God will gratify you in this life and in that of the further on distributing and teaching the book “Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius” in your community without animus lucrandi. Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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In the representative imagen of the book Divine Illumination in the Era of Aquarius we may be appreciated the following elements:

 - The Rectangular Green Fringe. It represents the main result of the application from the scientific method to the theology and religion with the discovery that God is a hypothesis, among other that it can explain the human destination, a hypothesis that seems inadequate when each religious confession manages its own one ignoring the other ones, before that which, the edismo is and it is presented as the hypothesis that becomes the common denominator of all them.

 This result allows us to explore the real phenomenon of the divine thing understood in the god hypothesis, to define it in a more appropriate way, and to work in search of a body of concepts and more satisfactory symbols that can fit in our mental organization and it is that needs the world of an essentially religious system of ideas, unitary instead of dualist, and conjugated with the total dynamics of the old and new knowledge, objective and subjective, of the scientific and spiritual experience and this is urgent for the humanity.

 For the principle of the “primus inter pares”; the first one among its equals, it is considered that the hypothesis of God of the edismo is the first one among its equals among all the hypotheses of God of the different religious confessions, because it covers to all them.

 It is the idea of God that comes off of the Divine Message. It is the concept of Edas Dei (Edas God); God of gods, Superior God and Eternal Father of all the gods of each one of the religions in the world.

 - The Sacred Symbol Sigma:(Σ), EDAS GOD, numen et numina. It represents and covers the concept of Hierofanía,that it is all that is shown as sacred in the world. Starting from this reality, all religions are considered by their divinities; for the numen, that it is the image of God like Absolute Unique Principle been worth for all the religions, for their numina that are the natural, analogical, and  concrete images of God of each religion.

Numen is the God of the reason and numina are the functional and human gods of the faith. Edas Dei (Edas God) is numen and numina; god of the gods, that it forms a single indivisible unit with all the divinities of the religious fact, that all they are its representation.

- The Image of the World. It represents the work of Edas Dei (Edas God), of the creation and order in the world.

- The Religious Symbols. They represent the Edista Panteon of Gods, corresponding to the divinities of the sapience religions of East and biblical and prophetic of West, located them to each side of the world, whose teachings and cult, together with the contribution of the knowledges of the positive and human sciences constitute the edista sapiens; the edista wisdom.

 - The White Human Figure. The human figure represents the spiritual power that each human being possesses for his government and the white color to the creature that has reached the divine illumination and he has become edista.

 - The Pyramid. It represents the world of the energy located to the feet and service of the illuminated one, that it like available energy is unfolded in useful energy and degraded energy according to the religious convictions of each one.

 The Five Points. They form two triangles that represent the dialectical action of active and reactive opposed forces, that they are those that determine the game of the human energies, that according to the scale of values of each one determine their behavior and they symbolize the harmony of the two opposed principles of the yin and yang that there is in each one and that dialectically governs the world from the moment of its creation.

 - Emmanuel. It wants to say “God with us”, and it means power of transhistoric character that is in each one of us to receive the “divine illumination” in every sucesive generation.



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