Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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In the current time we have arrived to the religious pluralism; diverse human groups, for an or another cause, they have modified the original content of the traditional religions and they have founded new sects, on the other hand there is a considerable interest wakened up by the crisis situations or cultural convulsion, with an amplification so extensive of spiritual expectations that all answer type wins consideration or attachment.

 The religious diversification is not strictly new and in the current times this phenomenon crosses with the fact that the history seems to be had quickly, accumulating changes, pressures, demands and uncertainties in a measure unknown in other times.

 The existence of our days, shows, with its complexity that the religious matter continues appearing simultaneously under manifestations that correspond to the different stadiums of the animist, religious and scientific stages, and in some cases it exhibits a tendency to resurge under forms that we would call primitive.

 But, in other cases, and they are those more diffused and influential, what appears is a vocation of change that tries to put on at level with the sharp pressures of the present time. Such pressures contain characteristic practically unpublished in the humanity's memory: catastrophic technological discontrol, popular displeased to world scale, threats of warlike extermination, unbearable extremes of massification.