Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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 Excellent books in libraries and bookshops exist about religion, theology, and philosophy and there are plenty of editors that are offering innumerable textbooks and updates attractive and coloring summaries to make comprehensible the inexhaustible literature related to the divine subject. For many educators the conviction exits that these books satisfy their necessities perfectly, but many of them also say to us that they are looking for something different, perhaps you are one of them.

 You have asked yourself also if the textbook used in the religious education covers the fundamental concept of what really is and knows about God; if by reason, not by faith, provides a logical and solid basis to understand this subject, if really teaches truly what is really God in the philosophical, theological and religious aspect at the light of the progress of the positive and human sciences.

 Let us think that a different and genuine book must exist, that locks up the trust on witch really knows of God and that satisfies the divine necessities in our existence.

 Surely after reading the book"Divine Illimination in the Era of Aquarius", you will verify that just this book of sacred character exists and contains the "Divine Message", thus each one builds his deity´s personal knowledge and be his own master in the search of God and each one finds and knows him.

 The true Word of God is the Divine Message giving in the book: Divine Illumination in the Aquarian Age, sacred book of the Universal Religious Congregation (C.R.U.). (See and download this book by visiting the website: www.edismo.com)