is the theological and cult doctrine to Edas Dei that proclaims equality among all gods, religions and their faithful in order to exits peace in the world.

EDISTA PANTHEON OF GODS, It is the meeting and union of Edas Dei and the gods of all religions in the world.

EDISTA RITUAL, It is the ceremony of worship to The Edista Pantheon of the Gods, by which we surrender worship and praise Edas Dei, together with the cult to the gods of religions in the world.

SATORI,. It is the divine illumination that is achieved by the edista ritual.

UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS CONGREGATION (C.R.U.),. It is the spiritual organization res-ponsible for ensuring that the edista doctrine and cult extends around the world.

DHARMA, It is the ethical rule that all must obey based on the management of human energy.

MANTRAS, It is the set of prayers that we raise to God for divine enlightenment and our sins be forgiven to achieve eternal salvation.

NIRVANA, It is spiritual peace in this life and in the more beyond life.

HIEROPHANY, It is everything that is considered sacred in the world.

NUMEN, He is the God of reason and knowledge.

NUMINA, zzIt is the God of faith, belief and sentiment.

SATORI. It is the "divine illumination" which is accomplished by the ritual edista.

SACRED SYMBOL SIGMA: Σ. It is the symbol that represents God, so deserves the absolute respect.

UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS CONGREGATION (C.R.U.). It is a non-profit spiritual organiza- tion, responsible for ensuring that the edista doctrine and cult extends all over the world.

ZEN. Buddhist philosophical system that teaches that the Buddha-nature is in all of us, that everyone can become a Buddha, an enlightened one, a bodhisattva, by the faith of Buddha, by the idea of the void, of the liberation of thought, for perfection with Buddhist meditation practices.

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