Universal Religious Congregation - (C.R.U.)
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The religion is a complex and deep necessity of the spirit that like human phenomenon it has historical importance in its different aspects like the politician, sociological, economic ones, and although it impregnates a whole culture for the traditional position in the life of the individuals and the people, also it is subject to the evolutionary process for well of the humanity that is evidenced when the spirit of a time needs different manifestations to those toasted by the effective religious institutions. They arise then, the big changes happened by the reformers or the innovative projects and the new religious confessions appear as much in the West as in the East.

 ¿What does it have of matter the religious spirit and how it is explained the permanent return to the unconformist? An answer is that the religious institutions spread to be paralyzed, to forget their original purposes and to not wanting to accept the same process of the evolution of the knowledge. But this is not everything, the current man, in spite of feeling surer before the nature than their prehistoric ancestor, he has made more and more aware of his heap of ignorance, even bigger in the theological knowledge because traditionally it has been patrimony of some few autoprivilegends. We have given our thought’s freedom and our intellectual autonomy to a tutor, to remain in the comfort of the underage where others think for us and they tell us what we should believe, and what we have to know.