Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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 The edismo means a new world order in which are recognized the right of all the religious confessions to practice their cult and to be part of the Suprareligión.

 For the juridical concept of religion, they are religions in the edismo doctrine all the individual or collective forms of the man's relationship with the sacred thing - this is, with that does not form part of the secular and profane environment of the world -, independent of their origin, of their fundamental structure, of their momentous or immanent character, of their regime of organization and of their type of pity.

 In the edismo a great respect exists for each individual's internal statute, for the own convictions, ideology, way to conceive the world, for that is a product of an internal analysis, whose environment is the person's inalienable domain, that constitutes a system of values in the more intimacy of each person, its own conscience in whose depths nobody cannot penetrate, neither to exercise coercion.

 The Edista Canon means mandate, rule or precept as a religious norm that is based in the following norms of international and universal character:


The liberty of conscience is guaranteed. Nobody will be bothered by reason of their convictions or beliefs neither compelled to reveal them neither obliged to act against their conscience.


The freedom of cults is guaranteed. All people are entitled to profess their religion freely and to diffuse it in form singular or collective. All the religious confessions and churches are equally free before the law.


It is guaranteed to all people the freedom of to express and to diffuse their thought and opinions, the one of to inform and to receive truthful and impartial information, and the one of founding massive means of communication.

 These are free and they have social responsibility of guaranteeing the right to the rectification under conditions of justness. There will not be censorship.


It is prohibited in the doctrine of the edismo all propaganda in favor of the war and all apology of the national, racial or religious hate that constitute incitements to the violence or any other similar illegal action against any person or people's group, for any reason inclusive those of race, color, religion, language or national origin.

Based on the Demon that doesn't exist, the inquisition of Saint Office was work of the Catholic Church and of the Protestantism making hurt humanity's crimes to combat the demonolatry.

The future society under the new edista canon doesn't go more by those dark times of the inquisition again, where the churches sacrificed wrongly in the blaze to accused women of witchcraft and sorcery and accused men of heresy.

The new edista order comes with the watchword of the peace, of the security and with the promise of the prosperity for the humanity, with the hope of a spiritual world government.

If the gods are alone the different face of one same divinity, it exists the law of all the religious confessions to unite spiritually to that divinity, like crucial and mysterious figure inside the world conscience that will define the confrontation among the forces of the good and of the wrong, it will be the answer to a changing religious world that marked an entire new epoch.

Everybody who carries the mark of the Sacred Symbol Sigma: (Σ), he/she will have the right to the human promotion, to administer the sacred thing and to receive the divine protection and the spiritual power of the gods of all the religions, because they are the representation of Edas Dei.