God will gratify you in this life and in that of the further on distributing and teaching the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius” in your community without animus lucrandi. Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods

The gods of all and each one of the religions in the world are the “significants” of an alone one “signification”: Edas Dei/strong>

The ““largest cult”” is the ““Gods´ Edista Pantheon Cult”, and ““lesser cult” is the god´s cult of each religion. The “"largest cult"” is a superior cult because is a whole gods cult and the ““lesser cult”” is a less cult because is a cult only one God.


"The divine existence of God is the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei (Edas God), symbolized by the Greek letter Sigma (Σ), that is the true image of God; the Superior God, God of gods and Eternal Father of the gods of all religions in the world.  Therefore in all religious books is sacredly hidden the name of Edas Dei (Edas God), although we don't see it. For that reason we can make his praise in anyone of the sacred books of all and each one of the religions in the world, making allusion to Edas Dei (Edas God)/em> where the name of each god appears. So, in the Bible Jesus Christ is the son of Edas Dei (Edas God), and the commendation to Edas Dei (Edas God) is made replacing the name of Yahweh or Jehovah God or the Lord, for that of Edas Dei (Edas God)."

The Edista Religion, on behalf of the Universal Religious Congregation, opens its doors to all the communities of the world, to offer and supply the spiritual service of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods, whose great communication power with God resides in that is a cult to the gods of all the religions, being maximum its power when the cult is to Edas Dei (Edas God), to be god of gods and being the Eternal Father of all the gods.

The Edista Religion covers the whole hierofania that is all that is shown as sacred in the world, in its intent of administering the whole religious fact, gathering the cult of all the religions in a single cult to God.

The practice of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods demands the execution of the following conditions:
1. - To know the Fundamental Edista Theology (TFE), so that everybody can have an actual and true knowledge of God.
2. - To carry out the ritual and the ceremonies characteristic of each religion.
3. – The priestly presence of the Edista Pastor, like minister in charge to direct the Edista Cult.
4. - The cult place that is the temple called Heyoan.

Although all the religions spiritually in the hearth they are an alone one, they are manifested socially in a different way and with diverse cult, that is carried out as an act of very complex knowledge with the realization of its rites and ceremonies that they characterize to each one.

We invite all the participants to participate of the rewarding experience of living the Edista Faith, for their effective communication with God practicing the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods, to obtain its divine protection, giving thank God for the gifts that he has granted us in this life and the eternal happiness that waits for us in the other life.


1. - We begin the Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods (CPED), reading of the following sentence that is a paragraph of the book Divine Illumination in the Aquarius Era (IDEA).

Divine Enlightment in the New Era
In the center of the world and each one of us a sacred place called Heyoan exists, that is the temple to which we resort to the encounter with the Gods that descend from the heaven to hear our supplications. There in a sacred time we extend to the origin of the world like creation act, to receive from the Gods their teachings and the divine illumination. Gods are only different faces from same divinity, that reveals the secret of the treatment of all our evils, when considering that a Demon exists that causes them and that goes away when we elevated our prayer of faith to that divinity and we sacrificed ourselves dying to extend to the time of the creation, to appear again to a life already purified and heals again. If we gave in personal form with faith and devotion to that same divinity venerating it and our prayers satisfy the Gods of the different religious beliefs, we will receive the divine illumination, which means the spiritual power  that allow to develop us the mysterious gifts of the nature and the latent forces that there is in each one of us, giving answer to our anguishes, preoccupations and necessities, satisfaction to our desire of belongings and sense of the life, accomplishment of our project of life, experience of states of conscience for the maximum advantage of our energies that determine the luck of each one, the success in the life and the eternal salvation in further on.

2. - We give reading to the Divine Message, in which is same God who speaks to us and he says:

We respond to the Word of God with the following prayer:

Promise to God
Under the commitment of our word before God, we promise him solemnly to diffuse and to teach the Divine Message to all the humans, so that the truth illuminates the mind and the hope reborns in all the hearts. Then, we will still have completed our mission in the Earth, even at the expense of our lives, it will happen that should be happening; the enterprising struggle with requirement of the sacrifice of our lives will wake up forces that wish to stand up, to shake off the yoke that has hold them imprisoning in the millenary dream lethargy during the Pisces era. Now it waits inexorably for us the infinite bonus in the Almighty’s bosom of the further on.

3. - Numen is the God of the reason and numina are the functional and human gods of the faith. Edas Dei (Edas God)is numen and numina; god of the gods, Eternal Father of all the gods that is the same God of all and each one of the religions in the world.

Celebrating the commendation ceremony to the gods of the different religions, we identify to each one of the gods like numen or numina, having present that they are the different forms of the manifestation of Edas Dei (Edas God) in the religious world.

With the following sentence we carry out the devotion act and statement of “faith, veneration and personal belonging to Edas Dei (Edas God)”, that he is the center of the Edista Pantheon of Gods.

Edista Creed
I believe that no human being can know the divine nature and the action emanated of his essence denominated Sigma Activity that indicates the infinite adding of the properties and omnipotence of God. I believe in the Divine Spirit of the Sigma Activity: Edas Dei (Edas God) by the creation and existing order in the World, like the Unique True God and only hope of salvation. I believe in the supernatural power of the spiritual power that Edas Dei (Edas God) provides to each one of us to give foundation and security to the own existence, to take the maximum advantage of our available human energy, that when splits itself in useful energy and degraded energy determines the luck of each one. I believe in the divine origin of our spiritual power to obtain the health, the well-being and the success in this life. I believe that our ethical conscience is good everything that allows the maxima use of the Available Energy and bad everything what is against it. I believe that our faults will be pardoned to reach the divine grace and the glory of further on. I believe that our ethical conscience is governed by the dharma; that is the precept to complete, and for the karma; that is the law of cause to effect and for which our acts follow us, according to which is reached or not the nirvana that is the state of eternal happiness in the further on. I believe that morally it is good all that allows the maximum use of the available and bad all that opposes to it. I believe that our lacks will be forgiven to reach the eternal glory in the further on.

4. - Hinduism Prayer
Before the Principle of the Dharma and the Law of the Karma, we carried out the Hinduism prayer like an act of contrition, making the “self-criticism” to our acts to purify our spirit. Also "we appear again to the life" by the "positive reincarnation", that is to be born again to the life that takes to discover of ourselves, to the knowledge of whither an unnecessary life takes place.

We evoke to the Hinduism that is the religion of the India; cradle of all religions; worshipping the divinities of the Hindu Trinidad formed by Brahma that is numen and it embodies the creation; Vishnu that is numina, and it is the conservation, the man's protection; Siva is numina; that is emblem, symbol and representation of the nature, of eternal, simultaneous, and fatal destruction and regeneration, and the main reincarnations or changes of Visnu; Rama and Krisna are numina, being all these divinities an alone one: Edas Dei (Edas God).

We elevate our prayer to all the divinities of the Hinduism, that they are manifestations of oneself divine reality: Edas Dei (Edas God), so that every day is made us different with new possibilities by the bhakti or gush of the love feeling, evoking the mantras so that they give us their protection.

Hinduism Prayer
We evoke the call maya that is the divine creative power of Brahma, that is continuous transformation, for it the nature constantly changes, that we are governed by the Principle of the Dharma, that they are the precepts that we should complete so it goes us well in the life, that the life is like a flow uninterrupted called sansara that conceives the individual existence as a stage in a series of inmemorables reincarnations subjected to the Law of Karma; that is the law of cause to effect and for which our acts follow us and we cannot avoid our responsibility before them, that the important thing in the life is to know what is necessary do to liberate the atman: that is the Me trapped, so that can escape from the sansara and to reach the spiritual well-being spiritual called Nirvana that is the state of perfection and eternal happiness in the further on when the Karma ceases.

5. - Buddhist Prayer
Before our buddhdic nature, we elevated our Buddhist prayer to obtain being illuminated and to know the great truths and realities kept in our unconscious one that we do not know and that nevertheless handle our lives.

We surrender cult to the implicit character in the buddhdic nature that is numen, and we worship Buddha that is numina, as the prototype of the natural and concrete image of the divine thing and synthesis of the human thing, a god in the whole sense of the word. The Character of the buddhdic nature and Buddha are the representation of Edas Dei (Edas God).

Buddhist Prayer
We surrender cult to the figure of Buddha that preached the new truth of the “to be loved those some to the other ones”, that is the dharma of the compassion with the neighbor and that he taught how to find the path of the illumination for itself adopting that he called the Intermediate Road, a course to continue to avoid the ends of the lifestyles to reach the last goal; the Nirvana, that is the salvation, the state of peace and perfect illumination, free of the desires and the suffering escaping to the indefinite and squeezing circle of the reincarnations. That the Buddhismnature called Ku, that is the one that facilitates the change and it establishes that in the universe and in the human nature anything is fixed and everything changes. Let us remember that the Buddhism teaches us that we arrive for ourself to the knowledge and not for revelation, that we should practice the charity and the universal love and that for the spiritual liberation we arrive to the suppression of the suffering, that to achieve the state of perfection is to reach the Buda state, that our ideal is to end up being bodhisattvas; beings that have pursued for themselves the illumination.

6. - Taoist Prayer
When carrying out the Taoism prayer, we realize that we need our "personal self-realization”, which is the search of the Tao, way of the truth, the knowledge, of which the person takes of one’s self, which can be and what it must be.

"Before there was heaven and earth, something of cloudy, quiet existed already, locked up in itself, in itself invariable, eternally circulating, worthy to be the mother of all the things". Here it is the Tao.
We surrender cult to the Taoism, looking for with devotion to find the Tao in all our actions that it is performing with cause knowledge. The Tao is numen that is authenticates manifestation of Edas Dei (Edas God). In the Taoism does not exist numina.

Let us consider the deep teaching that the book Tao-you king says: "The one that takes in itself the treasure of the virtue of Tao is like a small boy. It will not be itched by poisonous insects, nor attacked by wild animals or birds of plundering". And: "The one that reaches the Tao is eternal. It will never perish, even though his body was rotting".

Taoist Prayer
We evoke the Taoism, that it the route to follow; that it is the inaction, the quietness, and the passivity and its objective is to look for the Tao, to leave the world behind and to enter in union with the nature. There is the Tao without name that is imperceptible, incomprehensible and ineffable, and there is the Tao that acquires name when producing the beings. “With name, he is all the beings' Mother.” We believe that the Tao is the last source of all the things that they receive for his means the life and the form. We believe in that all the existent one is due to the action reciprocates of two principles; the Yin and Yang, which fight to each other constantly and in the heart they coincide because its harmony is the Tao, that it is a manifestation of the harmony and cosmic order at material level; at human level it indicates us that there is a natural and correct way to make everything, that gives to each thing its place and to all person its function. We believe that the mystery and harmony of the life resides in the Tao's knowledge to obtain the peace and the illumination. We believe in the concord between the heaven and the earth when the Tao follows its natural course, when in the course of the nature we perturb the Tao's rhythm, it sows the confusion in the order of the universe of where they flow all the evils that afflict the humanity, that will only be able to be overcome them if we undergo the Tao's will and we become instruments of its eternal law.

7. - Japanese Prayer
The prayer of the Nippon Religious Thought, means that the success in the life goes beyond science and the technology, this in the "teocentrism and the religious pluralism" of the sintoism, in the power of the meditation and the action of the Buddhism Zen. It is the knowledge that each one is its own teacher in the search of God and without intermediaries everyone finds him.

We make the rituals and the ceremony of blessing of the Japanese gods for our activities or specific events being part of our daily life reconciling contemplation and action. We surrender cult to the religion of the Japan, coalition of the Shintoism that means “on the way to the gods” and of the Zen Buddhism that means “meditation” and statement of: “Looks inside you, you are the Buddha.”

The numen of the Shintoism is the Spirit of the god Kami, whose nature is manifested in all that surrounds us and that of the Zen Buddhism is the implicit Divine Being in the buddhdic nature; both are the representation of Edas Dei (Edas God).

The deities of its numina are the personal aspect of Edas Dei (Edas God), that each one has a position inside the hierarchy of the power, is Sosanoo, god of the ocean, of the love and of the disorder, Kishipoten, goddess that embodies the beauty and the harmony, until its culmination with the deity Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and of the alive world whose name means “Great Spirit that Illuminates the Skies.”

Japanese Prayer
Let us learn that our beliefs and religious practices are not an obstacle to practice other religions and in the daily life we are pure of heart and let us accept the changing nature of everything. Let us keep the norm of Confucius of the loyalty toward the family, of which the father is the patriarchal head and let us follow the “Great Road” that is the teaching of the Buddha that “the truth and the way to the salvation is for all, that the love and the compassion of Buddha are so big that he will not deny to anybody the salvation, that for our buddhdicnature all we can end up being a Buddha, a bodhisatva, an illuminated one, that if we adopt from the Zen the affirmation: "Sight within you; you are the Buddha" like  Buddha Word,  it means the: "contemplation that leads to the highest stage of conscience", or "union with the Truth", that by of the buddhdic faith and the appropriate singular discipline, any man can be able to reach the same illumination; satori, that Buddha conquered in his momen, that we obtain a spiritual benefit by means of the meditation to see “inside the nature of oneself”, emptying the mind to be filled without contamination of a new substance: The immovable conscience of the unit of the universe, of an unique entirety where, however, we occupy a part, releasing the thought to direct it to the human improvement. Every one of us gets the illumination by oneself to open us to the universe making the inner emptiness and in any moment we will discover the biggest mysteries, marvels and we will reach the truth. Now we can have the Zen experience, the illumination that is the “compassion” or “love to the neighbor”, the harmony with the universe and with the love to the nature to acquire the sensation of peace and freedom characteristic of the Nirvana.

8. - Jewish Prayer
"None proffers in vain the Name of Yahweh, your God, because Yahweh does not judge innocent to who proffers its name in vain" (Exodus, 7XX)

Let us evoke to the Judaism like monotheistic religion of the people of Israel, where there is a single God, Yahweh; that he isnumen and represents to Edas Dei (Edas God).

Jewish Prayer
We believe that Yahweh reins the whole universe that he has created it entirely of nothing for an exclusive act of his will, demanding us fidelity to the commandments that he has given us. We confirm the existence of the numen without numina in the Judaism, that tells its dearer statement: Sema Israel “Listens, Israel: Yahweh, our God, is only one.” From Judaism we learn the virtue of the fidelity to the law. Let us praise Yahweh, and let us implore him to protect us and he helps us at every moment.

9. - Christian Prayer
“The one that will admit before the men, I will also recognize it before my Celestial Father” (Mt, 10, 32)

We evoked the deities of the Christian religion, constructed on the teachings of Jesus, as the one of the "love to the fellow" and "you do not want for another one, which you do not want for you", retaken of which centuries back Confucius taught and which they are a legacy of the Chinese wisdom. Also, that has been said by Jesus is similar to the doctrine and moral of Buddha. The numen is the God Father and numina are his son Jesus, his mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, the saints, the Angels, being all of them the representation of Edas Dei (Edas God).
The New Testament is the sacred book of the Christianity written in Greek language many years after the existence of Jesus, which contemplates that the tradition in old Greek transmitted of supposedly he built in his life and of which it said that he said, since he did not leave anything written, and that he really taught and said in his Aramaic language nobody knows it.

Christian Prayer 
Our father that you are in the heaven, sanctified it is your name. Come us to your Kingdom. Make your will in the earth, as well as it is made in the heaven. Give us the everyday bread. Forgive us the damages that we have made, as well as we have forgiven to those that have done badly to us. Do not expose us to the temptation, but you liberate us of the wicked one. (Mt 6.9-13).

10. - Islamic Prayer
In name of God, the clement one, the Merciful one! Let us praise to God, Lord of the universe; The Clement one; Merciful one; Sovereign the Day of Judgment. To you we worship and to you we implore aid. Behave us by the straight way. The way of that you have heaped with your favors, and not the one of which they have angered to you, nor of the frenzy ones.

Let us invoke the Islam that is a monotheistic universal religion that is imposed to all people, it influences in all the environments and that proclaims the faith in a single god; Allah,  that means in Arabic “God” that is numen, it is Edas Dei (Edas God). There are not numina in the Islam. This religion is founded in a book that contains the revelation, the Koran, and in the Mohammed prophet's proclamation. The other doctrine source is the Sunna that treats of the concerning tradition to the Prophet.

Islamic Prayer
Let us understand that the Arab word “Islam” means “submission” to God, that it teaches us the attitude that is requested to us as sincere believers in Allah, an attitude illustrated by Abraham's example who in the Mecca, where he found the Ka´ba, non figured tone symbol of the creative God, he formulated this statement: ¡Lord, do of us submissive believers, (Muslims), and of our descendants a community submit to you! (Coram II, 122)! We believe in Allah God and Mahomet his prophet, that at cosmic level Allah is the creator of all that it exists and anything does not exist outside of him, like a creation renovated to each instant and everything is dependent of the single order of God. Allah sees everything and there is not salvation outside of him, his mystery is impenetrable. The fight in the way to God is the Jihad, that is the effort that we make to defend God, to die for him and to consent so to the eternal happiness. Let us invoke the Islam, let us keep their precepts; the profession of faith, the prayer, the charity and the prohibition of taking alcoholic drinks. Oh God Allah, clement and merciful, we return our sight towards the Mecca and to be purified we prostrate with the forehead to the ground, like adoration, reserved single for God, we make profession of faith. "I confess that there is no more God than Allah that he is and represents Edas Dei (Edas God) as numen, and I confess that Mahomet is the envoy of God".

11. - Pre-Columbian Prayer
When elevating the pre-Columbian prayer, we initiate "the great movement of spiritual liberation" that as much yearns for the humanity, to wake up of the lethargic dream in which were submerged its civilizations, before the imposition of a new creed under the cross, the sword, and the inquisition of the Spanish yoke to plunder the gold of their arks.

Pre-Columbian Prayer
We render cult to the divinities of the Mayans, Hunabs Ku "the only God", father of the Gods; that it is numen, Itzamna, lord of the heaven, God of the priests and authenticate founder of the Mayan civilization, Ixchel, companion of Itzamna, God mother, Chae, God of the rain, that was most popular; Yum Kax, God of the maize and Ah Puch, God of the death, which they are numina. They teach to us the dualist conception of the world.
We render cult to the divinities of the Aztec pantheon, to Ometeotl, God of the duality and supreme diversity without images, and the other great divinities that emanate of him, who is numen, to Quetzalcoat, Tezcatlipoca, and the one of the primitive Aztecs, Huitzilopochtli, God of the war, God-sun and tribal God of the primitive Aztecs. Tlaloc, God of rain and the thunderclap, main divinity of the vegetation, Chicomecoatl, goddess of the maize, Xipe Totec, God of the springlike vegetation and Tonanzin, mother goddess, that they are numina.
We surrender cult to the divinities of the Inca, to Inti, god of the sun, that he was main god for a lot of time, and Navicocha, “the god” for antonomy, the Supreme Being that is numen, that he dominates the Inca Pantheon.

12. - Ceremony of Invocation to the Ancestors
If we are body and spirit and of the dead bodies their spirits exist, let us invoke them to obtain their protection.

We extend the spiritual attitude the Cult to the world of the further on, invoking those people that have left this world, because they are the only ones that know for lived experience the last destination of the human being.
Let us carry out the Act of Invocation to those that have left us or they are going next to leave us, with the following supplication:

Prayer before the Death
Before the biological parabola of the birth, stage of the blue firmament until the zenith, declination by disease, oldness and the anguish of the disappearance, we accepted the painful mystery of the life and its biological curve and the death, dismissing us of all and leaving all the material goods as the total leave-taking and completes delivery to the supernatural world where there is no beginning nor final. We, who we were a moment in the great evolution of the universe and because of the spiritual, mental, and biological inheritance, we were conformed in certain way, when leaving the world of the physical laws we entered the prevailed one by the complete spirituality, with the conscience purified and sanctified by the repentance of our faults. From our tombs we warned all the humans, who once transferred the Porte of the Death, the great hope of salvation is in the point of convergence and encounter with the Divine Spirit of the Activity Sigma:Edas Dei (Edas God), to reach the absolute peace as final goal of our destiny.

 ¡That the divine illumination arrives to everybody to sanctify its life and the spiritual peace accompanies you at every moment and being “edistas” to enjoy the magic of the Cult to Edista Pantheon of Gods (CPED)!