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The "Edista Garden" is the necessary last part to add in the Bible as final chaptter for their updating and complementation.


1. For the age of Aquarius, Emmanuel, which means "God with us", received the Divine Message not by divine revelation which does not exist, because God as spiritual absolute being may not materialize to talk to anyone because he would not be God, but by intuition Mystique, which is intimate secret of the supernatural world. The Divine Message is the word of God, in which he says:
¡I am the absolute unique principle and there is no name for the essence and activity itself of my spiritual being, and only there is it for my existence by my single action that created and ordered the world!
As well as the “point” is the fundamental notion that originates the science of geometry, thus, the “Divine Message” is the starting point for construction of a new spirituality according to the progress of positive and human sciences.

2. The religion as spirituality is a garden of feelings that everyone carries in his heart and which defines the relationship between the human and the divine and manifests itself as a set of beliefs, practices and rituals.
How is your garden and who is your gardener?
Think in your garden! You will find that is an environment of diverse vegetation and architecture, with a fresh and beautiful source of water and irrigation, stones and rocks that adorn and give it a style, with paths that define areas of attraction for a walk in search of flowers different aromas, colors and ranges, in a space that is aesthetically planned and determined its landscape.
This garden that is your property is your religion, requiring the presence of a gardener who is the "God" of your religion.

3. Now, you join your garden with all the other gardens to form the "great garden of religions" called the "Edista Garden", where all religion is good and the gods live in peace with other gods and all speak the same language, knowing that your God along with all the gods of the other gardens are one single; "The Great Gardener, King of the gods", called "Edas Dei", symbolized by the Greek Letter Sigma (Σ). All in one and one in all.

4. His name has his origin in the Divine Message, which teaches us that we can know the existence of God as a Divine Spirit by his work of the creation and order of the world, but we cannot know his divine essence and own activity called "Sigma Activity" because we would be equal to God which is impossible, so the absolute being, the True God, is the “Divine Spirit of Sigma Activity called: Edas Dei".

5. ¡We know that God exists, but we do not know how God really is!
"No one has seen God ever". John 1.18.
“Does man know in fact the intimate part of man, but the spirit of man which is in him? Similarly, no one knows the things of God, but the spirit of God”. Corinthians 1.2,11.
Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Theological Summa said: “what more we don't know of God from what we know of God”.
“The criterion of the philosopher Inmanuel Kant about the knowledge of the divinity has a great impact on contemporary theology. The trial of Kant determines that is impossible to know God as he is in himself”.
"Sigma activity" is an intangible, is the most sacred thing in the world because is the essence of God; the Holy Spirit of Christianity.
The existence of God; Edas Dei, is a tangible.

6. To make a journey in time to the land of the famous Babylon, called Babel on the banks of the Euphrates, there just is "Edista Garden", represented by the whole of the so-called hanging gardens of Babylon, that are considered as one of the seven wonders of antiquity, where there is a single gateway called Blue Gate or Gate of Ishtar, that allows you to enjoy the magic of the best walks, which is also one of the great wonders of antiquity, whose name received it in honor to the goddess of the same name which was consecrated, that was the charm of the pilgrims that abashed, to remains the main street called Way of the Gods.

7. Your lifetime adventure as a spiritual experience and commitment to sacred with yourself, begins crossing the Ishtar Gate, which opens and welcomes you to enter the Edista Garden, which means the solemn acceptance of Edas Dei in your life as a supreme value of human existence, that makes you "edista", to find peace, welfare success in your life and the true eternal salvation.
Pass through the blue gate, or gate of Ishtar, and entering the Edista Garden you set an unconditional relationship of supreme value and commitment to each of the gods within a "new order", which is essential for growth, progress and spiritual power of a mystical nature.
Now, explore the path of the gods by accepting the reality of a new experience, new forms, new convictions, new trees of the Edista Garden whose fruit you can eat now in opposite of what was at the beginning, when Adam and Eve sinned. It is time of whole for everyone and everything in the new spirituality, each one serving what he/she wants.

8. Then now comes in your life the final hour which is to transfer the blue gate, or gate of Ishtar, in order to belong and integrate with your religion to the Edista Garden, purified and free from sin to obtain personal and direct communication with God, to receive the grace and divine light and form your own spirituality without intermediaries.
In each one of the hanging gardens of Babylon that form the Edista Garden, the garden of each religion meets his God, who you praise to receive from each one of them his teachings, wisdom and divine protection.

9. The visit to the garden Edista follows an order:
I. The garden of Hinduism, which gardeners are: Brahman and the divinities of the Hindú Trinity consisting of Brahma, which embodies the creation; Vishnu is the preservation, the protection of the man; Siva which is emblem, symbol and representation of nature, of destruction and regeneration, eternal, simultaneous, and fatal, and the main incarnations or avatars of Vishnu; Rama and Krishna, being all these gods one: Edas Dei.

II The garden of Buddhism whose gardener is Buddha that is the representation of Edas Dei.
III The garden of Taoism, whose gardener is the Tao, which is the representation of Edas Dei.
IV The garden of the Shinto Buddhism Zen, whose Japanese gardeners are: Shintoism is the spirit of Kami God, and Zen Buddhism is the divine being implicit in the Buddha-nature, Sosanoo God of the ocean, love and the order, Kishipoten, goddess who embodies the beauty and harmony, the deity Amaterasu, the sun goddess and the living world, all of them being the representation of Edas Dei.
V The garden of Judaism, whose gardener is the God Yahweh, also called Jehovah, which is the same Edas Dei with different name.
VI The Garden of Christianity, which gardeners are: Edas Dei which is the existence of God and is the same Eternal Father; Jesus filius Edas Dei: Jesus son of Edas Dei, the Holy Spirit essence of God, which is Sigma Activity, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubim and saints, who are also the representation and manifestation of Edas Dei,
VII The Garden of Islam, whose gardener is the Allah God, which is Edas Dei.
VIII The Pre-Columbian garden, that make up the gardens of pre-Columbian civilizations: Maya, among whose divinities "the one God", father of the gods; deserves mention HunabsKu. Of the Aztec Pantheon, mentioned to Ometeotl, God of duality and Supreme diversity without images, and other major deities which emanate from it. Of the divinities of the Incas, to Inti, the Sun God, which for a long time was Chief God; Viracocha, "the God" par excellence, the Supreme being which dominates the Inca pantheon. All of them are the manifestation of Edas Dei.

10. In the garden Edista jointly with Edas Dei, all the deities of the different faiths meet and form the so-called Edista Pantheon of the Gods. The spirituality that forms consists in considering that all gods are one single: Edas Dei, and the Edismo is his doctrine, and Heyoan the Temple of his worship for living edista faith.

11. Edismo is to be aware that the True God is Edas Dei.
Edismo is to believe and have faith in Edas Dei.
Edismo is the doctrine that proclaims the equality of all religions in the world, accepting a common, unique and universal idea of God, which unifies all religious beliefs in a new mystical initiation, with legitimate spiritual power and divine authority, for spiritual service and of eternal salvation of mankind.
By its spiritual nature, the essence of the edismo is the "theocentrism", which means the faith of everyone around a single universal concept of God, and the "religious pluralism"; that is spiritually dialogue for interfaith union under the concept that all religions are one, because one is the general and abstract universality of God, but socially the religions are different because they have originated in different social contexts and each one has their own ritual and their own ceremonies according to natural, analog, concrete, images, and personal images of God, that every religious denomination has historically conditioned.

12. The spiritual union of all religions is inspired by the "edismo" which proclaims equality, union and autonomy of the faithful of all religions of the world.
The Edista doctrine preaching the ideology of Edista Thought; that is an invitation to travel four paths in the Age of Aquarius.
The first way is that teaches you that the True God is Edas Dei.
The second way is called to participate as a leader of the modern theological revolution, so everyone will have a real and true knowledge of God.
The third way is your commitment to be a leader and promoter of spiritual liberation movement in your community, which is a process of religious re-education and of spiritual renewal so humanity needs much to gain increasingly more vital spiritual space, free of the traditional ties that for a long time have enslaved you with their doctrines and dogmas.
The fourth way is that of God Peace; pax deorum; for reconciliation between all religions and the faithful in the world, so that there is peace on Earth and there are no more wars for religious reasons.

13. Edista garden there are flowers and fruits of the dharma, karma, samsara, mantras, the sartori and nirvana forming edista ethics, morals, and values.
Dharma is the law, standard, which you must follow, obey and comply with, which is based on the ethical principle of: "do good, personal autonomy and justice for human development". Karma, is "the law of cause and effect", which as a consequence of the facts, acts continue to every human being through life.
The Sansara is the domain that exerts the karma, which is happiness or suffering of the existence in the material world, caused by your compliance and obedience, or not the dharma.
Mantras are the set of prayers and practices and meditation which form a ritual and serve as repentance and forgiveness for sins, which act as media used to strip you, separate yourself, pass and free yourself and purify yourself liberating from the Sansara, to be reborn again sanctified for the sartori that is the divine illumination and attain Nirvana, which is the State of well-being and happiness in this life and peace in eternal life; It is the Garden of Eden where you'll enjoy everything earthly life denies you.

14. All the gods in the garden Edista are one single: Edas Dei. All in one and one in all. His cult in the temple called Heyoan, is equivalent to the cult to every God in the temple of each religion. All in one and one in all. Thus, the cults to the gods in different temples are equivalent each and every one of them to a single cult to Edas Dei. The true worship to God, is the "Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods", that is the cult to Edas Dei together with praise to the gods of all the religious denominations in the world, all as a single worship God. All in one and one in all.
The only praise to Edas Dei is done through all the sacred books of each and every one of the religions, naming and invoking the name of Edas Dei, whenever is invoked the name of the god of each religion, because there is implicit, inscribed and written his name although we cannot see it.

15. In the Edista Jarden you learn to realize that as yourself, there is no or there will be another in the world, only your Ego and only once. It is your own mystery. It is something ineffable, singular, and unpublished. Being the Edista Jarden is to have the feeling that the dissociation of your being is stop, that at any point in your life you will be a be finished, but a being done, because your existence will have found unity and great significance. In the garden Edista Garden you will get to have the vision of the world, who believe in the existence of hidden and latent forces that come from the divine being to exert their influence in your life. That the performance of the hidden forces of nature gets imitating the gods, following their teachings, resembling them, remembering that we are not alone, but that we are accompanied by all the deities of the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

16. Postmortem human existence in the Edista Jarden. What survives after death? Thus, as each one's life, so is his death and more beyond. The human being is energy and consciousness and not can shed never of his consciousness, which survives death. In comparison with a computer, human life consists of software that is his conscience and hardware that is his body, at the death disappears hardware and survives the software. After death the material life continues its existence in the consciousness, but virtually.

17. ¡That the divine illumination reaches everyone personally to sanctify your life, protect you and give you the spiritual peace, so it is your company at all times and being "edista" enjoy the magic of the Edista Garden.