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The existence of the religious thought obeys a slow evolutionary process but of permanent change.

 Historically one of the first evolutionary stages of the religious thought is denominated "Mana", in which the human being believes that in the external surroundings there is a force similar to which takes to the individual to work. To that force by virtue of the anthropomorphism is given will and character.

 As following stage it is the "Magic and the Cult to the death". The magic is the archaic origin of the technique. It is the utilized means to reconcile the hidden forces. It is the subject's transformation before of the object. Their effect is psychological. With the death it is considered that the human being has begun a supernatural life, since the nature does not impose him its norms of which it could not be come out as being animal. The death takes to the concept of the soul.

 Naturally this last part of this evolutionary stage produces a new one call "Animism", that it establishes the idea of the soul and it consists on explaining the natural phenomena in the same way and for the same laws that govern the subjective, conscious, and projective human activity. The Animism with all its ingenuousness, frankness, and precision, populated the nature of grandiose and terrible myths that, during centuries, they have fed the art and the poetry.

 Then it continues in evolutionary form the "Totemic" in that the sacred thing separates of the matter; profane  thing. The religious thought acquires bigger character of social phenomenon. Emblems are created that have to do with the geography, the animals and the plants. that is prohibited comes and that is not it. Taboos are created. The fetishes, good or positive and bad or negative material things are also created believed.

 The following evolutionary step historically is the "Polytheism". Then it continues in consequence an entire time full with mythological legends.

 Later on it follows the stage of the "Monotheism", that it is characterized for showing like religious base the revelation.

 Of the above-mentioned it comes off that the development of the religious thought has followed an entire evolutionary process and for that reason it can order in successive periods.

 All the religious forms that have been formed in the course of these periods have gone creating particular beliefs that have taken as absolute forms for their practitioners, and these in turn have printed him a dogmatic character in many occasions looking for a personal interest.

 The next and necessary evolutionary step is the rationalization of the faith, characterized by the purification in the religious ways increasing its rational and cognitive explicit content.

 In the upward order of the evolution, the man should abandon the polytheism in the Trinitarian religious ways that falsely in male form they give to God masculine sex; the lord, and they maintain the pagan tradition of surrendering cult to three people gods, forcing the mind to an irrational attitude of accepting them as a single God, alienating and traumatizing his/her intellectual aptitude, and limiting his/her capacity of conceptualization and of abstraction.

 Before this spiritual joint and on behalf of the liberty of conscience and of cults, the historical moment demands a great task of complementarities among the diverse functions of the positive and human sciences to open the way to a new evolutionary theology that inspired by a faith of solid bases, be origin of the unit able to embody transcendental truths, and principles of the human existence’s throbbing reality, that they supply a true service to the man to multiply and powering the spectrum of his possibilities, invoking the Message like the lighthouse enlightening the path that leads to the spiritual emancipation that so much the humanity needs.