Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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 Orthodoxy is the conformity with the fundamental doctrine of a religion or a philosophical system.

The basic principle of Edista Orthodoxy is the Divine Message for the Era of Aquarius.


For the sidereal cycle of twenty-six thousand year-old that covers the twelve constellations of the Zodiac every 2100 years, approximately it takes place era changes that they revolutionize many aspects of the human life.

 The New Era is denominated “Era of Aquarius”, because we are almost to the end of the astronomical cycle of Pisces and beginning of other; Aquarius. There was upon a time in that one lived under the sign of Taurus and the empires and religions of Mesopotamia appeared. It came later Aries and the Jewish religion flourished. The sign of Pisces that began two thousand years ago has been that of the Christianity that arrives at its end.
 When entering the Sun in the sign of Aquarius it brings with itself a new world religiosity able to reconcile all the other religions. Aquarius will bring a new world order, a new humanity and a new religion.


 The Divine Message for the Era of Aquarius, which self-manifestation of God, prints a sacred character to the Edista Orthodoxy for contain the real and true image of God.
 The Divine Message demands fidelity to its cause as de gratia action in this life and that of the Further on and nobody will profane it, because written is that the moral demand and of gratia recompense exist of not entering in contact with anything that tries to ignore its truth and meaning.

 According to the Divine Message, God is as the light that comes from the firmament that we cannot see because it is darkness, but when it interactions with our terrestrial atmosphere produces light of all colors.

 The light we cannot see corresponds to the "nature and characteristic form of acting God acting", call "Sigma Activity", that nobody can know it because he/she would be equal to God, that is an impossible one. Concretely the " Sigma Activity " is something mysterious and unknown and it is the verb of the divine essence that nobody can know, understand neither comprehend.

 According to the Divine Message, that really we can know by the work of creation and order in the world, is the existence of God, as the Spiritus Divinus Actionis Sigma: Edas Dei (Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei); (c), symbolized by the Sigma Greek letter (Σ), as the Only True God that protects, heals and saves us.


 The edista religious feeling is characterized by the following elements:


 Edas Dei is the new concept of God in the Era of Aquarius like a duality expresses by two realities:

 - As Impersonal Being, that for to be Absolute Unique Principle is not compared with anything neither with anybody.
 - As Personal Being, for to be creator of World and its order. God should be exempt of any psychic action, which unites the body with the spirit in the human being and it cannot exist in God that is Immaterial Absolute Being.

 About this reality of exempt Personal God of psyche, we should always have present that we build the knowledge of God thinking of a being made to our image and likeness, so that the concrete, natural, and analogical images of God that each religion builds be of our mundane utility, still that they do not necessarily correspond to the reality.


 It is that calls the "positive reincarnation" that is not the oriental classic reincarnation, but it is to be born again to the life, that means to be discovered likewise, to the knowledge of up to where an unnecessary life is taken.

 It is an invitation to the hope, to break fears and to detect our hidden and real image that should emerge with success in the new culture that overcomes the traditional Jewish Christian culture.


 It is the recognition of the "spiritual activity" that has existed from the beginning of the World and it makes more and more its presence where it does not fit any revelation type, because the person takes inside itself that can be and that has to be.

 16.3.4. GOOD ONE NEW

 The "new evangelism" should be that of Aquarius, able to fuse and to melt all the religions in a new mystic initiation that allows the dialogue with the modern culture.

 The new mystic initiation is the “edismo”, that as Edista Spiritualityis built on the central axis of the "Teocentering" that means the faith from all over the world around a single universal concept of God and is the "Religious Pluralism" that is the interreligious dialogue underneath the concept that all the religions spiritually are an alone one, because an alone one is the general image and of abstract universality of God, but socially the religions are different because they have originated in different social contexts and each one has its own ritual and its own ceremonies according to the natural, analogical, and concrete images of God that historically each religious confession has conditioned and articulates with the Personal Being of Edas Dei .

 This "new edista evangelism" will be promoted by new spiritual teachers of the truth, whose bigger virtue will be the example of their lives.


 The new conception of God and the respect for the nature like recognition to the divine work, produce the "new cosmic theology" that is based in the knowledge of the origin and evolution of the Cosmos and of the humanity toasted by the positive and human sciences. The new divine conception also means a call to begin a "theological revolution" that in turn it inspires and it promotes a full "movement of spiritual liberation" to overcome the void and unconscious that have left in the actual society the traditional theologies of the revelation, that to persist in their dogmas have left more and more of the modern culture, without being able to establish the so yearned utopia of the dialogue between faith and reason.


 In te ipso habitat veritas. In you same dwells the truth.

 Each one is their own teacher in the search of God, each one is able to find it for himself, it is the spirituality like personal experience, it is the right that we have to choose the faith freely that more suits us, the accepted faith with sense of property, is the democratization of the religious knowledge so that is not privilege of elites that for tradition and indefinitely they seek to impose their creeds taking advantage of the their believers ignorance, and humility, product of a faith of mere emotional content for lack of the rationality and cognition, trying unsuccessfully to unite revealed religion and science.

 It is to know that each one is really source and knowledge, that each person discovers and experiences that God exists, that each one looks for it without middlemen and he finds him.


 The Edista Spirituality for the New Era of Aquarius is inspired by the “Edismo” that is the doctrine that based in the Divine Message, it proclaims the equality and union of the faithful ones of all the religions of the world in an spiritual organization without encourage of lucre, accepting a common, unique, and universal idea of God, allowing to each religion to conserve its own religious identity, but integrated inside the spectrum from the religious cult to the deities of all the religious confessions of the world, to provide different possibilities when being part and to belong to a new spiritual organization that allows the interreligious dialogue, the reconciliation, cooperation, and unit among all the religions of the world for the construction of the Suprareligión, as the entity that unifies all the religious beliefs in a new mystic initiation that represents the legitimate spiritual power, divine authority and sacred practice to supply the spiritual service and of eternal salvation to the humanity.

The “edismo” is the cybernetic doctrine of the knowledge and cult to Edas God to the formation of the Edista Spirituality that like a conceptual system of ideas about the divinity is auto-controlled by the Divine Message, and retro-loading with the teachings of the different religions and the knowledge supplied by the positive and human sciences.  

The Edista Spirituality like a universal religious congregation is built on the following theological criterions:  

  • 1. The “nature and characteristic form of acting of God”, called Sigma Activity is non cognizable and it is the “essence of God”. We can only know the “existence of God” as Spiritus Divinus Actionis Sigma: Edas Dei (Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei).
  • 2. All religion is a mixture of reality and fantasy and there is not an only true religion, but a group of truths and principles spread in most of religions of the world.  
  • 3. In heart all the religions are same and to save it is indifferent to belong to one or another and the Kingdom of God and the Word of God belongs to all people and to all the religions, the which one from the creation is written in the book of the nature and its laws that is object of study of the positive and human sciences.
  • 4. In God like absolute spiritual being cannot have any psychic element, because it affects his attribute of infinite being, for that reason God does not need neither he requires of the love of the humans; that is a characteristic feeling of the humans that alone exists among the humans and for the humans.
  • 5. The necessary condition for the religious unit is based in the “Teocentrism” and the “Religious Pluralism”. “Una est religio in rituum varietate.” An alone one is the religion amid a variety of rites.
  • 6. In the edismo, that is the syncretism for the coalition of diverse religious systems and religious practices belonging to different cultures, and in the eclectisism like method that consists on choosing of among diverse religious systems the theses that seem more acceptable to form with them a body of cybernetic doctrine on the divine thing for continuous scientific and religious feedback.
  • 7. The edismo is a polytheist-monotheistic system, based in the consideration that the gods of all the different religious confessions are a single tautological God called: Edas Dei: Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity (Edas Dei: Spiritus Divinus Actionis Sigma); Superior God, God of gods, Eternal Father of the gods of all religions in the world.

 In the face of the divergence for the tendency to the religious fundamentalism that accompanied us for a lot of time, each religion conserves its identity inside the Suprareligion being based on its personal images of the divinity.

The edismo is ““opus edas dei””; The work of Edas Dei, a new religious movement for the New Era that as Edista Spirituality symbolizes the spiritual union of all religions like a single unit that means the "global inter-religious opening" for the spiritual service of eternal salvation and as a contribution to the world peace and security, the social justice, the human promotion, and the wellfare and the prosperity of humanity.

The philosophical reflection on the Edista Spirituality, understands the principles that determine its rationality, that is to say they give him coherence. This reflection like perfectly legitimate attitude is not made as faithful of a certain religion, but such as a critical reflection of the religious problematic is valid for all religions.

All the religions created with intention to lead to the human being towards God are ontologically equal. There are no superior religions or no inferior religions. In the sacred book of the Koran it is reading: “We have given to each people the rites by which they are guided”.

Therefore the differences between religions and others are of another nature, that they do not correspond to their objective and foundation but to particularities in the way to articulate their objectives.

Frequently, the study of the religion is located inside an etymological description, being given it two interpretations or forms according to that the term "religion", comes from the Latin words “religare” that means" unite again, or of "relegere" with the sense of "to unify"," to gather"," to pick up." In the first case that has prevailed traditionally, the religion would be the human activity that tries unite again or to settle down, an original unit between God and the man, broken in a given moment and for diverse causes according to each religion.

 In the second case it is to unite the human and divine that did not exist, that which guides toward a social and not transcendent dimension.

 When locating the religion like "unite again", spends at the ideology level; to the use of the idea like instrument of power.

 In the Edista Spirituality is considered that the original unit between God and the man has never broken, because the web space-time from its origin is encouraged by the spirituality.

 In the Edista Spirituality is considered that Edas Dei still printed in all man and woman the power of the spiritual power, that means the domain of the spirituality on the psychic aspect and is related with the conscientious state and the available energy, even though one not always has explicit conscience of it, but is not the same one for all, is bigger the more impersonally is conceived the divinity and to it makes relationship to the religious faith that each one professes and determines its luck and success.