Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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 Orthopraxis is the divine consideration that comes off the Orthodoxy and is manifested by ceremonies and rites to surrender cult to God, worshipping its divine image and other sacred symbols.

 In Edista Spirituality the religious cult as phenomenon of spiritual renovation presupposes a sacred land of relationship with the supernaturalism, that configures a mesh of attributes that they specify cognitive and ethical relationships among the man and the things, that acquire normative character that they are framed in some sacred parameters.

 In the world of the divinities, the land of the sacredness extends until the point of affecting each human action that will follow precise codes to contact the holiness, constitutes the rites, actions that when channeling occurs they give sense to the daily life.

 So the things, it is understood that the religion is a social practice, inseparable of the economy, of the politics, of the family, and even of the ecological context of the social group. These aspects are not distinguished with clarity, but rather they constitute a vital and dynamic whole for the social group.

 Edista Spirituality possesses an immanent rationality, it is the vital logic bounded to the social group that practices it. To try to understand the religion with an external logic to of the social group which practices it, is to be condemned to the failure. The important thing is the established relational web through the divine powers.

 In the Edista Spirituality exists the "integral, unite, and free cult to God", consistent in that each one should freely practice the explicit cult to the general image and of abstract universality of God like The work of Edas Dei and jointly to practice freely the implicit cult to the own images characteristic of his/her religion.

 The cults and rites of all the religions and sects are implied one with other, to each other, through the divine cult to Edas Dei, without making considerations about the truth or falsehood of the deities of each religion.

 The Edista Spirituality like shared feeling and felt by all the religions of the world, it does not seek to possess the absolute truth neither to make pronouncements of infallibility that harm the inter-religious relationship, because we are also conscious that the religious thought should evolve to the rhythm of the social development and of the cultural change.

 During the divine cult to Edas Dei jointly with the cult to the personal images of each religion, the religious men or women are carrying out an act of very complex knowledge that puts in practices minutely with their rites; for that reason the rite is also an act of knowledge.

 In the interlinking of rites exists one rationality, an internal coherence, before the one which the question about its truth or its falsehood is very secondary. The correct question would be on the vital sense of its coherence. The religious ritual cannot be investigated neither measured with the parameters of the science; of it alone registers its existence in people's conscience and its cultural and social goods.

 The ownership to the Edista Spirituality is developed without depriving the man of its own conscience, although is autoimpose, leaving of the principle that there is not real division between the body and the spirit, is indissoluble and integral unit, as the tape that with a single border and a single face symbolizes the union of the opposed ones through the continuity.

 Consequently, it can not supply himself the spiritual service, seeking to forget that the man is subject to a need world of social justice and exposed to a life of misery.

 The Edista Spirituality is in charge of serving to the spiritual world as saving formula, and it also worries about the human promotion, so that it is carried out from a perspective of social justice, inside the conception in a new way of knowledge of God, of a new theology and of a movement of spiritual liberation that so much the humanity yearns.

 It Edista Spirituality takes place as social phenomenon in the expression of the man-world precise relationships, and it should be faithful to its origin without aspiring to be established as independent of those relationships. Besides the spiritual peace that is achieved, it should have an atmosphere to achieve in all the other aspects a more human life.

 17.1. HEYOAN

 "Heyoan"; word that means: "the voice that mumbles the truth through the centuries".

 “Heyoan”; it is the sacred place for the New Sidereal Era of Aquarius.

 “Heyoan”; is the temple where we surrender cult jointly to Edas God with the cult to the personal images of each religion and its ritual, where is worshipped the image consigned in the symbol S, and other religious images, where profession of faith is made in Edas Dei.

 “Heyoan”; it is the habitation where we fortify our spiritual power that feeds and controls our available energy that ultimately determines our success or failure in this life and the destination in the other life like ethical conscience.

 In each one of us inhabits a "Heyoan" that symbolizes the dignity and respect for the image of Edas Dei and for the images of each religion.


 It is the Sacred place that keeps the Holy Symbol Σ and the symbols of all the religions, as manifestation of divine protection granting and increasing the gratia of the spiritual power and the available energy of each one.


 The great opportunity in the Era of Aquarius is in being “Edista”, is the person that belongs and deposits its faith in the principles, beliefs, and values of the Edista Spirituality and practices its cult, because who carries the Sacred Sigma Symbol: Σ,at every moment with faith; he/she will take with himself/herself and will get the divine protection, since is the divine symbol of Edas Dei and represents the gods of all and each one of the religions in the world.
 In the conviction that the Divine Message will bring a great benefit to the whole humanity, we make a great call to everybody without distinguishes of any class, to participate of this great unit, peace task and human promotion, and invitation to belong as active members of the organization´s Edista Spirituality.

 Let us preach and spreads the present document in all time and place of the world, distributes it without animus lucrandi like of gratia action in this life and of recompense in the Further on.