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6.11. VOODOO

 For a lot of people, the word “Voodoo” immediately brings the image of the zombies that represents the advertising aspect in the old religion of the Africa, that was brought to the island of Haiti by the first groups of slaves during the seventeen century. Zombies are people whose “death” has been recorded, whose burials have been testified, however, months or years later have been alive in a state of mental spoil.

 They are not legend, but a fact that any person that has made a serious study of the voodoo can testify it.

 In spite of a lot of investigation, nobody, except the voodoo priests called hugans; they are themselves those that know exactly as the person is transformed into one of the living death. But when there is a reason to fear that a corpse may become a victim, his family can take certain measures to ward off this awful fate. The usual method is to kill the person for second time by shooting or strangling him, or to bury him with the face down, with a dagger in his hand, so that he may kill sorcerer that tries to perturb its rest. Sometimes, too, the mouths of the deads are sewn up, as is believed that a corpse can be raised if answers its own name.

 Once he has stood up for the mysterious powers of the sorcerer, the zombie hangs in the narrow twilight zone between the life and the death. he can move, eat, speak, hear what is said to him, but he remains totally inhibited of the thought and without having aware of his condition, and has no memory of his former life. The zombie acquires value like source of cheap manpower; it can be exploited mercilessly and fed with some waste of the daily food.

 The zombies are recognized by their fixed and glassy look, their slow and lethargic movements. Their voices, also, are flat and nasal, an echo of the voices of the Guede that is the voodoo religion’s spirit of the death. Only one restriction is imposed the person owner of a zombie; to this creature salt should never be given. If the zombie consumes salt, immediately he is aware of his situation, with disastrous consequences. He becomes in a possessed with a terrible desire for revenge, killing his master and destroying his properties before going in search of his tomb.

 The zombies are perhaps the most dramatic manifestation in the voodoo sorcerer’s art. However, the voodoo magic does not originate exclusively in Africa, but has largely been influenced by the superstition that originated in France, and of there in consequence the voodoo arose.

 There is not doubt that the black magic of the voodoo is behind at least a good percentage of mysterious deaths that occur in Haiti every year. As in the medieval Europe, with incantations is tried to kill or to harm a person that in a way or another is bound with the aid of an effigy or image that symbolizing that person, although in Haiti this kind of witchcraft often takes an unusual form. The sorcerer sits down in front of a bucket of water, muttering incantations designed to attract in deceiving form the person's spirit that he wants to kill in the water. As soon as he sees the person's image reflected in the water, he stabs him to death, and if he has been successful, the water turns red.

 Haitian sorcery, however, is a two-edge weapon. The family of somebody that has fallen victim to black magic as commitment of honor, becomes against that person making spells with similar methods and they do not rest until achieving their revenge. The one that causes the witchcraft lives in constant fear off not being forgiven for heaven's sake for his crime and that moves away him the protection of the loa family, or spirits, that leave the defenseless person against the magic of his opponents.

 The voodoo sorcerer generally performs his spells in loners crossings of roads and in cemeteries. The emission of death spells happens secretly, but the voodoo magician has lethal supernatural weapons that is used like help. The most terrible practice calls herself “the sending of the death”, in which the spirit of the one died is sent to harass some unfortunate person. That takes place been almost always that they afflict the person producing hemorrhages and losing weight, unless he manage to a more powerful sorcerer who is able to make that the dead spirit released its terrible tie.

 The one that an invocation provides effect or not, depends on the approval of the dreaded Samedi Baron, the Lord of the Death. The priest hits the altar consecrated to god three times with his dagger, with strong lament on behalf of god in each sigh. Then he is possessed by The  Samedi Baron, who speaks through his mouth and orders anyone that goes to him in help, that he brings a fruit to the cemetery every night. The interested party in the plot takes an earth portion for each one of the spirits that he wishes to send, sprinkles on the road  that its victim frequents. As soon as the victim walks over this  path, the death enters in his body and the doom is made.

 In an aspect, the voodoo cult differs in the other ways of adoration in the world. The practical voodoo to be successful has to be a Christian, and not solely Christian, but Roman Catholic. The worshiper of the voodoo who responds to the calls of the drums and attends the ancient rites in the forests every Saturday in the night, firmly he believes that he is acting as a good Christian, and he falls in a deep desperation the following Sunday morning, when not obtaining the holy  communication in the Mass.

 This strange paradox is caused by the coalition of the African and European beliefs. The average of the Haitians follows the rites piously of the Roman Catholic Religion that is imposed from their childhood, but the voodoo arrives more to the person's bottom for the material belief of that lived, that fills the gaps left by the Christianity.

 This explains the because the natural, analogical and concrete gods of the voodoo, share an common identity  with the Christian saints. San Patrick, for example, copy as Damballah-wedo, is the serpent god, because legend affirms that Patrick spelled all the snakes from Ireland; The sacred James the Big one is also Oguferaille, the warring god, while Saint John the Baptist is Shango, the god of the storm, and there are dozens of others deities. The voodoo has taken many borrowed elements of the liturgy of the Church; listening a voodoo ritual is almost, in some places, like listening to a Mass.

 How explain the Zombie phenomenon?

 The zombies are created by the voodoo’s sorcerers skilled in the preparation of drugs that induce them to a state of coma indistinguishable of that of the death.

 The topic of the zombies was treated seriously by the old colonial authorities, for which they made a special legislation. Articulates 246 of the Penal Code states: "Also the term intention of killing, by the use poisoning substances by means of which a person is not killed, but reduced to a lethargy state, more or less lingering, and this without keeping in mind the way like the substance was used and which were its later results. If, following the aforesaid state of lethargy the person is buried, then the attempt will be termed a murder. Historically the consumption of alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs can reveal certain possibilities that cannot become realities, and they have served for although it is only for some instants the physical world can be transported to the paradise of a single jump.

 Before this false positive evidence of the pleasure for the infinite, inside the man's psyche exists secret regions that  have wanted to explore for psychedelic means to find the key  that reveals those internal dwellings, on those which the mystics of all times and of all religions agree on their existence, in the search of the expansion of the conscience.

 It is not this way strange to find in the history of Vedas, that the Rig-Veda was the writing inspired by the consumption of Soma, that is the golden juice that produced one of the most beautiful compositions in the history of the religions, being one of the dishes of the gods the mushroom Psilocybe that gave the paternity of Soma.

 According to the argument supported in complicated philological premises, J.M. Allegro, in his work: The Sacred Mushrooms and the Cross, and of who reference is made in the book "The scandals of the rolls of the Dead Sea" of Baigent and Leigh, trying to establish the source of all the beliefs and religious practices, he affirms that Jesus had never existed in the historical reality, that was not more than an image evoked in the psyche under the influence of a hallucinating drug, the psilobicina, the active component of the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Indeed, it sustains, the Christianity, as all the religions, came of kind of a psychedelic experience, a ceremonial rile de passage promulgated by an orgiastic and magic cult of the mushrooms.

 This way it is questioned and it doubts Jesus' historical existence, bearing in mind that nowadays does not already discuss and it is given for discounted the use of psychedelic drugs and of other types, on the part of the religions, the cults, the sects and the mystic schools of the old Half East where the prophets originated, an use also common, then and now, in the rest of the world, a call "sacred culture of the Yage drug", used by the Amazon’s aborigines to clean the body, the mind, and the spirit of all evils and to reach God by themselves. In terms of an easy mysticism, shows that “the sources of the Christianity are committed with an edible mushroom”.

 ¿It will be the gospels called the “the god word", a product of the hallucinogenic drugs in their time?

That is in fact what is deduced from the statements of J.M. Allegro who participated in the investigations on the Rolls of the Dead Sea that are revelations that according to Baigent and Leigh have made the Vatican trembled.

 At the moment the Christianity and Judaism are two pleased religions with the earthly power that they put more emphasis in the formalities of the cult than in the teachings of their primitive masters. They impair the meaning of the rolls because they do not even support that reminds them those teachings.