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As one of the products of the tradition and the supposed revelation that it offers the shop of the Christianity in the vast religious market of beliefs and faith, besides the traditional saving formulae, of the trinity, of the good angels, archangels, seraphs and cherubs, it is that of a called angel Luzbel, that he left the fold, because he tried to be similar to his Yahweh god and he was condemned by this god to live and to take care of the hell eternally.

 ¿The Yahweh god, being exactly, good and sage that all he knows it, why does he created this angel knowing before to create him, that his destination would be fatal?

  A lot has been written on the resurgence of the sorcery and the black magic in countries so civilized as England, being difficult to say where the facts end and the fantasy begins. However, clarity should be made in that not the whole sorcery is “black magic”. The members of most of the modern practitioners of the sorcery are common people who sincerely believe in the “Old Religion” and they are about recapture some of the arts and the lost secrets. The sorcery in itself is not inherent to the wickedness; is only the perverted minds of some practitioners that make it so.

 The principle that hides behind the black magic has changed very little in 1,000 years. It is simply the art of channeling the hidden powers of the human mind for wicked purposes. The witchcraft, the Satanism, is an instinctive love to the wickedness that before anything stops to achieve its purpose. In each Satanist, there is something psychological that goes into the becoming of a murderer.

 In some highly civilized countries there are very well-known figures among the members of the Satanism. The methods to become in satanic vary from sect to sect; the initial contact is not difficult, the important thing is to adopt its strange mind to the sphere of gravitation of the other similar minds.

 Fact the contact, the visitor is examined to determine if his interest is genuine, then he enters in a probatory period where he is instructed on the basic energy of the cult. The admitted candidate receives Novice's order, later the grade of Zelator and later he receives the grade of Magus. The highest grade is of Ipsissimus that is the only one that can celebrate Black Masses.

 The rites of the Satanism have changed very little with the centuries with the exception of the cannibalism that very little it is practiced nowadays. Human beings are sacrificed, particularly children, also dogs, cats and black birds.

 In the Satanism there are superstitions, and the parapsychology studies lean for the highly accepted belief that thought waves exist that can be concentrated and to directed, that their power is virtually limitless and that inclusive they can produce changes in the matter. The Black Mass is an instrument to intensify people's mental force who celebrates it, and their emotions generate a great quantity of energy.

 The Black Mass, in fact, is the generating one more powerful of energy in the sorcery. It has to be, the biggest mental force required to work the evil instead of the good. The rituals of the white magic also follow the same vectors, the difference is in that the inflexible rule is used of not using its power to make bad to anybody.

 The Satanism has been considered under different aspects, phenomenological, anthropological, psychological, juridical and pastoral, where is affirmed that the satanic ones practice pagan rites to enter in harmony with hidden forces of the nature, where the fundamental character is the Demon, to who they surrender cult.

 The complex phenomenon of the contemporary Satanism has its origin in the “goat” that was worshipped as symbol of the fecundity in Egypt, and adored in the call “Black Saturday” and later the Judeo-Christians transformed it in the Devil, they gave him life in the Sacred Writings, to infuse the pathological fear in their believers, so that in the relationship with their divinity in opposition, have an attitude of absolute dependence, of blind and irrational obedience, of passive acceptance of any norm, that they can be possessed by the Demon that make them worthless, inapt and mean creatures, solely able of acquiring certain vigor in the measure in that leaves to the encounter the supreme and unquestionable power of the most veteran of the deities of its trinity; Yahweh.

 ¿Does the Devil exist in fact and can the Satanic people trust him or are they deceived?

 ¿Or will it be that there are effects with certain consistency and substantiality in the subconsciousness, that they become against the spiritual man and do they impose him their laws, that happen the more with so much bigger easiness it weakens the unifying force of the personnel and does it take to states of pathological disintegration of which we accuse the Demon?

 According to the scientific psychology in certain states of the psychic life, something happens as if it was introduced in the man something strange, another individual that disputes to the EGO (ME) its domain. They are the calls powers of the subconsciousness that are not simple intellectual concepts that can be manipulated to discretion, but enemies that can originate in certain cases terrible devastation in the economy of the personality, since in the unconscious of the ID (IT), they lack ethics, moral or aesthetics. It is the inherited primitive brain of the primate that is imposed more easily on the evolved brain of the cerebral bark, making that the subconscious instinctive impulses are stronger than the rational thought. These processes of the psychic apparatus have been broadly considered and explained by the psychoanalysis, however, the Christianity has made that Satan loads with the ballast of all them, maybe with benefit of inventory.

Satan only exists in the mind of those that for good or for evil they believe and they are served of him, because, historically even as character of fiction big dividends he has produced, being also “the scapegoat” of the serious errors and big crimes of traditional religions, as the Christianity, and it is the reason of excuse of all the evils of the western world.

 The best form of counteracting the evils of the Satanism, is to make see their followers that alone Satan exists for work and grace of the imagination of their creators and in reality does not exist.