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The originality of the religion of the people of Israel rests in its strict monotheism; there is a single God that reigns the whole universe entirely and that he has created it of nothingness for an exclusive act of his will. Their god demands from the men that are his creatures, an absolute fidelity to the commandments that he has given them, statement attributed to the Patriarch Abraham, who lived in the III millennium before our era.

 The Judaism represents an important step in the religious evolution when overcoming the polytheism that was mainly the normal thing in all the religions in Arabia, the land of the Semites being devoted exclusively to the cult of Yahweh, their god.

 The people of Israel, in spite of its captivity in Egypt, the exile of Babylon and the Diaspora or dispersion, continued being the same one for the cohesion that gave them its religion that allowed them to perpetuate their customs and their language in spite of the fact that Abraham's family clan was divided in several tribes. So the call Sacred History for the Christian, represents the will of people that makes an alliance with their god and it is proclaimed as his elect, with right to act as witness of which they believe to be the true faith and place of encounter of the other nations.

 The fantastic narrations of many passages of the Bible, as that of the prophet Eliot that left toward the heaven in a car of horses amid a fire vortex, has been given the divine character, what remembers the air battles illustrated by the Sanskrit verses of the Mahabharata, where equally we meet with unknown technological advances that only have an explanation for the presence of extraterrestrial beings members of the great cosmic family that they probably visited our planet in remote times. Certainly the science of the archaeology and the best knowledge in the existent knots between our planet and the rest of the universe with the future evolution of the space era will provide us trial elements able to throw light on many passages of the Old Testament.
 For the Judaism the fidelity to the law is the main virtue based on the reciprocal love between God and his creatures and it is summed up in the charts that Moses received in the mount Sinai whose content should have validity until the end of the times, to these commandments numerous prescriptions are added for the daily life and the religious practice is coded by sacraments and liturgical celebrations as the Easter, the New Year, the Great Pardon, and the prayers.

 From the schools of prophets produced exceptional beings as Isaiah, Eliot, Ezekiel, that they have allowed to give a quasi juridical aspect to the Jewish religion, they have contributed to take out the people of Israel of their lethargy, to remind them their true obligations, to fortify them in the adversity and to renovate in them the hope of the Messiah's arrival that he will save forever all the just ones. The divine teaching is represented for the Torah, that it is the Hebrew term that means doctrine, the interpretation of the mosaic law, and in strict sense it is the commandments picked up in the Pentateuch that they are the five books that form the basic nucleus of the Bible.

 The exegesis is represented by the Law and the Prophets, to which the Jews include relative comments to them making along the centuries and these receive the name of Talmud. To all they incorporate a series of venerable, writings although they are not sacred, of mystic and occult type that they appear contained in the Cabala.

 The first Jews as nomads that were, had not built sanctuaries, but rather their cult celebrated it outdoors or under the stores and they transported with them the Ark of the Alliance. They became sedentary after taking possession of Palestine and built the temple like unique sanctuary of their god in which offered a public sacrifice twice a day, and when being destroyed by the Romans in the year 70 of our era they were dispersed and they began to meet in synagogues for the public prayers and the commented reading of the Torah.

 The books of the Old Testament and the teachings of the prophets are the faithfulest expression in the old history of the Judaism, and their knowledge and study allowed to the esenia community of Qumran to build the Way to the Perfect Justice, of the important Alliance that supposed a formal oath of total and eternal obedience to Moses' Law, and from this community was born the Primitive Christian Church based on Jerusalem; in the Nazarenes that followed James, the brother of the Lord, and that he was victim of the transgressions of those that it is accused Paul having in the Acts of the Apostles.

 It was in that doctrinal dispute with Paul who never met Jesus that Santiago perished and with him the Primitive Christian Church as an expression of the Judaism, that which allowed Paul to found a new religion, in fact making of Jesus a real god, whose prefabricated biography equals, miracle for miracle, that of the rival divinities with those that he competes to obtain devotes. Fact that for James’s moral values, truly like values of any devotes Jews, is that, of course, blasphemy and apostasy.

 If the conflict with Paul, the line of its evolution had been adjusted to James's teachings, brother of Jesus, the Christianity would not have existed, but a peculiar spice of Judaism that would not or not have ended up being dominant, and of that certain posthumous horror made against James and his partners, it was born a totally new religion that appropriated of the Old Testament, a religion that every time had less than to do with its supposed founder.

 The Christian made that the warrior and sanguinary Yahweh shared his divine power with the Esenio Master that Paul transformed into another god, committing to the terrible god of the Jews in a trinity that represents a frank regression to the polytheism, situation which favors Ala, because he overcomes this way to his contenders to be an unique god and not to be a trinity of gods, and this monotheism is one of the reasons that gives bigger foundation and solidity to the Islamic Religion.

 The renascent fundamentalism promises a bigger understanding of the common roots of these biblical religions, and like dismythical process will make that the Christianity returns to its origin like a current of the Judaism, what it was in its beginning, being completed this way the Fair Simon's will.

 The rolls of the Dead Sea offer a new perspective for the three big religions born in the Half East; Judaism, Christianity and Islam, that as soon as more they are examined more it is not understood as soon as they differ, but as soon as they are superimposed and as soon as they have in common, until what point the disputes among them, when not precipitated by simple misunderstandings, they have been consequence less than spiritual values that of the politics, the greed, that harassed before the evolutionary demands of the spiritual culture of the New Era, they will have to refrain their prejudice, their intolerance and their fanaticism