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Paragraphs of the book Divine Illumination in the Aqurius Era:



In the center of the world and each one of us a sacred place called Heyoan exists, that is the temple to which we resort to the encounter with the Gods that descend from the heaven to hear our supplications. There in a sacred time we extend to the origin of the world like creation act, to receive from the Gods their teachings and the divine illumination.

Gods are only different faces from same divinity that reveals the secret of the treatment of all our evils, when considering that a Demon exists that causes them and that it goes away when we elevated our prayer of faith to that divinity and we sacrificed ourselves dying to extend to the time of the creation, to appear again to a life already purified and heals again.

If we gave in personal form with faith and devotion to that same divinity venerating it and our prayers satisfy the Gods of the different religious beliefs, we will receive the divine illumination, which it means the spiritual power that allow to develop us the mysterious gifts of the nature and the latent forces that there is in each one of us, giving answer to our anguishes, preoccupations and necessities, satisfaction to our desire of belongness and sense of the life, accomplishment of our project of life, experience of states of conscience for the maximum advantage of our energies that determine the luck of each one, the success in the life and the eternal salvation in further on.

Edista Catechism´s Paragraphs: PRESENTATION

1. With the knowledge of the theology that is in the pages of this book, everybody can end up having an actual and true knowledge of God, that it is the biggest help that historically it can be supply to a people for the encounter their own identity and be able to perform their own destiny.

2. The theology is an individual phenomenon that is taken in the head like the logical thought for the knowledge of God for the reason, and the religions are a phenomenon of masses and of mythical beliefs of the communities that are taken in the heart like affective and emotional feelings to make us believe in the existence of their gods by the faith.

3. Since the creation the divine dimension by the "axis mundi"; axis of the world, splited the world in two; the invisible of the faith and the visible of the reason, the one of the "Apriori" and the other of the "Posteriori", which are two worlds impossible to join

4. “The faith is to believe in something that can be true or false for not being possible to demonstrate it and because it is a confidential act toward the unknown”

5. “The reason becomes us humble because it teaches us that we can not demonstrate the truth of that we believe and the faith becomes us proud because it makes us believe that what we believe is truth" 
The sacred books are feelings and mythical beliefs valid by faith and not by the knowledge that is the result of thought, intelligence and reason, therefore the true faith is to believe in them without seeing or touch them.  

6. “Religious phenomenon exists”. The reason of its existent is simple. Man is conscious of relativity of his life and takes a position which is translated in a belief and one practice that at heart is similar in all religions, which unites them more than it separates them.

7. The religions are not true or false, but more or less they are useful models that allow us to approximate us to the divine reality, and is thus, because the divine truth, of which is God in himself, will never be known

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