Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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! Divine Illumination is a high awareness and state of spiritual perfection for happiness in this life, and in the other one, resulting from a process of psychological and spiritual transformation, to move from the real human to the ideal state of "enlightened being"!

We received the "divine illumination" to achieve the true direct and personal communication with God through worship the Edista Pantheon of Gods that is worship the true God Edas Dei (Σ), jointly with the cult to the gods of each and every one of the religions in the world. All in one and one at all.

If we belong to the Universal Religious Congregation and became "edistas", we will have reached the "divine illumination" and all our sins will be forgiven.

Then the most important thing in our existence is the "divine illumination", because it represents our success in this life and salvation in the life of the further on.

That the divine illumination reaches everyone and sanctifies personally your life and gives you the spiritual peace and be with you at all times and being "edista" enjoys the magic of the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods!


In this image you can see the following elements:

The Rectangular Green Strip, represents the Divine Message that gives rise to the true name of God: Edas Dei.

The symbol sacred Sigma: Σ, represents the true God: Edas Dei. The image of the world, is the representation of the work of God: Edas Dei, the creation of the world and its order.

Religious symbols represent the Pantheon Edista of the gods, corresponding to the divinities of the wisdom of the East religions, and West biblical, and prophetic religions, located on each side of the world.

The human Sphinx represents the human being, and his white color means that the creature has recived the divine illumination for having celebrated the Cult to the Edista Pantheon of Gods, and has become "edista", for their faith in the principles, beliefs, ideology and values of the edismo.

The Pyramid of Energy located at the foot of the human being, represents the hidden forces of divine character that exist in each one, to achieve success in life, happiness and eternal salvation.

The Five points form two triangles that represent the dialectical action of active and reactive opposing forces, that determines the outcome of the game of human energies, which according to the scale of values of each one determine their conduct, that they symbolize the harmony of the two opposing principles of yin and yang that are on each one, and which dialectically have ruled the human being and the world from the moment of its creation.

Emmanuel, which means: "God with us", represents the human being that by mystical intuition has received the Divine Message, which he regards as God's Word, but it is not revelation because God as Spiritual Absolute Being nerver may materialize to talk with nobody, because he would lose his infinite character if he does it, and he would cease to be God.