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 Of the Arab desert three big religions have arisen along the centuries; first the Judaism, then the Christian and lastly the Islamism. Maybe the man's solitude in that immense territory traveling for the endless roads of the desert in camel or on foot, walking slowly, under a burning sun, with an exasperating landscape and always the same one from time to time, it took him to look for to God, and it converted to these Semitic people in fated to be founders of religions.

 Although the religions of these three creeds keep narrow relationship to each other, their differences are enough so that, along the history, they have combated among themselves as mortal enemies. Each one has tried to conquer and to dominate the world on behalf of their god, taking the words of their prophets like the Word of God.

 The starting point of the theology of these religions is the statement that all that it has been created it comes from an absolutely perfect principle, the absolute good one that Plato spoke who take this idea to his higher point as great idealist of the Greek thought, when assuring that the true cause of the things was not the material elements that they were made, but the Model to which made an effort to resemble each other, to that idea of the supreme Goodness, origin of all and that it dominated everything and preceded it.

 This doctrine has been the north of the religions and the three Semitic have been inspired by it, affirming that all the beings and particularly the man came from a sovereignty perfect being, that he loved them and he extended on them his paternal protection, and the Universe was his works of a sovereignty perfect Entity; the Goodness raises of common agreement to the category of God.

¿How explain the existence of the evil then?

 Dialectically next to the sublime fantasies of the prophets are the evident realities of the existence of the evil in the world. The history certainly confirms it in the fights, wars, revolutions, calamities, crimes, illnesses, miseries and pain that constitute the reality of each moment. This evident and undeniable reality of the existence of the evil is incompatible with the traditional notion of the goodness, that is to say, that all it has created, it sustains and it directs a fair, good, sage and all powerful God.

How to explain that the evil exists for will of God?

 The calls prophets of the Old Testament tried to give to this true and disturbing problem diverse solution. According to the writings among the Jews prophet's occupation was an art that it learnt in the schools or schools dedicated for this end, endowing them of superior knowledge in divine and human things to learn how to see that other they did not see. Their formation transformed them into correspondents of God to reveal some secrets, dispositions or divine will, to give advice in some hurried rush, or to intimate the anger of their god or their punishments against the rebels, superb and incredulous ones, so that the people returned on themselves and they convert seriously to the faith of their god. Their mission not only was to announce in the books the coming things, but they were the people in charge of maintaining the cult of their god between the men and being reinforcement of the ministry of the priests and Levites.

 The vision, the night appearance and the audition that the prophet suffered, originated in the interior inspiration that took him to speak, it gave him the security and the unyielding conviction that he had received the word of his god that he should communicate it, and as he believed that the inspiration was divine, he should use the possible means so that the people obeyed the message sent by his god.

 As part of his occupation, the prophet was characterized by his anthropomorphism, creating a god with the the man's qualities and defects, making him all powerful so that there were not doubts on the resurrection of the meat and the terrible final Judgment. That fabricated god was implacable with the unbelievers filling them with his word of fear in the face of the tortures of the hell, being in turn very generous with his believers for who he had reserved them the happiness of the heaven.
 In his most own sense the prophet was that man to the one who his god made speaking, still without understanding the sense of what he spoke to nurture the pity of his faithful, to strengthen their faith and to attract to his religion to the most obstinate and unbelievers, using the magic of the miracle inclusive to present the most convincing tests of his divinity, or in its defect ending up using a terrible, threatening and merciless language to announce the coming of the God of the armies to exterminate those disbelievers.

 The prophet's message consolidated with the possibility that it was performed that he had revealed in his books for the communication with his god, since the future events could not foresee them all the human wisdom of its time.

 The previous focus allows making the Arab merchant's historical interpretation that he knew the two religions of Semitic origin in its numerous trips; the Judaism and the Christian that without being in fact neither philosopher neither theologian gave a solution to the problem of the evil. It was the continuator of the Jewish prophets, the last and maximum prophet; Mohammed, the enlightened one, who built his religion; The Islam, word whose etymological meaning is submission to God and Peace, with the materials taken of the biblical legends interpreted in capricious form. Their God is Allah that means the unavoidable destination of which nobody can get rid of him, which does not differ of Yahweh but of name, it represents the evolution of the Arab cult of the divinities related with the Kaaba, the black stone that had been brought by Abraham according to the legend.

 The Koran is Mohammed's prophetic book that it offers the aspect of a religious and social monument of first magnitude that literally possesses a subtle beauty made to be declaimed or even better sung, and whose reading becomes monotonous, because as the Bible it contains in each one of its narrations the Sura or chapter and the Ayat or verse, equally written in similar allegorical form to the biblical text, that makes that the reality gets lost among the symbolic and literal interpretation.

 Of the New Testament Mohammed took a lot less than of the Old one and with the biggest respect for Jesus, it considers he as alone as one more than the prophets previous to him.

 The Islamism contrary to the Christianity is based in a primary source, in an original writing; The Koran, which has the advantage of the security as for its since origin is the work of a single man.

 In Mohammed with relationship to Jesus, there is a better means of judging him through his work, because he takes and he will always take the advantage to that one that for not having left anything written, we cannot know it but through what others have thought of him, that is to say of secondary and tertiary sources, through historians, compilers and commentators, that men finally, offer us that of what they are in charge of in favor of something many times different to the truth, in fact because of their opinions. While when we have the work of a man we have himself. Otherwise everything around him is doubtful, and if we do not want to make a mistake, we are obliged to subject what is attributed it to rigorous quarantine, to avoid that the fantasy can add many times what it lacks in the reality.

 Mohammed like rabid monotheistic that was, he did not tolerate them to associate another divinity to his Allah: truly, Allah does not forgive that it associates to him another divinity. The one that makes it falls in an error that it goes very far. (Koran, IV, 116). that is to say, the most serious in the errors ¡very serious Statement leaves their mouths saying: God has taken of himself a son. Truly, they do not utter but a great lie. (Koran, XVIII,4). The Christian say: The very Merciful one has had a son. Saying this they say a monstrous thing. Little lack so that the heavens crack, the earth is half-opened and  the undone mountains collapse to attribute a son to the All Merciful one. (Koran, XIX, 91, 92) and it not only despaired him to hear that Allah had had a son but speaking of the Trinity. Oh you, people of the Book! (the Christian). You do not go beyond the fair measure in your religion and you do not say concerning God but the truth. Believe, then, in God and in their apostles but you do not say Three”. ¡Abstain of affirming such a thing!. This would be the best thing for you. ¡Allah is not but an unique God! ¡Glory to Him! ¿How it could he have a son? (Koran, IV, 169).

 Besides, and such which had already thought Basilides, Valentine and others in the first times of our era, Jesus had not died in the Cross, but in another place: Simon of Cirene, to which we see appear in Luke: They have said: truly, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the apostle of God. But they have not killed him, they have not crucified him; but to one that they found that he looks alike Jesus. Truly, those that differ concerning this are full with doubts, they do not have in what refers certain knowledge to him, but rather they also follow an opinion. They have not killed him, this is certain, but rather Allah was taken it next to Him. Because Allah is powerful and sage. (Koran, IV, 156).

 The Arab prophet not alone detested such many people said that God had a son, but to those that gave him cult, as well as to Mary, and of those that spoke and they believed in the Trinity. Joseph, Jesus' putative father, is not mentioned either a single time in the Koran. However, Mohammed was shown, evidently more monotheistic that the Christians.

 Mohammed is inspired by the Yahweh of the armies, of which between admonitions and threats the prophets of the Old low Testament speak one and another time under the watchword of: The sword of Yahweh is full with blood... because it is for Yahweh a day of vengeance... (Isaiah XXVI, 6.8), taken of the most important of the Jewish prophets, Isaiah, thanks to which Yahweh ascended of simple God of the People from Israel to Universal God, Mohammed avoided to have to make miracles and he covered with success prophet's mantel with that of warrior, and under the watchword that the only God is Allah and Mohammed its prophet, beginning the sacred war. The starting point had been the Gabriel archangel's appearance in human form in the caves of the mount Hira where he told him: Mohammed, you are Allah's envoy. Starting from that moment the preaching of the new religion that begins with the emigration that Mohammed makes with numerous followers to Medina, that it took place toward September 24 of 622 of our era, it is known as the Hegira and it constitutes the starting point of the Islamic era.

 Recapturing the terrible problem of the evil, it is as so alone the Koran, among all the religious books, and the Islamism, among all the religions, it has been able to give the solution to so serious question. Allah contrary to Yahweh overcomes it and it becomes fatalistic and he responds to have created the man knowing that it is exposed to the evil and it can fall in it. Allah is responsible for having created so much Good as the Evil and for that reason no man should pay hell eternally. It is that Allah is merciful and simply the Arab prophet's hell is a purgatory where each one pay its condemnation for the evil that he made in the earth and then he goes to the paradise to have the enjoyments that he did not have in the earth, different from the hell of the Jewish prophets that they do not respond for the existence of the evil, they refuge in Adam's legend, making wrongly pay its descendants a sin that they have not made. In other words the god that the Arab prophet builds, he is a more fair, responsible and merciful god that the god that the Jewish prophets manufactured, because inclusive Iblis, the demon of the Islam, finally he will be forgiven.

 The Islamism instead of being as other religions a true crossroads by force of dogmas, long creeds and frequently not easy to admit, articles of faith that quarrel with the reason, liturgies complicated and other admirable ritual customs, the Islamism is sustained on five columns; the profession of faith, the prayer, the fast, the pilgrimage to the Mecca and the charity, and some precepts like the prohibition of taking alcoholic drinks that it has become the misfortune of many Christian homes as pernicious stimulant, causing the illness, the crime and the death, invoking religious ceremonies of pagan origin, with celebrators that devour Jesus' body and they drink his blood in symbolic act of sublime cannibalism, inspired by the parable of the Omofagia of the Last Dinner that reflects the echo of the Greek religion in the martyrdom of Dionysius whose body ate and whose blood drank the bacchantes.

 The Islamism is a religion without complexities, without sacraments, without mysteries that force to the theological reflection or the priestly consultation, religion without clergy but with an accessible creed by means of flat reasoning, in sum, but that it conjugates another factor: the spiritual equality.

 For that reason if the biblical text his full with insolvable incoherencies, that is support of the Zionist spiritual colonization in the culture of the western world, is the book that reflects and consigns the legendary history and the spiritual and human expectations of the Jewish people, the Koran is the book that will allow with its ascetic rules that the Islamism in spite of the existence of supposedly more perfect religions, probably survive all them.